How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Matrimonial Mobile App?

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Matrimonial Mobile App?

In recent years, matrimony apps have gained quite a lot of momentum. With a slew of online options available out there, people prefer not to burden their relatives and friends with finding the right match. By offering tons of filters and options that do the search for a life partner seamless, matrimonial apps are becoming a favorite for many individuals planning to start a new chapter. Owing to this, entrepreneurs are marching toward the idea of matrimony mobile app development and making a move to establish their business in the market. Do you find a ring to it? If you’re planning to develop a matrimonial app, this guide will help you with the basics to know before you take your idea to the floor.

  • Matrimony apps provide an online platform for individuals seeking a life partner. 
  • The app features a massive database offering several bride’s and groom’s profiles. 
  • Registration, matchmaking, horoscope, messaging, and geo-location are some of the essential features of a matrimony mobile app.

How Does a Matrimonial App Work?

Matrimonial App Development Cost

Matrimonial mobile apps carry many details of individuals to profiling into the suitable options for other users. This is the foremost perk of a matrimonial app since things turn incredibly easier with the prospect matches showing on one platform. Users simply need to register using their mobile number or email to create an account, and they can have their way looking for several options available.

Users can also fill in the required details to build their profile, including images, preferences, education, and occupation, which help others find them easily. Now that the user is searching for the right match on an online platform, they can simply get the conversation started and contact the prospective match to see if they are interested in taking it forward.

Benefits of Developing a Matrimony App for Businesses

You’ve got an idea to develop a matrimonial app but the bubble of second thoughts is still troubling you and keeping you from taking on the execution. Sounds really like you? While you are helping many individuals find their life partner from their smartphones, you might wonder how it will benefit your business at some point.

Here are the advantages of matrimonial app development which reason for your idea of building a matchmaking app:  

  • Matrimonial apps work faster than a traditional suite of search activities; thus, it’ll be easy for you to promote your app to a large customer base.  
  • Building a mobile app for business is unarguably an amazing way to make your brand visible in the market. You will be able to invite more and more customers to your matchmaking business using a matrimonial app.  
  • You can amp up your business model and enjoy a huge potential for revenue with a matrimonial app.  
  • Overall, matrimony mobile app development can turn out to be a sound-good option for you to attract and engage your customers and boost marketing.

Matrimony mobile app development

Basic Features of a Matrimony App

Basic Features of a Matrimony App

If you want to make your matrimony, you need to pay quite an attention to the set of features you will offer in it. Not to mention, a feature-rich app is fundamentally essential to engaging users. Besides, you must also prep your app with security and feasibility. There are many basic features that are an unarguable must for any matrimony app.

Let’s take a look at the most important features of a matrimonial app that you should consider for your project:  

User Registration

With this feature, your users can sign up using their name, email address, or mobile number. If you’d like to make it easier for you, it can be done by integrating OTP to enable the users to log in conveniently and securely.

Create profile

Creating profiles is one of the most important features of a matrimonial app as it allows users to add details. This feature is crucial as it fills in the details which help users find the right match.


The dashboard feature will allow you to watch the overall insights of your app, like user engagement, user behavior, the total number of profiles created, the number of interests per day, and more.

Push notifications

Implementing push notifications in your app will allow your users to keep up with all the updates. It is a must-have feature to bring in your app as it will keep your users always in touch and alert them instantly as something new comes up.


Since you’re building a matrimonial app, a match-making function is obviously going to be a part of it. This core feature of your matrimony app will come up with the most matches for your users based on the requirements they’ve mentioned.


Not everyone has the same definition of the right partner. With customization, you can make sure your users can filter their preferences for the type of partner they’re looking for.

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Advanced Features of a Matrimony App

Advanced Features of a Matrimony App

When you’re planning to build a matrimonial app development, it is ideal to have certain advanced features, considering the growing demands in the market.

Here’s the list of advanced features of the matrimonial app that will make it more significant for your users:

Advanced Search

This is one of the most useful features to have in your matrimonial app, as it will make the search errands easier for the users. The advanced search function allows users to find matches based on their preferences using filters such as location and occupation. community, and more.


With geo-location, your users can find the match in their desired location. This tracking feature will help them find the matches in their city or wherever they want.

Add Photos

The option to add photos is something your users would expect from your matrimonial app. This option will help them upload images from their phone’s photo library.


User privacy and blocking are yet other crucial features of a match-making app. By offering privacy and security to your users, you’ll be able to make sure they have an easy time navigating through your app. When it comes to user privacy, the blocking feature holds a good amount of significance as it will allow users to block any user that they find inappropriate.

Social Sharing

You can integrate the social sharing option in your app to allow users to explore the social media profiles of their prospective matches. This feature will be helpful to the users in knowing more about the individual they’re interested in and making a better move.

Chat Integration

Chat is one of the most eminent features of a matrimonial app, given that it allows users to interact with the matches they consider. If a user likes someone, he or she should be able to communicate with them to take things ahead. You can also add voice or video call options in your app to enhance this option.


People find hundreds of profiles on matrimonial apps every day, which can confuse them to the extent of choosing no one. The option to favorite in the app will help your users to add the profiles they like to their list. Using this option, they’ll be able to check and make decisions on these profiles later.  


When it comes to starting a chapter like marriage, many people prefer to consider the horoscope factor before confirming anything. The horoscope feature allows users to match their horoscope with the profiles they find interesting.

Customer Support

Attracting users to your platform is one thing; retaining them is another. Thus, the customer support option is a prominent feature to have in your matrimonial app. This option will ensure your users can find solutions to the issues they’re facing while using your app.

Matrimonial App Development Cost

Steps to Build a Matrimonial App

A lot of activities come together to create a competitive app. Each stage of a matrimonial app development process encompasses a different aspect. We will briefly discuss the most important steps to developing a match-making app.


Before you begin with anything, it is crucial that you validate your idea. Since you’re aiming to build a matrimonial app, you must go through the best research to realize and maximize the potential of your project. By performing strong research, you will be able to see how your competitors are doing in the market and what value you can add to your app that will give an edge to other such apps.


Planning is the primary and most critical stage of a matrimony app development process. With this step, you will cover everything and anything that will be a part of your project. While planning, you must focus on determining the features that should be in your app, the design, the platform you’re going to release it on, the matrimonial app developers, and budgeting.

Choose the Right Tech Stack

Deciding the technology stack for a matrimonial app will be an integral part of the development process. Here’s the list of technologies you can implement in your app:

Matrimonial App Development Tech-Stack


Testing and improvising the matrimonial app will eat up a pretty good slice of the development process. Not to mention, this step is imperative to perform before your app unveils in the market. Apart from identifying the code for bugs, your QA team should also examine the app’s user experience and the performance of the features.

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Matrimonial App Development Cost

The cost of matrimonial app development is determined by various factors – depending on how you’d like to go about it. Here are the most crucial factors that conclude the cost of developing a matrimonial app.

  • Development platform
  • Features and functionalities  
  • Design & size of the App  
  • App developers  
  • Testing  
  • Updates and maintenance

To thoroughly determine the cost of matrimonial app development, it is ideal that you consult your mobile app development company and bring your plan to a blueprint. The team will help you break the plan into various stages and aspects, bringing out the cost estimate and giving you a hunch for your budget.

Matrimonial App Development

Final Thoughts

With more and more people using online platforms to find the right partner and how matrimonial apps have gained popularity, you can go on with your plan to develop a matrimonial app. The key is to keep your app’s uniqueness in mind.  

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