How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Restaurant Table Booking App like DINEOUT?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

Restaurant Table Booking App - DINEOUT

Gone are those days when we have to wait for hours to book a table at our favorite restaurant. Today’s digital generation is evolving very fast, and so are the businesses of the global world. From online learning sessions to digital payments, everything is going digital, and restaurant table booking platforms are no exception. An on-demand restaurant table booking app caters to every need of the changing consumer needs and market demands efficiently. As per sources, almost 37% of the people have used an online restaurant booking app at least once in their lifetime.

Having talked about the restaurant table booking app, one such app that tops the list of online restaurant table booking apps is DINEOUT. DineOut, a fantastic and feature-rich restaurant table booking app, serves every need of the user ranging from online bookings to discount coupons, menu, and so on. The app enables the user to choose from a vast list of almost 6000+ restaurants and also offers them specific discount coupons. According to another trusted source, nearly 95% of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency. Clearly, people are evolving at a much faster rate, and things are also changing drastically. So, if you are planning to grow your hospitality business, then investing in a restaurant table booking app is undoubtedly the best way. Want to know more? Let’s discuss all the critical aspects here in this article.

How does DineOut App Work?

DINEOUT - Restaurant Table Booking App

Before we proceed with the development process and the costs involved in a restaurant table booking app, let us first understand the working of the popular DineOut app. DineOut, a trending booking app in the hospitality industry, is a robust app that serves the needs of every customer very efficiently. The app avails offer across many top cities and places of the country. The user can book the table of his favorite restaurants and can leverage amazing offers and discounts seamlessly.

Besides that, the app also enables the user to confirm the bookings seamlessly and helps them to utilize their smart filter functionalities efficiently. DineOut reduces the waiting time of the users and supports the restaurants to enhance their customer services. The reservation can be made online seamlessly, and even the payment can be made via digital platforms. The customer can also leverage the advanced filter functionality to get more improved services from the restaurant. Let’s look at some more benefits of restaurant booking apps to get clear insights into the development process.

How Restaurant Booking App Proves to be Beneficial?

1. Enhanced Exposure

In this digital era, every business can show and improve its online presence with a feature-rich mobile application. Whether you are associated with education or with the restaurant business, you need to match the fast-moving pace of the global world to ensure success for your business. And in doing so, a restaurant table booking app is a perfect choice. It not only helps to swerve your customers better but also provides you vital data over customers and users across the globe in an organized manner. That further helps you to make future marketing strategies and improve your customer experience.all in all, you will have an extensive database, and your restaurant will top the list in the Google searches via a robust restaurant table booking app.

2. Custom Integrations

It is no surprise that to enhance the working and functionality of your mobile app, other powerful third-party apps are much needed, and the restaurant business is no exception. With amazing and user-friendly third-party applications, you can seamlessly improve your customer services and can efficiently outgrow your competitors. And because these integrations will be exclusively available in your custom mobile app, you could seamlessly stand out from the competitive world.

3. Authentic Reviews

That’s one of the significant benefits of a restaurant table booking app. With a feature-rich online restaurant booking app, your restaurant will automatically rank among the top Google searches. That means only those people who visited your restaurant will be allowed to review your services and food. In short, you will be saved from all those fake reviews and feedback that might otherwise spoil your market value and reputation of your brand.

4. Seamless Management

Last but not least, efficient management is also an added advantage of developing a restaurant table booking app for your hospitality business. Unlike a custom web app or a software solution, mobile apps provide a sense of ease and efficiency to the users, meaning your staff doesn’t have to run every time to the system to make an entry. The staff and the admin can seamlessly access the restaurant table booking app through anywhere and at any time they want. That way, you can focus on more vital things needed to grow your business.

What to Consider while Developing a Restaurant Table Booking App?

Now that you have a clear idea about the amazing benefits of developing an on-demand restaurant table booking app let’s quickly discuss the various aspects of the development process. Although developing a mobile app is not so difficult in today’s digital era, you still need to pay heed to some of the crucial aspects to make your app a hit in the global market.

Let’s discuss them one by one here in this section.

1. Concept of your Mobile App

The first thing that you need to consider while developing a restaurant table booking app is to understand its concept clearly. Meaning, you need to be very sure about the fundamental reason to develop a restaurant table booking app. For that, you can list down all the challenges that the user faces and how your app can resolve all those issues. Also, try to get your hands on top trending functionalities that are vital to make your app a hit in the global market.

2. Platform Analysis

After critically analyzing your target audience and knowing the underlying concept of your app development. The next step is to identify and analyze the development platform. The development platform could play a crucial role in determining the success of your app, so you need to be very careful while selecting it. For that, you can conduct a market survey regarding the number of people utilizing a particular platform, viz. Android, iOS, Windows, and so on. However, you can also opt for cross-platform app development to target a broader user base.

3. User-Friendly Design

User-friendly design or UX is the most critical aspect while developing any mobile app or software solution. UI/UX plays a crucial role in determining the future of your mobile app and its success in the global market. So, you need to have a clear and interactive user-interface and an aesthetic design for building the success of your app. Not only that, but advanced and enhanced functionalities also adds to the success of your app. So, be careful and design your app accordingly.

4. Custom Features

As discussed in the point mentioned above, you need to pay heed towards the functionalities and features of your mobile app. And the best way to do that is to outsource an experienced mobile app development company. It ensures that your app runs smooth and error-free and includes all the vital features needed to build success for your business. To further help you down, we have mentioned some of the crucial features that you can include in your restaurant table booking app.

User Panel

  • Login/Registration

Your customers could seamlessly login or register themselves using their basic details like name, contact number, email ID, and so on.

  • Restaurant Browsing

The users can seamlessly search their favorite restaurants or can look for restaurants that offer their favorite cuisines.

  • Smart Search

You can let your user filter their restaurant searches and table bookings by leveraging various smart filters.

  • Reservation Module

The users can seamlessly make reservations at their favorite restaurants and places as per their suitable timings.

  • Private Dining

When in a mood for some private time, the users or the families can select private dining features via a restaurant table booking app.

  • Favorites

You can enhance your customer services by letting your users mark their favorite restaurants by merely using this functionality.

  • Reservation Management

To get an idea of already filled seats and vacant seats, the customers can leverage this particular functionality.

  • Reviews and Feedback

Most importantly, the users can seamlessly provide their reviews and feedback over a place or restaurant through this feature.

Restaurant Panel

  • Sign Up

Similar to the users, the restaurant owners can also make an online profile using the basic details of the restaurant.

  • Restaurant Portfolio

The restaurant owners can leverage this functionality to update additional information about the restaurant like specialties, timings, and so on.

  • Membership Plans

Get every single detail of all the membership plans available for the restaurants and select an appropriate plan as per your needs and wants.

  • Payment Platform

An online payment platform that enables the restaurant owners to seamlessly collect the payments from all the users for the services utilized by them.

  • Update Details

You can allow the restaurant owners to update all the latest information and details about their restaurants like change in timings, location, etc.

  • Floor Plans

The restaurant owners can seamlessly manage and monitor the floor plans of their restaurants via the restaurant table booking app.

  • Shift Overview

The owners can manage every detail about different shifts that are running in his/her restaurant seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Dinner Management

The restaurant owners can track all the information of booking along with the mode of payment seamlessly through the app.

Admin Panel

  • Restaurant Management

Get your hands on every critical aspect of the restaurant seamlessly via this robust functionality.

  • User Management

Get every detail about a particular user and his past booking seamlessly via user management functionality.

  • Table Management

Manage all the dining spaces, followed by their timings of services and prices efficiently via the restaurant table booking app.

  • Revenue Optimization

All the revenue generated from the bookings and dinings can be managed here very efficiently.

  • Coupons and Vouchers

You can offer various discount coupons and amazing vouchers to your valuable customers using this robust functionality.

  • Push Notifications

Seamlessly notify your users about all the updates and changes that are being introduced in the app.

  • Online Payments

Monitor and manage all the online payments made by the user against the service they have utilized seamlessly through this amazing feature.

  • Reports and Analytics

Get effective reports and accurate analytics that can be used to enhance the performance of your mobile app.

5. Quality Analysis

After careful selection of the features, you need to look for an expert mobile app development team for smooth development and quality analysis of your app. For that, you have two options, either hire an in-house development and testing team or outsource an experienced mobile app development firm. Both options have their advantages; however, outsourcing an experienced mobile app development company can be a lot more beneficial as compared to in-house development teams. That’s because an experienced mobile app development company will be well aware of all the challenges that might come during the development process, and will certainly know the answers to all those problems too. Not only that, but an experienced software engineering firm will also help you to include all the essential features that will further help you to build success for your app.

6. Deployment

The last step is to deploy your mobile app in the global market. However, you need first to ensure that your restaurant table booking app works well on every aspect, and has completely user-friendly modules. After that, you also need to run marketing campaigns to ensure that your product reaches the correct audience and at the right time.

How Does a Restaurant Table Booking App Make Money?

The monetization model, also known as the business model is an important aspect of the mobile app development process. Although it does not fall under the development process, the admin still needs to pay heed towards it. So, to make your work simple, we have listed down some of the business models that you might use to generate revenue from your restaurant table booking app.

1. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most basic and popular business models that is used by major app owners. Under this model, you can showcase the advertisements of various companies or third-party apps in return for a significant payment. That way, you can earn a substantial amount seamlessly.

2. Premier Services

The next model is the premier services. If a customer has to book a table in a five-star restaurant, then it will be essential for them to have an upgraded (premium) version of the app. And that’s how you can seamlessly earn more profits through your app.

3. Unclogged Cash flow

Last is the unclogged cash flow. This business model is specifically designed to earn extra from the restaurants. Meaning, if a restaurant wants to register on your app, then they have to pay a fee. However, under this model, the restaurant only pays if a booking is made through your app. In short, for each booking, the restaurant has to pay you an amount. It is to be remembered that the fees will depend on the type of restaurant and the booking made.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Restaurant Table Booking App?

Now we are in the last section of the article, where we will be discussing the cost of developing an app like DineOut. So, like other on-demand applications, the cost of developing a restaurant table booking app will depend on the team structure, features opted, platform selected, and so on. To give you a clear idea, we have listed various factors associated with the cost of development.

1. Team Structure

The team that will be required to develop a smooth and feature-rich restaurant table booking app will mainly comprise of a Project Manager, mobile app developers, UI/UX Engineers, testers, and so on.

2. Platform Selected

Apart from the development team, the choice of development platform will also impact the cost of development. For instance, if you chose Android as your platform, then the cost will be somewhat low as compared to the cross-platform app development.

3. Features Opted

Another crucial aspect is the features opted. If you opt for all the basic and advanced features, then it will surely impact the cost of your development. Hence, it is advisable to opt for basic features in the initial phase and then add the functionalities gradually.

4. Technical Customization

Last but not least, if you have opted for any complex customization, then it will also add on in your development cost.

Apart from all the aspects mentioned above, there are certainly more factors that determine the cost of your mobile app development. To get an accurate estimation, you can seamlessly contact us. Our expert developers are always there to help you in the best possible way. Visit today!

Restaurant Table Booking App

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that the world today is changing drastically. With the introduction of digitization in the global market, all the industries and businesses have greatly evolved to match the changing needs of the modern user. Hence, if you also want to engage your customers more and optimize your profits, then developing a mobile app is the best way. An on-demand mobile app will not only help you to engage your customers and increase your sales, but it will also help you to increase your brand value in the global market. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take away a feature-rich mobile app!

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