How to Hire an iOS Developer for Your Project?


iOS has been one of the best mobile platforms to target for launching mobile apps. If you are planning to launch a mobile app, you can simply not ignore iOS, as it has a major share in the mobile market. To run an app on the iPhone, you will need to build an iOS app, and for that, you will need to hire iOS app developers. To build your team of iOS developers efficiently, you need to keep a lot of things in mind, and that’s what we will be discussing today.  

Everyone has different needs, and you will need to pen down all your requirements before beginning the actual process. A technology consultant or your project manager will help you with the numbers they would want to build each component of the app. The prior depends on the features you choose for your app and can only be deduced when you have a wire frame and app plan ready.  

Benefits of Targeting iOS for Your Mobile App 

With many people still wondering if they should move ahead with an iOS app, below are the absolute reasons why you should. 

Better Reach 

iOS has a major market share in the mobile market, easily making it a very significant part of your app audience. iPhones single-handedly compete with 100s of different manufacturers rolling out devices based on Android. If you want your app to run on an iPhone, you need to create a native iOS app or customize your cross-platform app for it to work on it. In either of the cases, you would need to hire iOS developers for the technology of your choice.  

Highly Capable Devices 

The processing and GPU capabilities, along with the camera capabilities of iPhones, are far superior to their Android counterparts. You can easily create the most complex application there is, and it would still run smoothly once perfected on the development part. Apart from hardware advantages, the operating system is also highly optimized, and UI oriented to every bit. If you are planning to offer the best experience, you will need to target iPhones.  

Better Revenue 

iPhone users tend to spend much more than Android users, based on various surveys. A report by AppFlyers suggests that iPhone users spend around 2.5x more than Android users and are about 50% more likely to spend on in-app purchases. The steep difference is likely for the fact that Apple doesn’t target audiences looking for affordable devices and prices their iPhone compared to flagship phones on offer by other Android brands.  


iOS as an operating system and the AppStore are way more secure than Android and its Play Store. There are stringent checks to what app is published on the AppStore, automatically building trust in the eyes of an average iOS user. In other words, people would be much less likely to question the legitimacy of your application when they see it on the AppStore compared to the Play Store. Along with that, the device in itself monitors app behavior to keep a secure environment for the users. 

Less Development Time 

Many developers have claimed a much lesser development time for building iOS applications compared to Android ones. This could both save you time and money, as well as allow an early market entry to get started earlier. As a general consensus, it is simply because Swift and Xcode work brilliantly together compared to Java/Kotlin and Android Studio, resulting in less development time, cost, and effort.  

Easier Testing and Deployment 

There is one very simple reason for easier testing and deployment of iOS apps, and they need to be built around much fewer devices. Apple offers the iPhones in 3 sizes, with almost everything required to run the OS optimally being similar. Fewer devices mean less testing time and deployment time compared to 100s of devices you would need to test an Android app on.  

Things to Keep in Mind when Looking to Hire iOS Developers 


The key determining factor when hiring iOS developers for your project is the total experience of the candidate. While it has been around a decade and a half since iOS development began, you will find various candidates offering much more with fewer years of experience on paper. To make an informed decision, focus on the experience developers possess with iOS by asking them the basics of what drives a user towards iOS and likewise. 


Checking out the previous portfolios of your developer of choice is one of the ancient proven ways to determine their potential. Given you are planning to hire a team of iOS developers with fair experience, even if they have NDAs, they would probably have 2-3 apps to showcase. Those would be enough in a case where you know what you are looking for. In not, you can always ask your consultant or project manager to have a look and tell you the pros and cons of showcased apps.  

Client Testimonials 

In most cases, clients can define and vouch for a developer they hired for their project. This is a major point as it could tell you about the developer’s soft skills, delivery timeline, and other working habits. You can politely ask them if they can refer you to a previous client to get an overview of how they work. Most would agree, but those with privacy and NDA concerns could probably refuse; in that case, the next approach could be asking them for their project manager’s contact and asking them about the candidate.  

iOS Proficiency 

iOS proficiency here doesn’t just mean working knowledge of Swift, C#, or any of the cross-platform development languages. It means actual iOS proficiency to know how an app built for iPhone differs from others. As we discussed the benefits above, many can be encompassed with this point as a basis for evaluation. You can bookmark them for when you are about to interview and ask the developer about their viewpoints to know their take on the same.  


Your Top Options to Hire iOS Developers 

Hire Dedicated iOS Developers or Staff Augmentation 

Staff augmentation of an app development company could be the best option for those looking to extend their teams or fill skill gaps. An iOS development company would help you with dedicated developers for as long as you want. There are various hiring models, including dedicated hiring, hybrid model, turnkey model, etc.  

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Hire Freelancers or Hire your Own Team 

Hiring freelancers or your own team could be a good idea for both team extension and building a brand-new team. The questions you need to ask yourself, in this case, would be, is it feasible for you to hire full-time iOS developers? Would your consultant or project manager be able to manage a team on-site? And if the cost/benefit ratio outweighs the other two options.  

Hire an iOS App Development Company 

An iOS app development company specializes in creating iOS apps and would be the easiest choice to build your own application. All you need to do is request a proposal, and they will connect back with a free quotation and consultation; if you like the proposal they will build the app, get back to you for feedback, make the changes, and when the cycle is complete, deliver your app to you.  


While planning an iOS app in itself is a tough call, hiring iPhone app developers shouldn’t be. When you weigh the options you have, you will see that in today’s time, iOS development companies assist in the best possible ways for you to reach your goal. Even if you extend your team through staff augmentation services, you will get the most experienced developers if you choose a good iOS development company. If you are interested, contact us with your idea/RFP, and we would be happy to assist you.  

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