How to Build a Restaurant Guide Apps Like Zomato?

Updated on May 29th, 2021

How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato?

For foodies, there is no end to the delicious cuisine. The options are always welcomed with open arms to try something new and exciting. On top of that, apps like Zomato has made it easy to scroll and order. Now, the food industry is going digital and adding their name to the top brands like Yelp to reach a maximum audience (or foodies). Just like e-commerce marketing, the application for the food industry has gone to the maximum. The foodies community is getting the huge support with the apps which share the reviews and feedbacks. Customer look for the reviews and then tend to check for the table menu and ambience. The famous app like Yelp, OpenTable and Zomato has strengthen user’s choice. No need to sneak into the roadside restaurant, just check out the reviews inside app.

This on-demand food application has increased with the craze among foodies. There are now so many applications that are similar to Zomato. However, it is not easy for other applications to make overall communication as Zomato did.

What is Zomato App?Zomato App

Before getting started, let us get a hang of the best On-demand Food Delivery App Zomato. It is the best food ordering application that we are using currently with promising features. Zomato stands for so many options with a large variety and is a number one food ordering platform.

Some of the amazing features of Zomato are:

  • Ordering food –It allows food ordering food on-the-go for users.
  • Booking table –This feature allows a user to book a restaurant that they want to dine in. All they have to do is click up and book a table to avoid any waiting time.
  • Places to explore – Zomato has an extra feature that allows one to explore places. It is a great way to discover and even allow the user to have a proper guide as per their locations. On top of that, apart from this nearby exploring, it also has features of pictures upload for an enhanced experience.
  • Social community: Searching the amazing restaurants becomes more engaging with the socially-driven application. The users share their experiences over the app which other foodies can scroll through for the suggestion of dining place.
  • Zomato gold –The feature is mainly for subscription option that allows on to have social drinking membership and exclusive dine out options with additional features in the restaurant review app.

Features for Restaurant App

There is no doubt that Zomato has managed to gain so much popularity due to its increase in functionalities. It allows on to easily surf through the options and then check out the food to be ordered and overall menu with price list. After that, it moves towards a huge community that allows foodies to get back to the application. The main factor of this due to the engagement rate of application with its users and this contribution helps in making Zomato a default ordering application.

In addition to this, it becomes a restaurant app development due to its expansion in features. From booking a table at a restaurant to rating the service, it covers all advanced features. Now, with the increase in demand, stakeholders are investing in similar application with additional features. So, if one has planned to have an application like Zomato, then it is necessary to cover these additional features.

  • Admin Dashboard – It helps in managing the functionality of stakeholders. This makes it easy for the users to view a list of users, restaurants and delivery professionals. here, the admin has rights to add or remove any owner with the help of control panel.
  • Analytics and reporting –It give an understanding via metrics and data insights that include data of booking, users on board, usage time, demographic data, delivery professionals, restaurants listed, profit and loss on a weekly and annual basis.

What does it make Restaurant guide app?

Through the restaurant guide app, users connect with each other through their full-fledged user profile and enjoy being the part of a community with similar interest. The app works over the social metrics and which plays a big role in the popularity of a restaurant. For building the restaurant guide app, all the modules are designed the way, user can easily get access to the feedback. Alongside, other enticing components such as location & area expert, competition, community and Checkpoints are given the preference to bind the users and keep them engaged with the app.

Features for Delivery App

The Apps Like Zomato must cover all essential points to make it accountable for the owner. This is like a web portal that allows one to handle their online delivery and food orders easily. To overcome issues in the application, here are the essential features that the owner must focus on delivery details. From request to acceptance of the request, it must cover all the essential points in a specific order.

  • Information about the trip – It contains information about restaurants pickup from address to details about dropping order.
  • Route optimization –The On-demand Food Delivery App must be in proper integration with a map that gives the best route for faster deliveries. The motive is to steer clear of traffic.
  • Navigation – In addition to this, the GPS system has added an application that allows easy navigation for the delivery man. The application must also estimate the tie and route taken for the journey.
  • Start and end point –From the acceptance of the order, until it reaches its destination, the application must contain all essential information about the trip.
  • Contact of restaurant and user –Another essential thing to count on is information of user and restaurant to get in touch with either in case of emergency.

Features for User App

Now, comes the user that is the main reason for the restaurant review app. It is essential to develop an application as per the user acceptance point. So, to make it rich in features, it is essential to incorporate basic features for users

  • Integration of social media account –When it comes to signup process than allowing integration of social media accounts is a best and easy way to go further.
  • Call restaurants –Call to action feature is an additional point for the user that allows them to call and give some specific instructions.
  • Search functionalities – The best thing about the food application is their rich filter that makes search easy. It can be as per cuisine, location, offers, rating, distance, popularity, availability, etc.
  • Delivery track option – Allows a user to easily track their order is the best way to add in any application. This integration of map on user level adds value to the application.

Start from scratch

The restaurant app development is not an easy way to go. Zomato is just a well-built application but it took developers a lot of thought to come up with the final product. So, make sure that one covers all the essential aspects of the roadmap to reach that level. Hence, starting from scratch and then slowing making their way upwards is a great way to go on. This gives a promising future in the digital world to empower in industry.

How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato

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