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Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Apps Like PicsArt

With smartphone becoming the most common gadget in the market, clicking photos is no longer a novelty. Rather everyone can be a photographer and with the rise of social media and platforms like Instagram the importance of photographs has manifested itself in multiple ways, especially for selfie-lovers. For some people, it is a way of documenting their life and showcasing it on social media, for some it is a pastime or a hobby sharing it with the friends on a social media platform.  The world is completely digitized today, where the communication is secretly shifted to silent posts gaining comments and likes. The real faces have been replaced by the beautified and edited images, carrying software crop and adjustments. No longer the user tends to reveal the real one for the sake of posting the best out of 10 edits.

Since photographing and sharing them via a smartphone is the trend, editing them on the same mobile device is the untold requirement.

As a result of this, there has been a substantial rise in the number of photo editing apps like PicsArt. It is an instant tool that can edit a photo into multiple ways and no longer has the user to use a computer and cumbersome software to edit the photos like before. No longer has a user required training to edit photographs to showcase their talent, rather the photo editing apps that are being developed is user-friendly and easy to use. So what exactly do apps like PicsArt do? In this article, we will discuss that along with why it is different from others, its features that a startup photo-editing app needs to incorporate to make the app a success.

What is an App like PicsArt?

What is an App like PicsArt?

PicsArt is an app that enables editing of images, collage and drawing application. It is also a social network platform which allows users to share the images via the app over other social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With PicsArt a user can edit the pictures they have taken with the app and otherwise as well as a draw with layers.

The app can be availed by users on multiple mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. PicsArt as a collage maker app and photo editor also support the desktop devices with the Windows 8.1 or higher versions installation. The innovative solution is now one of the most used photo editing apps with over 100 million active users every month as per 2017 report by the company. This figure is indicative of the fact that PicsArt has made a mark in the field of photo editing apps that have flooded the market because it is different from others.

Why is it different from other apps?

There are a number of photo editing apps available today over the play stores, where all feature a set of enticing filtering tools. However, users like the app the most, which is easy to use and maintains the proper balancing between the realistic and edited. No one wants to post the clicks excessive editing and no resemblance to how actually you look. Background changes, light adjustments, and few filters are common for every app, but what is that specialty which makes Photo editing app development companies rush for building the application like Picsart. The steady growth in the popularity and download of the app are the matter of talk today.

So let’s find out what makes PicsArt different from other photo editing apps?

  • It is one of the most comprehensive photo editings and collaging app that offers photo sharing and collaboration platform.
  • It has an interface that is easy to use with brilliant filters and tools for editing
  • It offers numerous presets so that you can uplift your photos, i.e. from Black and White to artistic filters like Prisma. You can also have fun and experiment with color gradient filters as well as pixelated filters.  All these filters are easy to find since they are categorized.
  • You can superimpose with multiple filters and allows you to modify the filter’s intensity.
  • Unlike other photo editing apps, PicsArt allows you to apply a filter to a section of a photo thus enabling you to create a dual-effect look to the image.

With PicsArt, you can change the background of a photo and it can be done easily.

Features of PicsArt :

PicsArt as a photo-editing app and as collage maker app is one of the most comprehensive apps available in the market for the consumers. If you are one of those photographers who want to post, photos after editing while on the go this app is for you because of its powerful tools that allow you to edit as well as make collages very easily and efficiently.

With this app, you can have fun and create quirky collages and images while attaining a nice creative balance. The new added feature Remix you can have collaborative photo sharing in PicsArt. Some of the features that PicsArt has that you must consider having when thinking of developing a photo editing and collaging app are:

  • Adjustment: Ensure as a developer that the app can be used easily to adjust the brightness, color, saturation, hue, color correction.
  • Motion Blur: PicsArt becomes unique because it enables picture blurring, giving the image a look of motion. This distinctive feature can be used for a particular section or whole photograph.
  • FX: PicsArt offers a wide range of filters to photos from the common ones like a light cross, B&W to sunny, twilight, and those that give a vintage look to the photo. You can also add a different kind of lenses for various effects like blurring the photo, creating motion and so on. Other effects like pop art, paper effects and such can also be added to the photos when using PicsArt for editing.
  • Sketch: The app has other editing tools like in-built brushes, colors, shapes, such so that you can sketch on the photos too. These tools are especially useful if you want to create banners, logos, and covers with your photos.
  • Masking: In PicsArt you can use different effects of lights, lens flare, textures and borders along with other in-built imageries to add overlays to the photos, thus making them more creative.
  • Text: There are hundreds of different styles and fonts of texts that can be used on the photos.
  • Crop: PicsArt allows three types of cropping, the first one the basic one where you remove the unwanted parts, the second type allows you to remove customized parts by drawing a boundary line. The last type is to crop the image into a certain shape like a square, circle or rectangle, etc. The cropped photos can be then added to the Clip Art gallery.
  • Video/Gifs: Any photo in PicsArt can be changed into a GIF or a video.
  • Multiple layers: Multiple layers can be added in the photo with sketch tools, which then can be changed into a single layer forming a full sketch. It also has tools that give blending effects while the opaqueness of the layer can be decreased or increased.
  • Collage: PicsArt is well-known for its collage, i.e. you can collate two or more images into a single canvas with different grid and frame.

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