Event Technology Trends of 2024 That You Cannot Miss!

Updated on Jun 13th, 2024

Event Technology Trends of 2024 That You Cannot Miss

Event technology trends have been making headlines recently. If you want to explore and revamp your event management company with this technology, read the blog to know the most thriving and latest trends around it to accelerate your business.

The lines between physical and virtual are getting blurred with each passing day. And this is not only true for meetings but for events of all sorts. In 2024, the event technology trends are reigniting both hybrid and in-person events. 

Thanks to digital transformation services, delivering highly immersive and top-notch experiences that justify time and money is now possible. Still, for event planners, picking the right tech is a must.

Event tech will keep on advancing. It’s so because creatives will try to improve and innovate for better experiences. That’s why technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc., are getting the deserved hype in the event industry. How? Well, that’s the big question we’ll answer in this blog. Dive in to know the most popular event technology trends of 2024. There’s also a bonus if you read till the end. So stay tuned!

  • Event trends are advancing with the power of next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and more.  
  • The pandemic has hit hard with the needs of events becoming more and more digital. Now, the demand for event technology is higher than ever.  
  • QR codes, gamification, event diagraming and more are some of the most popular event technology trends of 2024 that you should explore.  
  • While exploring, ensure you know how to select the right trend according to your business goals. For this, paying attention to every detail about service providers is crucial.

What Do Numbers Say About Event Technology Trends?

What Do Numbers Say About Event Technology Trends

About Event Technology

Event tech integrates tools, software, and electronic devices into events. To leverage the full potential of event technology, it’s crucial to collaborate with a top-tier event app development company. All of these innovations make virtual sign-ups, touch-free check-ins, seamless event management, and AI-powered presentations with lighting and music easily possible. The expertise of an experienced event app development company enhances the overall experience, ensuring smooth navigation, real-time updates, and interactive features for all participants.

But what’s even more interesting is that it’s gaining traction. Not only event planners but attendees benefit too from event technology trends! For them, it’s all about having a great experience. And for you, it is all about delivering a great experience. As event tech helps with both, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Personalized event platforms, live polls, life-like interactions, etc., are some trends that enrich the event experience. That’s why most marketers and event managers are in dire need of an innovative AI development company. It’s because expertise helps keep events budget-friendly yet captivating.

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The Hottest Event Technology Trends of 2024

With the post-pandemic sustenance, one can say that event technology is here to stay. That’s why we have compiled a list of the popular trends that are swaying audiences. Some of them have made the operations of marketers and event managers way easier than before. Do you want the same? Go through them carefully and carve out the ones that look the most beneficial for your event business.

Going Contactless with QR Codes

Going Contactless with QR CodesGoing Contactless with QR Codes

As we transition back to in-person and hybrid events this year, event professionals are adjusting to the idea of large gatherings. The growing reliance on contactless tech and remote interfaces is clear.

Using QR codes, attendees can smoothly handle tasks like ticketing, check-in, and engaging with exhibitors, reducing the need for physical contact. With the help of event tech vendors, attendees scan QR codes with their phones, making badge pickup hassle-free. This streamlined approach enhances safety, slashes wait times, and ensures a smoother event experience.

Raise the Bar with GamificationRaise the Bar with Gamification

The party doesn’t stop at streaming and QR codes. Gamification is one of the best event technology trends getting popular to enhance. It can add interactive twists and thrill to average events. And implementing this is pretty easy. You can either hire a mobile app development company that integrates gamification into your platform/app. Or, you can get it integrated into your existing platform through AI and gamification experts.

Wondering where to start from? You can add scavenger hunts, games, trivia questions, and more for attendees to be more participative. Such gamification techniques motivate people to explore, interact, and strive for victory—keeping boredom at bay. They bring an electrifying layer, turning passive attendees into active participants and making your event an unforgettable memory.

Event Diagramming and Digital Floor Plans

Event Diagramming and Digital Floor PlansEvent Diagramming and Digital Floor Plans

More and more event planners are embracing event diagramming software. These software act like blueprints for event planners. It lets them create 3D event space layouts with drag-and-drop ease. Smooth, right? With such functionalities, they can make their digital event space their playground, where they design seating, stages, and vendor setups.

And guess what? Diagramming and digital floor plans are not static technology trends in the event industry. These 3D walk-throughs and detailed setups help organizers show off their events big time.

But wait, there’s more! Event apps with digital floor plans take things to another level. Imagine having interactive maps for both in-person and hybrid events. Attendees tap around on their event app. Click a room, and boom! Speaker profiles and session topics pop up. Hit a sponsor logo, and voila! You can see where their booth is in the exhibition hall.

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Embrace Diversity with Virtual TranslationsEmbrace Diversity with Virtual Translations

With virtual events on the rise, planners can now reach more people. But as we know it, languages can be a hurdle. Sure, English is a go-to in the US, but connecting means speaking their language. If that’s not the case, attendees miss out on the key event thrill. 

In the past, interpreters were the fix. Now, get ready: Live translation tools are coming! Digital events will go global with these tools. Event planners can welcome non-English speakers to their English events. Now, for event spaces, both virtual and real venues step up with a live translation. It’s like a bonus in attendees’ packages. With real-time language interpreting becoming a reality, they get to tap into any region with planners.

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Holograms for FunHolograms for Fun

Do you still imagine cartoons when you hear the term “hologram?” Well, that’s not the case anymore. They’re here to blow the minds of attendees, show partners the ropes, and give customers amazing product demos. In Ohio, Event Works 4D took the lead with this trend. They’re all about holographic awesomeness: 3D mixed reality, life-sized holograms, and immersive speaker support. You can try this too! And the best part? Holograms for venues are among those event technology trends that are all flexible. They can fit any event type, any size, and any place. The self-contained hologram units pack all the audio and visuals you need. You can use them short-term or long-term.

No-Need-to-Strive-When-You-Can-Stream-LiveNo Need to Strive When You Can Stream Live

It’s a hassle to manage thousands of people at a gathering. Live streaming is a smarter alternative here. It has been for a long time. What’s interesting are the advancements that make live streaming one of the top event technology trends. Some event companies are already enhancing streaming options for better virtual events. They offer smooth switches between virtual and hybrid events.

Another smart way to take advantage of live streaming is syncing various venues. Make your audience take enjoy live and pre-recorded videos. You can also integrate your go-to streaming platform. You can even get it all tailor-made through custom enterprise software development. So now, live streaming is not about single but multiple locations right on your audience’s screens.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data Analytics and InsightsData Analytics and Insights 

Events scoop up data, but now you can dial it up. There are software that instantly dissects it—no waiting. It’s like having an event whisperer revealing what attendees adore and how they roll, all on the spot. This real-time feedback you seek through AI and big data capabilities is not all about being updated. It’s like the guiding light that can transform your event business by letting you deliver better and better experiences. You can dive into attendee behavior and preferences right then and there and make quick tweaks for an even better event vibe. Thus, getting this software will be like having a secret weapon for crafting memorable events with precision.

Ace Networking With AIAce Networking With AI

AI becoming a networking wizard is among the top event technology trends. It’s not just sci-fi—it’s here. Think of smart algorithms playing matchmaker. They scan the scene and pop up potential connections that click. It’s like having a personal networking assistant. Attendees get handpicked matches that fit like a glove, making event mingling focused and meaningful. No more aimless conversations. With AI-powered networking, you’re one tap away from finding the people who matter most, turning events into treasure troves of connections and possibilities.

Immersive Experience Software for Real Life Feels

Immersive experience Software for Real Life FeelsImmersive Experience Software for Real-Life Feels

Want your attendees to get soaked up in your event? It will be all about crafting moments that stick. Enter immersive experience software: the magician behind mind-bending encounters. With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) taking the stage, events become wonderlands. Imagine stepping into interactive booths or teleporting on virtual site tours. Attendees aren’t just spectators; they’re explorers. These tech tricks deepen engagement, turning events into unforgettable adventures. It’s like a backstage pass to a whole new world, where every moment is an opportunity to leave a lasting impact.

Software for WearablesSoftware for Wearables

Tech wearables are all over the eCommerce segment now. Now you can get software that are the top event technology trends because they fuel wearables, turning them into event powerhouses. These smart accessories become event guides, showing schedules and maps with a wrist flick. Attendees can even network by tapping wearables. You can say that these devices offer a handshake with innovation. From smartwatches to AR glasses, these wearables become your personal event assistants. They keep you on track, connected, and in the know, all while adding a touch of futuristic flair to your event experience. It’s like bringing the event right to your fingertips, quite literally.

Explore the Marvels behind Event Technology Trends for Your-Business

How to Know Which Event Technology Trends to Follow?

It’s time for the final reveal! People go ga-ga over every trend that’s new and popular. But as a decision-maker for a business, you should know what fits best for your goals. Due to many constraints like budget and technology, you may get perplexed about what to keep in store and stay trendy. Don’t worry. These concerns are fair. In this section, we will tell you the key prerequisites that’ll enable you confidently plan which technology trends you can follow.

Step 1: Introspect: What do you need?

Every event has its own tech needs. Start by identifying your specific requirements.

Are you on the hunt for an online registration and ticketing platform? 

Do you need a tool for event marketing?  

Or perhaps an all-inclusive event management solution?

Whatever you choose, be very genuine about what your audience will like.

Step 2: Consider the Money

Figure out your financial limits while considering event technology trends. While certain of them might appear pricey, they could end up saving substantial time and energy in the long run. It’s always good to have a long-term but well-thought-out plan. Conversely, there are also plenty of budget-friendly options, particularly suited for smaller gatherings or nonprofit ventures.

Step 3: Explore Options

Once your needs and budget are clear, begin exploring the available options. Look for reputable providers like Matellio who specialize in next-gen technologies. Such vendors can help you with solutions that cover everything you need. For further research, you can explore client feedback and case studies to comprehend the pros and cons of each possibility.

Step 4: Consider Integration Abilities

This may look additional, but having integrations can give you a competitive edge over other event management platforms. Here, it’s wise to consider enterprise solutions. They’ll let you manage everything on a single forum, saving you from the hassles of wandering on different apps or software. Moreover, integrations can help you streamline your workflow and enhance data management.

Step 5: Assess Customer Support

Exceptional customer support is crucial, particularly if you’re using a complex tool or aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Check if the provider extends thorough support, including tutorials, a help center, and responsive customer service.

Step 6: Don’t Skip on Scalability

You want your event management software to stay evergreen for users and attendees. So, the tech trends you choose should be adaptable to your evolving event needs. Even if you’re arranging a small event presently, go for a tool that can accommodate larger events or more intricate demands down the line.

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Get Started with Event Technology Trends with Matellio

There’s a bunch of event tech tools out there, and they’re multiplying like crazy. Matellio can be a close comrade for you, helping you with the do’s and dont’s with event tech trends. Our team supports embracing these tech goodies. We believe they don’t just make event planning a breeze but also cater to a better-than-ever experience loaded with extra value. That’s why we welcome you with open arms to incorporate the above-explained event technology trends with us. Moreover, if you have any other ideas that can become the next trend in this industry, we’re all ears! So, wait no more, and become the next popular event company with Matellio. Fill out the form now!

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