How to Develop a VoIP Calling App Like Google Voice?

Updated on Mar 22nd, 2024

How to Develop a VoIP Calling App Like Google Voice?

How can I create a custom app like Google Voice?  

Many individuals and startups are seeking an answer to that question. And why not?   

After all, Google Voice has today become valuable for companies worldwide in streamlining their communication aspects. Whether SMEs, enterprises, or even Fortune 500 companies, every organization today seeks valuable call management software that offers quality VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services, and an app like Google Voice solves the purpose!  

However, lately, Google Voice has had many detrimental effects due to a lack of MMS support and decent voicemail transcripts. Moreover, the other alternatives of Google Voice, like iMessage, do not sync messages other than the ones received via other Apple devices. Therefore, companies are actively seeking VoIP calling app development and looking for other custom VoIP apps like google Voice.   

So, why not create an app like Google Voice and benefit from this ongoing market demand?   

Well, that’s what our blog today is all about! In this blog post, you can discover the best features, tech stack, and the process for developing a custom app like Google Voice.    

  • Google Voice is a popular call management app that has been used by companies worldwide. However, the lack of MMS support is the major concern due to which companies are seeking other VoIP apps. 
  • VoIP apps like Google Voice offer excellent benefits to users, like reduced operational cost, better customer engagement, automated call management, effective collaboration, etc. 
  • To create a custom VoIP app like Google Voice, you need to identify the target market and begin with expert consultation.  
  • Always hire experienced mobile app developers so that you can leverage their expertise to build a high-end VoIP app like Google Voice. 
  • Do not forget to test your app and include next-gen technologies to further enhance your VoIP app’s capabilities like Google Voice.  

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a robust VoIP platform launched by Google allowing users to manage voicemails, place and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and more from a single phone number. It is a no-cost telecom service that is based on VoIP services.   

As a user of the Google Voice app, you can port your phone number to the service or select a contact number from a list of available numbers. The users can then use the same number on any internet-connected device, including a computer, tablet, or smartphone, to place calls and send texts.   

The robust VoIP solution offers call screening, blocking, and voicemail transcription features. You can also set up rules to forward calls to different numbers based on the time of day or the caller’s identity.  

All in all, Google Voice is a robust VoIP solution that offers a streamlined and convenient mode of communication for your business.

Why Should You Launch an App Like Google Voice – Market Demands and Benefits

VoIP calling app development Like Google Voice - Benefits

Many of you may know the excellent benefits and opportunities of investing in VoIP app development like Google Voice. But for those still deciding, here’s why creating an app like Google Voice can be your best decision!  

The concept of VoIP software development is at its peak, and the trend is not predicted to come down anytime soon. As per a trusted source, VoIP services market revenue will surpass $194.5 billion by 2024. In fact, the VoIP app development market will generate a whopping $183.7 Billion by 2027.   

But what is the major reason for such growth in VoIP calling app development market? Well, there are many! For instance, the global pandemic increased the adoption of hybrid and remote work cultures. The companies now need an active VoIP app like Google Voice that can help distributed employees connect with the customers and their teammates via smartphone apps for Android and iOS.   

Moreover, the perks offered by cloud-based VoIP solutions, like reduced overhead costs, auto-attendant, call queuing, and advanced call routing functionalities, also enable companies to adopt apps like Google Voice. As per Microsoft, almost 82% of companies reported cost savings by adopting cloud-based VoIP apps like Google Voice.  

And we already saw that there are presently a variety of usage quirks that have compelled companies globally to seek new call management apps like Google Voice that can work on Android, iOS, and the web.   

That’s why investing in VoIP app development can be your golden chance to gain maximum advantage from this market situation and become a distinguished brand in the telecom sector!

VoIP calling app development

How to Create a Custom App Like Google Voice – A Step-by-Step Approach

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – creating a custom VoIP app like Google Voice. Here’s the answer to it!  

Similar to other custom enterprise solutions development, the process of creating an app like Google Voice is a complex process. You need to consider several factors, such as the must-have functionalities and features, the design and user interface, and the overall cost of development.   

All that can be daunting, especially if you are new to enterprise mobile app development. That’s where professionals come into play! With a clear plan and a dedicated team, you can create a custom VoIP app that meets your specific needs and helps you connect with your users effectively.   

Now, whether you choose freelancers or outsource your project to an experienced software engineering studio like us, here are the steps to follow for creating an app like Google Voice.   

Identify Your Business NeedsIdentify the Scope of Your App and Your Target Market

The most crucial stage in creating unique VoIP applications like Google Voice is choosing and comprehending your target audience. The target market and audience, if you are developing this enterprise solution for your company, will be your employees. If you are a startup or an individual wishing to invest in a successful and scalable idea via VoIP calling app development, your target audience will be SMEs or enterprises that need a VoIP app like Google Voice.   

Expert-ConsultingOpt for Expert Consulting to Discover Amazing Trends

The next step in VoIP app development is opting for expert consultation. Whether you need to explore the latest market trends for VoIP app development or select the most beneficial features and tech stack, expert consultation is required. By connecting with experts, you can easily create a perfect roadmap that streamlines your VoIP app development like Google Voice. 

That’s why the leading companies always opt for digital or business and technology consulting services before proceeding with custom enterprise software development. So, why should you lag? You can opt for our free 30-minute expert consultation service to speed up your VoIP app development process. Fill out our form to book a free consultation slot! 

Hire App DevelopersHire Mobile App Developers for Streamlined App Development

So, by now, you will have a proper understanding of your target market and a perfect roadmap for your project. But who will turn those ideas into a reality? That’s where a professional team comes into play!  

Hiring dedicated developers can easily transform your concepts and requirements into a profitable reality.   

However, finding the ones with a proper skillset, in-depth industry knowledge, and credibility is challenging. If you go with freelancers, you must hire different developers for different tasks: testers, designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and more.  

Even after that, there are a lot more challenges that you may face by hiring freelancers for your project. To name a few, we have:  

  • They may not have experience developing a custom VoIP app like Google Voice.  
  • They may not have the tools and next-gen technology expertise required for your project’s success.  
  • Many challenges come during the development process. However, only skilled professionals know those challenges and how to address them efficiently.  
  • Freelancers may not even have proper knowledge of the latest market trends.

Therefore, leading companies always outsource their projects to reputable and experienced software development companies. So, if your competitors are doing it, why not you? Hence, you should always seek a company with experience with VoIP app development.   

Look for portfolios and customer reviews, as they say, about the company’s delivery and work culture. Besides, look for the ones that offer a full spectrum of development services, including testing, MVP development, designing, consulting, DevOps, and more in one place.  

Well, at least we offer our clients all such services and many more! Hence, choose wisely!   

Features SelectionFocus on Incorporating the Best Features

Features and technology stack are crucial in defining the scope and success of your custom app like Google Voice. You should have unique and suitable features that resolve your target audience’s concerns and help you become a distinguishable brand.

So, as a leading VoIP software development company, here are the top must-have features that we strongly suggest you incorporate into your app:

Custom App Like Google Voice - Best-Features

Customized Call Order

With this function, users can drag and drop calls in the specific order they want to receive them. Thanks to this, users may easily prioritize their tasks, ensuring they don’t overlook crucial ones.   

Caller ID and Outbound Settings

Users can choose which agents can place outbound VoIP calls and change the caller ID with this functionality. As a result, customers are sure to know who is phoning them, and businesses may retain a professional image.     

Multiple Phone Numbers

Users can use this feature to add numerous phone numbers to a single account, making distinguishing between personal and professional calls simple. This is especially helpful for companies when staff works remotely or from several places.  

Voicemail Transcript

By turning voicemails into text, this function makes it simpler for consumers to read and organize their messages. This is especially beneficial for individuals who are unable to listen to their voicemails.   

Texting and Messaging

This functionality of the VoIP app allows your users to send SMS and MMS messages. Your employees or end-users can easily interact with other people/customers per their requirements using the texting and calling feature. They can send visual-rich messages or can connect one-on-one using this feature.  

Third-party Integrations

This feature enables interaction with other applications, such as Google Workspace, CRM, ERP, field service solutions, and more, to simplify workflow and communication. You get benefits like time savings and easy access to vital information via third-party integrations.     

Call Recording

Users can record calls using this functionality for quality control or training purposes. This assists you in ensuring that your staff members offer excellent customer service and serves as proof in the event of a disagreement.   

International Calls

You can enable your app’s users to make calls abroad at reasonable prices. This is especially helpful for your company if you deal with clients or staff around the globe.  

Conference Calling

With the help of this feature, holding conferences over the phone with several people is simple. This is especially helpful if your company deals with clients or workers who work remotely. Your team can easily come together to meet with your customers over a video/audio call.   

Do Not Disturb

You can use this option to disable calls and alerts outside business hours. This is critical to maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure that your employees are not interrupted while spending time on crucial tasks.

Remember that the exact features will depend on your business requirements and ideas. Hence, it is best to connect with our experts to discover exclusive features for your VoIP app, like Google Voice.

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Nex-Gen TechnologiesNext-generation Technologies Can be Helpful

So, if you plan to incorporate the excellent features mentioned above, you must work with certain technologies and tools. Apart from that, the concept of next-gen tech integration is also gaining huge momentum in today’s competitive times.   

Companies, irrespective of the size and domain, are investing in next-gen technologies like AI, cloud computing, and IoT to raise the capabilities of their custom products. Hence, you should also implement cutting-edge technologies in your custom VoIP app, like Google Voice, to win the competition curve.  

Here’s a list of the technologies that we suggest you use in developing your VoIP application:

  • Front-end Programming Languages: VueJS, AngularJS, ReactJS  
  • Backend Programming Languages: NodeJS, Java, Python, PHP  
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)   
  • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)  
  • VoIP SDKs  
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL  
  • Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

AI tech stack and APIs used for VoIP app development include:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Twilio for voice and messaging APIs
  • IBM Watson

UI UX is ImportantUI/UX is Important

Apart from features, if something affects the success of your custom app like Google Voice, it is UI/UX. For those new to the app development field, UI refers to the user interface, and UX refers to user experience.   

If your VoIP app, like Google Voice, has a simple yet engaging interface, i.e., if your users can easily navigate through the app, it is said to have an engaging UI. That eventually refers to a high user experience (UX).   

Hence, you should heavily invest in the UI/UX component of your VoIP application. You can hire talented UI/UX engineers or connect with an experienced app development company that offers you professionals at flexible pricing models.   

Agile DevelopmentDevelop Your App Using the Agile Methodology

So, by this stage, you will have the perfect roadmap, features, and resources needed to create a custom VoIP app like Google Voice. However, there are certain things that you have to address while developing your app and following the Agile method is one of them. You must look for an app development company that follows the Agile development method for creating your app.   

That’s essential to avoid surprises and rework conditions that can increase your budget and app development time. The Agile method allows you to monitor your project development process and make alterations without affecting the overall development time.   

It breaks your project into different sprints, and you get notified after the completion of each sprint. You can easily test your app and introduce changes into the new sprints. Hence, always choose a company that follows the Agile method for VoIP calling app development.   

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TestTesting is Crucial

The last step in VoIP app development is testing. In fact, testing is the most crucial step in getting a quality product resonating with your brand value. You can detect and identify even the minutest bugs using appropriate testing services.   

All that helps you offer your users an error-free and high-performance app across devices and platforms. Hence, always partner with an app development company that offers testing as an integrated part of their app development package.   

At Matellio, we offer automated and manual testing services to ensure that you get a glitch-free application for your business. We also offer security, performance, function, and many other testing services for your software product. You can contact us to learn more about our offerings!   

What is the Cost of Developing an App Like Google Voice?

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – the cost of developing a custom VoIP app like Google Voice. Well, like other custom enterprise mobility solutions, the cost of creating a custom call management app depends on various factors, including the complexity of the features, technologies used, the number of resources working on your project, testing approach, etc.  

Some of the factors that can affect the cost of development include:  

  • The complexity of the app. An app that is more complex to code will also cost more to develop.  
  • The experience of the development team. A team of experienced developers will be able to develop an app more quickly and efficiently, which can save you money.  
  • Services opted by you for your project. There are various services, like DevOps consulting, cloud migration, AI/IoT development services, etc., that increase your overall project’s cost.  

However, as a leading app development company, we can offer you a tailored quote for your project based on your business requirements. You can connect with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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VoIP calling app development

Why Choose Matellio for Developing an App Like Google Voice?

With our decade-long experience in custom app development, and expertise in next-gen technologies, we are the first choice of companies when it comes to VoIP app development. Whether you need to create a VoIP app from scratch or modernize your existing enterprise application, we offer a comprehensive range of development services for your every need. Our team of experienced developers works with you to understand your specific requirements and develop a custom VoIP application that meets your needs.  

Our extensive experience in developing VoIP applications and end-to-end services, including design, development, testing, and deployment, ensures you get a high-end product. Our team has expertise in a range of technologies, including SIP, WebRTC, and VoIP SDKs, and can integrate these technologies to create a feature-rich VoIP application.  

Besides that, we also offer a free consultation service along with market and competitor analysis that further adds value to your project, making it a big hit in the market.  

So, why wait and let your competitors win? Contact us today and kickstart VoIP calling app development to win the competition curve!

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