How Enterprise App Development Helps Businesses Grow?

Updated on Apr 26th, 2024


Technology has brought organizations to an extent where they do not need to bother about employee engagement and productivity. Managing workflow across different departments and establishing collaboration is more streamlined and less haywire nowadays. Since digitization is taking the world by storm and making things more feasible with time, there is a big platform out there that awaits companies to get their hands on a solution which brings efficiency and improved engagement among employees, and clients. As an answer, companies are heading towards the sincerest approach – enterprise app development.  

According to Statista, the revenue of enterprise mobility solutions will stand at US$243.30 billion in 2022 and the market will reach US$344.40 billion by 2027. This pretty much tells us how companies are shifting their focus more and more to employing enterprise app development to prevail a more systematic and efficient work culture. In this section, we will discuss how enterprise apps can help businesses grow. 

  • Enterprise software development is the process of designing and developing and deploying a business app that allows companies to streamline their operations. 
  • Improved productivity, easy data sharing, efficient workflow, and increased ROI are some of the foremost benefits of enterprise development solutions for companies. 
  • The revenue in the enterprise software sector is expected to reach US$243.30 billion in 2022. 
  • The enterprise software market is forecast to reach US$344.40 billion by 2027.

What is Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise software development refers to the process of developing and deploying a reliable mobile app that enables enterprises to bring their business operations in order, enhance productivity, reduce costs and more. This software makes a sound choice for business owners as they want to create user-centric software to interact with partners, clients and employees efficiently. Moreover, they opt for it as it helps streamline tasks.

You can create an enterprise mobile app for both internal and external purposes. These solutions can provide the prominent services used by employees on their PCs and they can also be used as a workaround for today’s workplace challenges. Overall, enterprise app development is a decent approach by a company to develop an application or software to better its business. The utmost idea is to achieve higher efficiency, streamline data and not to forget – prevent a data disaster.

How Can Enterprise Software Development Help You Grow Your Business?

First things first, It boosts employee productivity. Then, it also brings a notable drop in the company expenses. One of the most important benefits of enterprise software development services is they help companies store massive data. After all, storing the data used by companies is not just another errand. With enterprise apps, it gets seamless to store important data.

Let us walk across the number of benefits of an enterprise mobile app for a business to understand they help companies grow:


1. Improved Employee Productivity

Business mobile apps help both businesses, as well as employees, upload all the crucial information quickly. This makes it easy and superfast to check the stored data anytime. Additionally, since the data is easy to access in real-time, the productivity of the employees is enhanced and the time to process and arrange the data is saved too. On top of that, enterprise software development also saves employees from the need of regularly manage the data manually which, again, brings a good deal of productivity.

2. Improved Business Productivity

An enterprise app lets your employees know about meetings, announcements, cancellations, reminders, or any other important events. This type of app also serves a purpose when it comes to something like sending updates related to any event or sending birthday wishes. These functions of enterprise software sum up to take your business to more productivity and create a healthy business culture.

3. Useful for Field Workers

Enterprise software development makes a robust choice for businesses that have delivery boys, drivers and other workers on the field. It allows them to be connected all the time no matter where they are. Enterprise mobile apps take a service business to more success. These apps connect workers with their company and keep customers in the loop. So, it is a win-win for everyone.

4. Increased ROI

A company invests more in the development of design during an enterprise mobile app development. It is to make sure that the user experience and navigation of the app are at their best. It paves a way for less maintenance costs, regular updates, and high user engagement which appear as incredible ways to boost the return on investment of a business.


5. Efficiency in Task Management

Given the fact that you have all the information easily accessible within the confines of your fingertips, there is no surprise that it works smoothly for you to lead efficient management and assigning of tasks. Furthermore, the options like checking up on meetings, and keeping track of employees, and business operations make the administration able to come up with accurate judgments.

6. Streamlined Business Operations

With Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), it does not remain a challenge to manage business operations. It also improves teamwork across different departments and promotes transparency in the workflow. EAI backs the automation of workflows in enhancing the collaboration between teams without the demand of developing application-specific interfaces.

7. New Insights

Today, businesses can gain new insights and lead to better decision-making, thanks to the latest technology integration. Enterprise apps make a fantastic solution for boosting a service business. These businesses work around the data they have and use the same to find out the progress level, strategies, and much more.

Given the benefits of enterprise software development we read above, it is easy to assume that an enterprise app acts as an ultimate booster of business growth. Besides, features like real-time access to data, data encryption, interoperability, and power-packed security make it even smoother for companies to reach the desired level of customer experience.

Factors to Consider Before Starting Enterprise Mobile App Development

When you are all equipped to start custom mobile app development for enterprise, there are certain things to pay attention to. Having an enterprise app development company is a prominent part of the process, but there are points that need your consideration before jumping into the action route.


1. Target Audience

Researching and understanding your target customer is not a factor you’d want to compromise on. No matter how many good enterprise app development companies you have to choose from, if you do not fully wrap your head around the segment of customers you are targeting, nothing will make sense. Knowing your customer base will help you plan your enterprise application development project at every step, be it design or development. As you design enterprise apps, determining who will use the app, their age, and location are some of the essential factors to make note of.

2. Platform

The platform you choose is going to play a major part in the selection of functional aspects of your enterprise app development. It even has a lot to do with your search for the right enterprise app development company. Whether you are choosing Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, it is going to influence the reach of your app to your customers and will also filter the type of enterprise app developers you are looking for.

3. UI/UX

The UX of your enterprise app projects your business and establishes your communication with your prospects and customers. Mobile app developers utilize their skills to create incredible user interaction, as well as experience in a matter of a few clicks. This part of your project is extremely important as it promises constant interaction between you and your customers.

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4. Mobile Analytics

The analytics tool is quite impactful for the elements of your app which also include user engagement. It helps gauge the features and functional capability of your app and also contributes to user retention. Analytics are useful for brands to better the overall performance of the app. Moreover, they also help you check on the individual requirements and preferences of a user. On top of that, you get to save data and direct its usability strategically in order to amp up the speed and efficiency of your enterprise app.

5. Security

Security is one of the most critical factors to have an eye for as you take on enterprise mobile app development and hire an enterprise app development company. To have a power-rich security system that safeguards the private and sensitive data of your users is one of the most essential aspects, especially when your software has the involvement of transactional features.

Use Cases of Enterprise Mobile Apps Development

Enterprise mobile app development is a polished move towards prevailing orderly operations across the company. But can one leverage it into ensuring its contribution to the overall accomplishment of their business?

Today, enterprise app development companies are welcoming the demand for more and more enterprise apps. As a result, enterprise mobile app developers are developing different types of business apps that allow their clients to expand their business.

Here are some of the enterprise apps for business growth which are in the consideration of entrepreneurs who are planning to create an app for business:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) 
  • HR Management 
  • Payment processing 
  • Enterprise Content Management 
  • Enterprise search 
  • Email marketing systems 
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems (EMS) 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) 
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) 
  • Call center and customer support 


What is the Future of Enterprise Applications?

Enterprise mobile app development is burgeoning today which makes its market look promising for the future. Since the data will be easy to process, access, and share using the app, it will only boost the scope for companies to gain value from customers. Data is an integral element in business apps, given that it demonstrates clear insights.

AI is already a popular tech trend today. Interestingly, it is here to grow and work more wonders in the future. It will contribute to improving customer experience and back fields like finance, operations, marketing, and HR.

Blockchain will also be playing an eminent role in the industry, considering the aggressive pace it is growing with. Integration of blockchain will bear a number of purposes, such as improved security, a smooth hiring process, and easy supply management.

Wrapping Up

Enterprise software development is a sphere that is only going to expand with time. More and more companies are walking towards this approach to redefining progressive work culture. If you are wondering where to find the right enterprise mobile app development company, look no further. We, at Matellio, have a team of highly qualified enterprise app developers who bring their years of experience into developing a top-notch enterprise software solution. From planning to determining cost factors, we will have your back in creating an enterprise mobile app that elevates your business to an abundance of success. 

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