How the construction industry benefits from Vehicle Tracking?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

How the construction industry benefits from Vehicle Tracking?

In today’s tech-driven world, everything is becoming digital and the construction industry is no exception. With smart AI-driven monitoring tools and AR/VR technology, managing construction projects is becoming a piece of cake. However, there is one more technology that is fastly becoming a major trend in the construction industry. Yes, we are talking about vehicle tracking!

Vehicle tracking is quickly becoming a major aspect of the construction industry because of its robust functionalities like real-time tracking, cost-saving, timely alerts, driver safety, and so on. However, many construction marketers still have this misconception that a vehicle tracking system is only beneficial for the supply chain and logistics and transportation industry. Many global audiences still think that only fleet managers could benefit from the vehicle tracking system, but that’s not the case!

Here are some facts that will show you how a vehicle tracking system can benefit the advanced and modern problems of the construction industry.

  • 57% of the construction companies are considering job-site employee tracking.
  • 38.2% of the construction companies cited lack of IT professionals as their major reasons in adopting a new technology for managing construction projects.
  • Almost 90% of the global infrastructure projects are delayed or cancelled because of lack of equipment or over-budget.

Thus, to solve all the problems mentioned above, a vehicle tracking system could be of great help! Besides tracking your equipment and machines, a scalable vehicle tracking system could even help you save a lot of money. Hence, over-budget or delays would never be a major issue in your global projects.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we will give you more reasons to adopt a vehicle tracking system for your construction industry. In today’s article, we will be giving you eight compelling reasons why you should invest in vehicle tracking technology to enhance and properly manage a construction project. So, let’s get started!

Why is Vehicle Tracking Beneficial for Construction Companies?

Vehicle Tracking SoftwareHere are some of the vital reasons why a construction company needs a vehicle tracking system.

1. Better Safety and Efficiency

The first and foremost benefit of vehicle tracking in the construction industry is better security and work efficiency. In a construction business, you need to work at different locations, and also need to allocate proper equipment to multiple workers. All that needs real-time planning and accurate management.

Luckily, with a vehicle tracking system, all those tasks could be managed seamlessly. Your managers could get real-time information of the vehicles and equipment directly on their vehicle tracking apps with the route history. That eventually frees their time and enables them to focus on other vital tasks of the construction project.

Additionally, with features like online time reports, panic alerts, and driver behaviour, the high security and efficiency of the workers could also be assured from your side.

2. Improved Project Management

Vehicle tracking system Project Management

Managing construction projects is a vital task, as even a small delay or over-budgeting could cancel the ongoing projects. Managing equipment and staff is a crucial aspect in construction management, and knowing them where they are and what they are doing could greatly impact your overall project management.

That’s where a GPS tracking system comes to play. With a white label vehicle tracking system, you could allocate the staff to a certain job or site and can even know where a particular person is needed presently. Moreover, you can even track the live location and usage of your equipment and can ensure that it is timely maintained as per the warranty and rental agreements.

Timely and effective maintenance not only helps you complete your project before time, but also ensures a long life span of your machines and equipment. Long life of tools means less operational cost and less downtime!

3. Accurate Accounting

With multiple projects running simultaneously, accounting could be a challenging job for your managers. Accurate employee salary, and detailed bills for customers could easily consume much of your precious time and resources. Even then also, human errors could often lead to money loss and inaccurate accounting.

Now, thanks to vehicle tracking systems, the accounting tasks could also be managed seamlessly by your managers. Some flexible vehicle tracking solutions could collect vital metrics like total working hours, mileage, shift time, driving time, etc. to accurately calculate the salary of your employees.

Additionally, you can even verify all the claims made on overtime, and extra fuel costs. The real-time data provided by a flexible vehicle tracking solution could verify the claims by matching with real-time data so as to eliminate any discrepancies. Also, the time details of all your employees on a particular site can even help you manage your customer billings.


4. Streamlined Equipment Maintenance and Prevention of Thefts

Ensuring proper equipment utilization and safeguarding them from thefts are the two most crucial tasks for the construction managers. Often it is seen that equipment is misused or stolen from the ongoing construction sites that results in either delay or cancellation of the construction projects.

Whatever the case may be, managing the machines and equipment are foremost necessary for any construction company. That’s why, today, more and more construction owners are adapting white label GPS tracking systems to avoid such circumstances. With features like remote immobilization, and panic alerts, you can seamlessly avoid the thefts of your vehicles and equipment.

Moreover, with real-time reports on engine alerts, mileage, ignition alerts, and electronic inspections, you can even find the most appropriate time for your vehicle’s maintenance. And, as stated above, timely maintenance will not only ensure longer shelf-life of equipment and machines, but will even help you eliminate downtime and over-budgeting.

5. Safer Travels and Job Sites

Vehicle-tracking-systems-SafetySafety has always been a critical aspect in the construction industry. Many a time it is seen that workers while operating a machine or equipment get injured because of lack of knowledge or lack of attention. That eventually hampers the ongoing project and you may even have to spend a certain amount in the medical of that injured employee.

To avoid such situations, vehicle tracking systems are best! With a dedicated GPS tracking solution, you can get an accurate record of what each of your employees are doing over a certain site. Moreover, with features like panic button and text gateways, you can assure that all your workers are safe and secure.

Additionally, even if you have to send some of your workers and machines to a remote location, you could get their real-time data on your vehicle tracking apps. That eventually helps you to secure your workers and complete your construction projects on time and with efficiency.

6. Reduced Operational Expenses

Construction industry involves a lot of travel work. For instance, transporting equipment and labourers from one site to another, driving waste to recycling centres, and so on. All those activities generally consume a lot of fuel. As a result, the total expenses increases which further creates a situation of over-budgeting!

To mitigate these issues,. Vehicle tracking solution is much needed. With a dedicated GPS tracking solution, you can monitor your fuel consumption for every ride, and can even optimize the routes taken by drivers to eliminate fuel wastage. Moreover, the vehicle tracking system even offers the true cost of a vehicle, so that you can decide whether to repair the vehicle, exchange it, or sell it at best price.

The route optimization functionality even saves the time of your workers, and with more time, you can work more and can generate more revenues!

7. Better Client Satisfaction

GPS-tracking-solution-Client-SatisfactionLast but not least, a vehicle tracking system also enhances your services to satisfy your client needs. We all know that, in the construction industry, the clients are very much concerned about the total hours invested by you and the quality of work you are giving to them. They often asks the hours of your workers on their project, and at that time, manual entries won’t do that much great!

Having a dedicated vehicle tracking app would even solve that problem! With a GPS tracking device, you will no longer have to lodge the manual entries and working hours of your employees. The system will automatically enter the working hours along with the break-time and over-time of your employees. With that, you can confidently show your clients how much dedicatedly your employees worked on their site!

Remember, a happy and satisfied cline is the best source of marketing and business expansion. So, leverage a vehicle tracking system today, and witness the robust growth in your construction business!

White Label Vehicle Tracking Software

Ready to Invest in White Label Vehicle Tracking Software?

So, those were some of the benefits that the construction industry could get after incorporating a vehicle tracking system in their business. To conclude, we can say that vehicle tracking technology is proving a great boon for many industries, and construction is surely one of them! That’s why, many businesses today are actively adopting the vehicle tracking system to enhance their working and earn more profits!

Do you want to become a part of the same community? We are here to help you! We have got years of experience in providing scalable and cost-effective vehicle tracking solutions to a multitude of industries. Whether supply chain, or construction, our clients never experienced any glitch in operating our software.

You can choose from any of our solutions, viz. White label vehicle tracking software, or Customized vehicle tracking solution. We promise to deliver an error-free and flexible software that any of your managers could use without any expert computer knowledge! Do you have more questions? Reach us today to get all your answers. Plus, get a free expert consultation on your first visit!

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