How to Develop an ERP Software for a Garment Manufacturing Business?


Many garment manufacturing companies still use manual procedures to deal with manufacturing, sales, quality control, and business operations, which makes information management a problematic undertaking. The key to digital transformation in garment manufacturing calls for custom ERP software. If you plan to skyrocket your business outputs and growth, investing in technology can be your ultimate bet.  

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss all about software solutions for a garment manufacturing company and why you should use garment manufacturing ERP software.  

  • The reports estimate that the market for ERP software development worldwide will be worth USD 46.30 billion in 2020. The market is projected to expand from USD 50.31 billion in 2021 to USD 93.34 billion in 2028. 
  • Garment manufacturing ERP software is an effective way to automate processes, boost transparency, decrease dependency on manual labor, and guarantee timely operations completion

What is ERP Software? 

An ERP software solution integrates operations and data from all various divisions of business-like supply chain, HR, sales & marketing, accounts, and many others into a centralized system. 

Real-time updates to an ERP system’s data are made possible via a shared database, allowing for seamless data flow between several departments and so greatly enhancing collaboration. All of this data is instantaneously accessible, and you can use it to do a variety of analytical processes and even make judgments.  

But why must garment manufacturing companies consider investing in ERP software development in 2022?  

Let’s find out! 

What is Garment Manufacturing ERP Software? 

Garment manufacturing ERP software can manage the designing and production of clothes and the distribution of manufactured products by automating all manual procedures. With custom ERP software development, managing every operation within a garment manufacturing company is made simple for garment manufacturers.  

What are the Advantages of ERP for Garment Manufacturing Companies?  

Many advantages come with using ERP software. Here are some major advantages that a custom ERP software development can offer your garment manufacturing business. Have a look! 

Easy to manage & monitor tasks 

The entire monitoring work will be much simpler with ERP software for a garment manufacturing company. Consequently, it is simple to comprehend the supply chain’s current production, distribution, and other essential information.  

Efficient inventory management 

ERP software aids garment manufacturing companies in effectively managing their inventory. It gives merchandisers the ability to run many reports simultaneously, assisting management in classifying their inventory according to factors like size, coloring, style, price, supplier, region, warehousing, and so forth.  

Improves decision making 

In order to provide real-time, up-to-date information, ERP software will gather and consolidate all pertinent data into a single place. Garment manufacturing companies will have the assurance they need to make reliable decisions thanks to increased insight, transparency, and management. 


Your employees have effective access to data that is accessible from any location and device, thanks to ERP software for a garment manufacturing company. It safeguards against data security risks by storing all of your important sales, purchase, employee, cost, and other related data on a secure server.  

No room for mistakes 

Automation reduces human mistakes, especially when managing multiple clients simultaneously, putting together a variety of orders with various pricing components, and generating receipts. 

In order to improve billing accuracy, ERP software for garment manufacturing companies removes manual processing of invoice generating. It has an integrated accounting system that enables multiple flexible payment methods, allowing users to pay their bills whenever convenient.  

What Are the MustHave Features of ERP Software?

There are tons of features that you can add to your custom ERP software. But, remember that the more features it has, the more it will cost you.  

That’s why it’s important to include only the required features in your custom ERP software for a garment manufacturing company. Below, we’ve curated a list of top must-have features that you need to consider during custom ERP software development for a garment manufacturing company. Take a look! 

Team management

 You can easily manage your workforce and generate financial reports with the help of this feature. By doing so, you can assess your team members and determine which one of them provides the most opportunities for your company. Additionally, you can stay updated on the workload of your employees and evaluate how well they handle responsibilities linked to accounting and finance.  

Inventory management

Your team will be able to analyze its shipping and order levels with the use of the inventory management functionality, ensuring that there is enough stock in hand to satisfy client demand. Inventory management is crucial for keeping track of expenditures and can help your team ensure they aren’t making unnecessary purchases.  

Financial management

The financial information for your business, including amounts payable and receivable, costs, budgets, and more, is stored, tracked, and analyzed by this feature. It provides insights into your transactions that can be used to spot spending patterns, profit trends, and other things. You can alter processes to result in lower profitability and greater operating costs using this data.  

Multi-location inventory management 

The majority of garment manufacturers have numerous warehouses. Some have numerous manufacturing facilities. Distribution managers can keep correct inventories at several locations thanks to this feature set of ERP software for a garment manufacturing company.  

Supply chain management

Your supply chain can be simplified with this feature. You can monitor the process and immediately detect and resolve problems thanks to real-time data. This function can help your company prepare for demand, ensuring that you never run out of inventory or have too much on hand.  

Reports & Analytics

To make wise decisions, business owners require accurate data about their organizations. You can’t make key decisions if you don’t have access to the most recent details. Reports & analytics features must be available in garment manufacturing ERP software so you can quickly and simply develop the reports you require.  

Order management

As your business expands, order processing can become challenging; therefore, it’s critical to load your custom ERP software for garment manufacturing company with an order management functionality. This enables you to complete bids, create orders, and revise them in the event that clients ask for modifications. It’s a good idea to select a system that accommodates multi-location orders so the platform may grow with your expanding business.  

Asset management

A good ERP system for the garment industry offers users an asset management feature that controls the physical resources and machinery of the facility. By doing so, businesses may lower risk and expense while boosting uptime and productivity.  

You can also contact a top ERP software development company to develop feature-rich ERP software for your garment manufacturing business. 

How to Develop ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing Company?

Developing custom ERP software for a garment manufacturing company is not an easy task. You need to consider many things to make your custom ERP software development project successful. 

Define your vision 

Create an ideal project vision before you begin planning. The likelihood of success is lower if you lack a clear vision. 

Communicating with your employees will help you identify problems and develop an ERP solution strategy. You must be clear about the fundamental functionalities of your product in this part of your plan. To generate more focused and superior ideas, compare and review the current ERP systems. It is essential to communicate with top ERP software development companies. 

Create a blueprint 

A blueprint is a foundation for the entire process, as it does in many activities, so it should be thoroughly defined. Detailed information on the development procedure, schedule, and resources to be used is contained in the blueprint for the custom system. It was built by professionals from a reputable ERP software development company.  

Hire the professionals 

Suppose you intend to build an ERP system for a garment manufacturing company, team up with a reputable enterprise software development company that values your importance, ideas, mission, and passion. Finding the best company, however, can be very difficult. After choosing the best top custom ERP software development company, convey every aspect of your strategy for choosing, running the company forward, and establishing the ideal goals. 

Select the right tech stack 

You need to pick a robust tech stack to run the business efficiently in order to make ERP software for garment manufacturing companies more stable. Also, the technology chosen will determine how powerful it is. The key technologies that you can use to build garment manufacturing ERP software are: –  

  • ReactJS 
  • NodeJS 
  • Angular 
  • Java  
  • Python 
  • MySQL 
  • MongoDB 

Test & launch  

When the final solution is ready, you must execute the modules and complete the corresponding tasks to test it. Additionally, it is recommended to test an MVP with a few features before releasing the final product. This will save garment companies from wasting unnecessary time and money and improve the efficiency of the ERP software for garment manufacturing companies.  


advantages, ERP software development for garment manufacturers can be a very wise option and decision to achieve long-term success. Additionally, it aids in business expansion and competitive survival. If you plan ahead for entering into retail business as well, we offer retail software development ranging from inventory to store softwares. Combined, both software can make major improvements to your overall business output and revenue.

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