How to Hire Cloud Engineers for Your Project – A Quick Guide

Updated on Feb 9th, 2024

How to Hire Cloud Engineers for Your Project A Quick Guide

In today’s digital world, cloud computing has become essential for running a successful business. Whether startups, SMEs, or Fortune 500 companies, every business seeks to hire cloud engineers to migrate to a secure cloud platform. In fact, 90% of businesses are reported to have migrated to the cloud during the global pandemic. And why not? After all, it offers several benefits to companies, including data security, transparency, scalability, lower maintenance cost, protection against natural disasters, and more.  

Are you also looking to hire a cloud developer for your organization? Well, you have landed in the right place! In this blog post, we will help every decision-maker hire cloud engineers tailored to their specific business needs. Whether you need tips to hire cloud developers or want to know the benefits of hiring cloud engineers, we will cover everything. So, let’s get started! 

  • Hiring cloud engineers can help you build security, transparency, and integrity for your projects. 
  • You must hire cloud engineers that are proficient with data structures and algorithms, data encryption, authentication, next-gen tech like AI/ML, and more. 
  • Hiring cloud engineers from a reputed company will ensure that you get scalable and future-ready cloud services and solutions that help you in the long run. 
  • Cloud engineers of a reputable company like Matellio have deep knowledge of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, network administration, data security, and DevOps techniques. 
  • Look for an IT staff augmentation service provider that offers flexible hiring models and need-based scaling services for hiring cloud developers.  

Why Hire Cloud Engineers – Top Benefits 

Before proceeding with the tips to hire the best cloud engineers for your organization, let us quickly discuss why you need cloud developers. How will you move closer to becoming a future-ready business with cloud integration services? Let’s understand this!  

We all know that cloud computing can offer powerful business insights by storing and analyzing raw data. You can discover the latest market trends, your customer’s pain points, and the KPIs of your business via cloud computing.   

Moreover, implementing next-gen technologies, which require high scalability and computational power, is possible with cloud integration. Data security against thefts and disasters is also an excellent benefit of cloud migration. Hence, to achieve all this, you need to hire cloud engineers.   

A talented cloud developer will streamline all those tasks while constantly innovating your business process, maintaining the applications over the cloud, and developing new cloud-based enterprise solutions.   

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Here are some more reasons to hire a cloud developer for your organization asap:   

Maximize the RoI  

Maximize the RoI

Cloud technology is complex, and managing cloud infrastructure can be time-consuming. However, hiring cloud engineers frees up your IT staff and enables them to focus on other important operations.   

The hired cloud developers can monitor cloud usage, reduce infrastructure costs, and maximize the RoI on cloud investment. They can also help you prevent downtime or security breaches, which can harm business operations and reputation.   

Better Security and Compliance Management  

Better Security and Compliance Management

Data breaches and online thefts have not remained the new terms in the market. Companies today actively seek better ways to protect their data while offering real-time access to their employees. That’s where hiring cloud engineers comes into play!  

The cloud engineers hired by your company can easily deploy your confidential data on a secure cloud platform. They can even assist you in developing cloud-based enterprise software solutions that offer better security, high performance, and scalability.   

Dedicated cloud engineers can even help you choose the right security measures, configure access controls and encryption, monitor logs, and ensure compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS.  

A Step Closer to Digital Transformation  

A Step Closer to Digital Transformation

Today’s competitive era is all about digital transformation services. Companies look for the latest trends to help them innovate and become global brands. That’s what cloud engineers can do for you!  

When you hire cloud engineers from an experienced company, you enjoy the perks of working with talented professionals who can implement new technologies, build custom applications, and automate processes. You can even implement DevOps, AI, ML, and AR/VR in your application via cloud migration services offered by dedicated engineers.  

Bridging the IT Skills Gap  

Bridging the IT Skills Gap

Finally, a strong reason to hire cloud engineers is to fill the IT gaps in your organization. Unsurprisingly, the demand for cloud-based enterprise solutions development is at its peak, and the trend is not predicted to come down anytime soon.   

Hence, there is a need for talented cloud engineers that can understand the cloud infrastructure and assist you in deploying your solutions to the cloud. That’s why you should hire cloud engineers for your project. You can also leverage IT staff augmentation services where the hired cloud engineers will work dedicatedly on your project until it is completed. In short, you will experience working with in-house cloud developers without any pain of salaries, taxes, reimbursements, etc. Hence, look for a reputable Staff augmentation service provider.  

Who are the Best Cloud Engineers?  

So, you now know the top benefits of hiring cloud engineers for your project. But how to identify the best cloud developers? Well, that’s tricky because the definition of the best engineer varies for different companies. For some, the best engineers are those who have decades-long experience, while for others, they may be the ones who charge less for their services.   

Whatever the judging criteria, here are some traits present in every talented cloud engineer which will help you identify the best ones for your project!

  • Good cloud developers are also the best software engineers. That means they have in-depth knowledge of data structures and algorithms, system design, cloud technologies, programming languages, and more. Besides that, they are also good at problem-solving and analytics and sometimes know next-gen tech like AI, ML, IoT, etc.   
  • They are proficient at breaking down the big, monolithic, and inflexible enterprise system into small, scalable solutions that scale with your business growth. They know how to find the balance between big and small solutions so that every service of your organization is manageable.   
  • They are well-versed in API implementation, data encryption, and authentication. Moreover, good cloud engineers also know about building custom APIs via suitable tools (like AWS API Gateway).   
  • Knowing the latest market trends and finding the suitable ones that meet your business requirements makes any cloud engineer the best for your project. When you hire cloud developers, you can tell they are the best by looking at their comfort in working with the latest tech and cloud tools. They know how to build and implement enterprise-grade cloud solutions to resolve all your business concerns.   
  • Lastly, a good cloud engineer should know what’s trending in the cloud computing industry. They should be aware of the latest industry trends while focusing on the ones suitable for your business growth.   

All in all, the definition of the best cloud engineer varies according to your business needs. However, the one with all the traits mentioned above will surely be the best choice for your project.   

Well, at least our cloud engineers have such qualities that make them the top choice for businesses regarding cloud integration services 

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What to Look for in a Cloud Engineer – Skills and Qualifications  

Well, the traits are okay, but what’s with the skills and qualifications that you should seek when hiring cloud engineers for your project? Well, that’s the most common question for companies when they hire dedicated developers for their projects.   

So, as a leading software engineering firm and staff augmentation service provider, here’s what, according to us, should be the skillset and qualifications that a cloud engineer should possess.

Skills  Description 
Technical Skills  Deep knowledge of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, network administration, data security, Python, Java, Ansible, Puppet, SQL, JSON, NoSQL. 
Understanding of DevOps  Should be familiar with DevOps methodologies and have experience with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), containerization, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes.  
Problem Solving Skills  A good cloud engineer should work as part of a team, analyze technical problems, and offer innovative solutions that foster scalability, high performance, and security. 
Strong Communication  Your hired cloud engineer should have excellent communication skills to easily convey technical and non-technical information in a streamlined and effective manner.  
Certifications  It is good to have one of these certificates to become a good cloud engineer: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert, GCP Professional Cloud Architect, and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). 

How to Hire Cloud Engineers – Top Questions to Ask  

 So, now that you have finalized the top cloud engineers for your project that meet all the requirements mentioned above, let us see how you can hire those engineers easily. There are many things that one must follow to hire dedicated developers for their organization. However, there are some steps to follow to successfully hire the best cloud engineers for your project.  

Explore the Best Companies to Hire Cloud Engineers  

The foremost step in hiring cloud engineers for your project is to do market research. We all know today there are hundreds of IT staff augmentation service providers that offer dedicated cloud developers for hire.   

Hence, you should research such companies and fill out their forms to learn more about their developers, hiring process, etc. You can either search on Google or leverage platforms like Clutch to get a list of the top cloud integration service providers. Once that is done, fill out the contact forms of the best companies you wish to hire cloud developers from.   

Online Assessments Can be Helpful  

After you receive replies from your chosen companies, it is time to perform online assessments of the developers. You can either create your own questionnaires or can get help from experts. For instance, at Matellio, we can help you conduct online assessments so that you can hire the best cloud engineers resonating with your requirements.     

We also consider your input in framing the online assessment test that helps you ensure that the hired cloud engineers are suitable for your requirements. Hence, choose your hiring partner carefully!  

Conduct Interviews and Ask Relevant Questions 

Next comes the most important part, which is conducting the interview of your hired cloud engineers. You must ask some relevant questions to ensure that you hire cloud engineers that perfectly resonate with your business goals, requirements, and the latest market demands.   

To help you, we have listed some suitable questions that you can begin with:  

  • How do you build self-healing architecture?  
  • How do you monitor your application’s uptime?   
  • Can you design an architecture that smoothly handles a sudden spike in traffic?
  • How do you manage large-scale events?  
  • What metrics do you consider for monitoring the system’s performance and security?  
  • What managed services have you used in the past?  
  • What version controls do you prefer to use in the project?  
  • Do you have an idea about continuous integration and continuous deployment? 
  • What kind of DevOps tools have you used before?  

Asking such questions will help you analyze the depth of knowledge that a cloud engineer holds in the field. Well, you can skip this part if you are partnering with a reputable company like Matellio that offers talented cloud developers with valid certifications.   

Hire Cloud Engineers and Kickstart Your Project  

Lastly, when you have hired the best cloud engineers, it is time to kickstart your project. But before the final selection, make sure to focus on a few things. For instance, look for the pricing plans that your hiring partner offers. Some companies offer flexible hiring models that let you hire cloud engineers on a part-time, time, and material basis and a dedicated hiring model.   

A few others also offer need-based scaling services that enable you to quickly scale your team anytime throughout product development. Well, at least Matellio offers all such things. Hence, choose wisely!  

Additionally, look for the project that the team/company has delivered to its previous clients. With that, you will have an idea of whether the hired team has worked on a similar project or not.   

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Matellio – Your One-Stop Solution to Finding Talented Cloud Engineers  

As a leading software engineering company with expertise in providing cloud integration and staff augmentation services, we are a trusted brand when it comes to hiring cloud engineers. Whether startups, SMEs, or even Fortune 500 companies, companies across the globe have hired our dedicated developers to successfully launch their products.   

Our rigorous process of hiring only the best candidates who possess the necessary expertise and skills to meet the needs of our clients helps us stand out from the crowd. Besides that, we also offer flexible pricing models, needs-based scaling services, and exclusive discounts to companies that hire cloud engineers for long-term projects.   

Our cloud engineers have experience working on multiple cloud platforms and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, giving them a deeper understanding of the latest technologies in the field.   

Hence, you can be assured of receiving top-notch cloud engineering services that are tailored to your specific project requirements. We do not compromise data security and integrity and work actively on disaster recovery plans.    

So, leverage our years-long experience, flexible models, and seamless hiring process to hire cloud engineers for your project. Simply fill out our form to share your requirements and get a no-obligation quote for hiring dedicated developers! 



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