Foreign Language Learning App Development Cost & Features

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Foreign Language Learning App Development Cost & Features

Have you ever tried to learn a new language?  Well, you should try. Learning a new language is pretty cool and would be fun. In today’s technological era where many companies are multinational, learning a foreign language has become a necessity. Although there are people who are curious and want to learn something new. And learning a new language is the most common factor of the bucket-list of many people. However, there are many Foreign language learning apps already running in the market, which has gained fame. Foreign Language learning mobile apps have the potential to transform the way people learn languages. The major aim of language learning apps is to connect the world. Not only, in travelling but things have become easier in jobs, businesses by knowing the native language.

What Exactly Do Foreign Language Learning Apps Offer?

Well to master a language fully, there are 4 aspects to learn language i.e, reading, writing, speaking and listening, in that sense the language learning app can serve the purpose:

1. Vocabulary Acquisition 

Through language learning applications the users can easily memorize new sentences and words. Also, these apps offer useful exercises to practice that is helpful in learning difficult words in an engaging manner.

2. Listening

The app offers listening exercises to practice. The exercises are available in a variety of short videos and audios and allow the users to listen to the native speakers’ speech and enables them to do certain exercises later on as well.

3. Pronunciation

Through speech recognition, technology and pronunciation checking the user can improve their pronunciation and the app also contains certain dialogues and audio clips for the users to practice.

4. Revision

The language app also reminds its users to practise their skills each day. Herein, the goal is to keep the users motivated to learn new knowledge on a regular basis. And with this, the app owners also get a good number of daily app users. Additionally, users can set their goals accordingly and can complete certain tasks.

How to Build a Foreign Language Learning App?

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Building a language learning app is a lengthy process, but have to be integrated with the best features and technologies and to make the experience exciting for the learners we have jotted down some points to discuss:

1. Get an Excellent Teacher on Board

The services of highly qualified teachers are beneficial for the users and is always a good idea to have native speakers on board to make sure the less amount of errors in the learning process.

2. Focus on App Design

Language professionals make sure that your app stands out of your competitors and in order to have a convenient and understandable navigation platform it is helpful to get the services of the best designers.

3. Implement Modular Architecture

Till the app is ready to launch, the development work of the particular app continues. So that your app gains continuous fame, it needs to be expanded and the advanced set of technologies should be implemented. Now, the budget would increase, as it can be costly, so it is advisable to develop a modular app.

Essential Features of the Foreign Language Learning App

Essential Features of the Foreign Language Learning App

1. User-Feedback

Your app should integrate a means that allow users to give their feedback as well they can review their courses within the app. This is the best way to enhance your services and you will be able to know where exactly you are lacking behind.

2. Interesting Learning Process

You need to ensure that your Foreign language learning app makes the learning process exciting as well as interesting for the users. Like they should look forward to downloading your app to learn the language so it has to be fun and interesting.

3. All of it on one platform

Through your app, your users should be able to write, speak, read and listen all at one place. You need to frame the lesson in any language that should be free for your users, and this way it would be beneficial for the beginners who are visiting other countries and can at least grasp the basics.

4. Integrate Quality Learning Resources

The stuffing of some unnecessary features in the app is not ideal. As people believe quality is better than quantity. So, try not to compromise the quality of the lesson presentation by providing an extensive list of the number of language course that is not even of use to your users. In fact, go for something that people select you over any other conventional course without any second thoughts.

5. Illustrations Use

Just like our school textbooks contains interesting illustrations, same is the case with learning language apps as well, it involves learning from the basic level to the advanced level of reading and writing with the vocabulary suitable for youngsters as well as adults. Presenting the training exercise in the fun format do wonders, as the student won’t just learn but will also be entertained.

6. Live-Streaming

This is the feature where-in the students can have live chat with their teachers this helps in building the confidence and makes the study process a lot more exciting and interesting.

7. Best Delivery in Lesser Time

Most of the people choose the app functionality because they can not be physically present in the lessons of the classroom, due to the lack of time. Therefore, your app should be able to give the desired results. People should assure quality learning through your app in the shorter span of time. Hence, your app should offer various types of courses like intensive courses, for maximum learning.

8. Online-Student Community

The main goal of any Foreign language learning mobile app platform is to make the students independent so that they can openly intercommunicate, like a student forum and in-here the students discuss the lessons with each other and exchange the opinions on the several matters to brush-up the skills.

9. Language Practice and Revision

Language practice and revision is the most essential feature of the app that defines the actual purpose of the language application. Users come across various types of listening and speaking exercises and they can choose multiple options and can easily translate the displayed content.

10. Courses and Levels

The users are given the opportunity to select from the numerous courses available to them in the app and they can decide the pace for themselves in which they wish to learn. They can select the lessons to learn daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

Looking for Mobile  App Development

Techno-stack for Foreign Language Learning App

The app should be integrated with the latest technologies like:

1. User-Interface and Experience

CSS3 and bootstrap to develop the frontend for both the web module/version. Javascript,AngularJS, Ruby, Python, Django to develop the backend.

2. Database

MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, etc.

3. Real-time Analytics

Hadoop, Spark, Big data, Apache Flink, Cisco

4. Cloud

To store the data with all the safety and security, Google cloud storage can be used.

Required Team Structure for Foreign Language Learning App

Having your team in place is very crucial when it comes to building a language-learning mobile app. The services of a good mobile app development company are very crucial because they will help you to build a feature-rich app which can meet your desired expectations. Your app development team should consist of:

How much Does it cost to Build a Foreign Language Learning App?

A rough estimation of the Foreign language learning app development can be determined with the number of hours invested in the development of the app, features and technologies involved in the same:

  • Features
  • Platforms (iOS, Android and both)
  • Region of the app development centre
  • App complexity and number of hours invested
  • Size of the app development team

Moreover, the cost to develop a Foreign language learning mobile app depends on integrated technologies.

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Closing Thoughts

We hope after reading the above article, you understood that you need to hire specialists, to implement the idea of the Foreign language learning application. But it is always essential to remember, that the most popular educational apps ain’t perfect but have some standard features of the industry. Wish to provide your users with an extensive Foreign language learning app? Contact us!!

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