Factors That Effect The Cost Of iOS App Development

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Factors That effects the Cost of iOS App Development

Many enterprises are investing in the development of mobile apps since in the last few years the trend of people using mobile applications for almost everything has been on the rise. Moreover, enterprises are now investing in iOS app development since iPhones and iPads are no longer considered to be unattainable or extravagant articles. With many mobile network carriers offering EMI to the customers for buying the latest iPhone has made this smartphone an accessible item.  This has resulted in the development of various apps that can be used on the iOS platform.

But that does not mean the iOS app development cost has become cheaper. In this article, we will discuss the factors that lead to the hiking of an app development cost along with strategies on how to reduce them. But before delving into that let’s look into some facts and figures about the mobile app and how it has become important and the features that are expected to be there in any apps.

Some Facts and Figures About Mobile App

When one is developing a mobile app, whether it is an iOS app development company or an Android app development company there are certain features that need to be taken care of. These are functionalities of the app, UX/UI design, platform for which it is being developed, a technology that is being used as the cost of it.

1: Market: With the ever-increasing rise of smartphone users, it is no wonder that companies are investing in app developments. If we look into the smartphone market in the US alone, a study by Statista mentions that between 2008 and 2010 the number of smartphone users raised from 62.6 million to 257.3 million.  The report also states that by 2023 the number of smartphone users will be more than 285.3 million.

2: The OS: Out of these figures, Statista reports 54.4 percent of the users to use Google Android devices, followed by 44.3 percent Apple users in the year 2018. In the US alone there were 97.2 million iPhone users but if we take worldwide figures then Google Android has the maximum market share. However, in the last few years in the USA, the iPhone has become the highest selling smartphones outbidding Android devices.

3: The Usage: Hence to capture this market where the smartphone users spend almost about 86 percent of their time browsing apps in their smartphones, enterprises are developing apps of their products and brands. In the last few years, most organizations’ top items in the budget list are the cost of developing a mobile app. Since the users of Apple iPhones are on the rise enterprises are investing in developing iOS based mobile apps worldwide which has resulted in the demand for iOS app development company. But an app development company can survive in the market if they can give a competitive price to their client for developing an app that is efficient, effective and user-friendly. A reputed or experienced app development company will be aware of the factors that influence the pricing of app development.

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Factors That Impact The Cost

If you are a start-up company or new into iOS app development then apart from the regular, i.e. features that dictates the cost of developing an app, there are few other factors that impact or hike the cost of developing an iOS app. In 2019 iOS will follow new trends that can impact the cost of iOS app development and boost it too. While it can be expensive for enterprises to develop an app for the iOS platform but the app itself will give the users better UX. Some of those trends are:

  • iOS 13: In the upcoming WWDC conference, which is scheduled for June 3 to June 7, Apple is likely to introduce the iOS 13. According to the experts of the industry, developers can expect a few serious changes and redesign on iPhones as well as the iPads.
  1. The home screen is likely to go darker hence developers have to consider dark mode designs.
  2. The keyboard option might get undone while offering features like a triple tap, swipe right to Redo and left to undo the keyboard.
  3. Mails option is going to be smarter with options like marketing, purchases, travel and so on.
  4. Cross-platform between iOS app and Mac is likely to be established.
  • Swift 5: After the success of Swift 4 the powerful and compact language that Apple developers are nudged to use since it has better scalability for iOS applications and security Appl is all set to launch Swift 5 in 2019. This new version is going to have enhanced and advanced features along with Application Binary Interface (ABI).
  • Implementing AR/VR: iOS-based game app developers were given the flexibility and option of sharing multiple user experience within the similar AR surrounding with ARKit 2. The success of it had pushed giants like Amazon to collaborate with Apple so that they can gain the benefit of ArKit 2. This implies that Apple will continue with its implantation of the AR/VR.
  • Siri and AI: Apple has launched Siri for quite some time to give the users a genuine hands-free experience. With time they are still trying to figure out the other possible usage of AI and Siri, which the developers are also exploring to provide high-quality iOS applications.
  •  IoT and Wearable Devices: Apple has been working with IoT and the wearable devices since the launch of the Apple watch. But they are not limited to Apple watches since the iPhone can connect smoothly with other wearable devices and IoT devices. So those who want to work on apps of catering to wearable devices have to take into account the changes that iOS are making to their OS.

Hence the developers have to ensure that the apps that they will develop for the iOS platform would adhere to these new changes and designs that the new iOS versions will bring. Since these changes will be integral to Apple iPhones and iPads developers have to learn how to design and develop apps that run smoothly on iOS 13 and later versions. So while keeping these in mind the other factors that hike iOS app development cost are:

  • Features, platform, coding language and the complexity pertaining to the project determine the cost of the app development.
  • Whether as an organization you are hiring a high-end iOS app development company, an offshore team, freelancer or a startup development company.
  • What is the global rate per hour?
  • Kind of app that you aim to develop, i.e. social, sports, business-oriented, government, health, etc.
  • Whether you are developing an app that has back-end since it will cost more. 

But there are ways in which you can have a check on the cost of developing an iOS-based app.

Strategies To Reduce Cost

If you strategize properly and with immerse care before you start developing the iOS app you can reduce the cost without compromising the efficiency of the app.  Just follow these couple of simple rules:

  • Avail Cross-Platform App Development: If you are planning to have the app on both iOS and Android then use a hybrid platform like Xamarin. In case you intend to develop only for iOS then avail Swift 4 or Sift 5.
  • Do not rush: Never launch an app without testing it and without fixing the bugs. Test the app to check whether it is bug-free and offers the seamless experience that you intended for your users.
    By following these two rules-of-thumb you can surely reduce the cost of the app.

Hire Mobile App Developer With Matellio

Also, another best way to reduce the cost of developing an iOS app is by hiring a well-known company that has extensive knowledge in developing iOS application like Matellio. The team of developers knows the latest trends and technology used by Apple so they can help you to develop an iOS app at a very cost-effective price without compromising the quality of the app.


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