How to Build Successful Apps: 11 Must Know Tips

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

How To Build Successful Apps The 11 Must-Know Tips

Take a minute to think of all the successful applications that you have played with, just as Pinterest, Angry Birds, quora and so on. Too many ideas popped-up from nothing have shaped our technical world and received many praises. Give a glance to all the apps you have running on your handset. So much success, it must be easy! What’s the recipe?

One great thought, a dash of Swift, a couple of users and voila! You have the product, easy as lemon tea!

Now try one more thing. Jot down all those apps that were not so successful. Perhaps you can’t even list them but how can it be possible? Thousands of software fail every year and you can’t even name one, Why?

Because you don’t know any.

Let’s try something else- think of any job where someone else did better than you. Where the difference lies? What yielded them incredible success and nothing to you? 

The devil is in the details…

#1: It starts with Research

Before hitting the market and developing an application one should conduct a proper research. Analyzing the market thoroughly will give you insights about your competitors, their strategy, their strengths and weaknesses too.All of this information may prove quite useful in checking the depth of your competition.

#2: Maintain Efficiency

Perfectionists believe in a simple mantra,” If you are doing something, give your 100% , else don’t get your hands dirty `.This is something users expect out of every available mobile application.the software which excessively use 3G or 4G data are most likely to be downloaded and forgotten.And if you don’t wish to see your app fall into this category, make sure that your app uses data efficiently and does not consume more data.

#3: Serve something different

Have you ever thought why that recently opened restaurant in the town has created a buzz? Why people tend to visit new places and new restaurants because they are always looking for something different and fresh. Human beings have a tendency to get bored of one thing very easily.

Same is the case with mobile applications since there are millions of smartphone applications available, mobile users want to be served with something new. Hence, you should create something interesting that keep users engaged with your mobile app.

#4: Know your audience

Targeting the right audience is very important as it plays a huge role in app development.

All these questions such as who will be using this app, and how is it going to help them, should be answered beforehand. If you meet the user’s expectations, your software is likely to get more popularity.

Marketing is the key

Creating the buzz pre-launch is quite essential for getting an overwhelming response when it is the time of launch. Logically, the developers should start the marketing at least 2-3 weeks prior launch to let the users know. An improper marketing strategy is a sure shot pill of the product’s lose in the multitudes of applications available in the play store. 

#5: UI/UX need extra attention

UX design of a software plays a crucial role in determining the position your app will have on play store. The User interface design has to begin with prototyping and wireframing. A wireframe is a visual blueprint which outlines the framework of application. Wireframes need not be fancy,  a simple sketch of the app framework will do the job. Such workflows will act a brief for your app designers. 

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#6: Incorporate Analytics

How do you figure out what is working and what is not working for your solution? This is where analytics come into play. Analytics help you track the no. of downloads plus collect useful metrics regarding performance and customer engagement. One can identify the areas where maximum user interaction occurs within the product. Also it helps in recognising where a user is facing issue in experience or loading time.  Checking out the sections where app is working slow and facing a lot of technical glitches is vital for sustaining the app in the market. Incorporating analytics clear all such problems and work upon them to improvise functionality and customer satisfaction.

#7: Test your app

Testing the application before the launch is crucial. Get experience of how your users view your application. Your solution should be easy to comprehend, high performance delivering and creative. Testing will allow you to iron out any nooks and crannies before it reaches the masses.

#8: Emphasize on Description

For someone who is viewing your product for the first time on play store, description is much needed. Someone who is not aware of the app is all will make the choice of downloading only by reading this description.

Google Play/ Apple App store usually displays only 2-3 lines of the description. Users need to tap on Read more to read the full description, hence it is important to make the first 2-3 lines catchy enough to convert your app users into potential customers.

#9: Handle Budget Carefully!

Each and every step of the development cycle involves money. Channelise your budget properly to all the stages of app development. We would recommend to appoint somebody who can monitor the budget. The appointed has to keep strict eye on the cost to ensure a no-error situation.

#10: Upgrade timely

After launch the app successfully on the app store, it becomes essential to upgrade your software timely. Updating the solution with new features and functionality will only better the product for market.  A mobile app with innovative traits gets obsolete in the long run. Also ensure that you not only upgrade the app from functionality’s point of view. It has to meet new guidelines offered by various platforms.

Final thoughts

There is no sure shot way of rising the ladder of success, but these tips can be a definite help. Go through every step and develop a long-lasting application.

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