How to Build up a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse?

Updated on Jan 4th, 2024

Are you planning to create a voice chat app like Clubhouse, packed with the latest features and next-gen technologies? Well, you have landed in the right place!   

The era of text-heavy communication has left many seeking a richer, more personal interaction. That’s where voice chat app development comes into play! Today, voice chat apps like Clubhouse are transforming the digital landscape and giving users a platform to express themselves with the power of their voice.   

And it is not just users; the investors benefit equally from this investment. Well, the popularity of the Clubhouse has even confirmed this. The Clubhouse app witnessed a staggering 10 million weekly active users within its first year. Yes, you read that right – 10 million! In short, the concept of voice-driven conversations has captivated users globally, and it is a perfect time to create a voice chat app like Clubhouse to captivate the market and become a popular brand.

However, the various stages involved in custom voice chat app development, including market research, trend analysis, exploring the latest features, integrating next-gen technologies, and, most importantly, hiring dedicated resources, can be tedious for many. But we have got you covered!

In this blog post, we will explore everything about creating a voice chat app like Clubhouse. We will explore the latest trends, next-gen technologies, features, and a step-by-step development process for creating a custom voice chat app.

  • Voice chat app development is quickly becoming a profitable trend due to its several benefits, including a larger audience base, ease of conversations for users, multiple monetization models, etc. The success of the Clubhouse app has confirmed this popularity. 
  • While creating a custom voice chat app, you should focus on incorporating features like language translation, emotional analysis, voice filters and effects, topic suggestions, etc. 
  • Consider adopting the best app development trends for your custom voice chat app like Clubhouse. A few of them include integration of 5G, spatial technology, AI chatbot development for apps, etc.
  • Always partner with a trusted app development company, as they have prior experience in creating robust apps and assisting their clients throughout the project, from strategy creation to development and deployment.

Table of Contents

What is the Clubhouse App?

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Clubhouse is a unique social media or chat app where users engage in discussions across various virtual “rooms.” It’s a bit like being part of a live podcast where you can both listen and speak, all within the comfort of your device. If you’re curious about real-time discussions on a myriad of topics, Clubhouse can be your go-to virtual hangout.

Here are some of its key features:

Virtual Rooms: These are like little meeting spots where users gather to chat. Each room has a different discussion topic, and you can freely hop between them.

Listening In: Imagine tuning in to a live radio show, but cooler. In Clubhouse, you can join a room and just listen. It’s a bit like being a fly on the wall in interesting conversations.

Chiming In: Do you feel like sharing your thoughts? You can do that too. Clubhouse lets you participate in discussions, contributing your voice to the virtual chatter.

Choose Your Flavor: It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. You get to pick the topics that interest you. Whether it’s tech, art, or global affairs, there’s room for everyone.

But Why is Everyone Talking About Clubhouse?

Well, users love this voice chat because it’s raw, unfiltered, and feels like they’re hanging out with friends, even if they’re across the globe. Plus, there’s this cool exclusivity vibe – you need an invite to join, and who doesn’t love feeling like they’re part of an exclusive club?

Why Invest in Voice Chat App Development?

The average user spends over four hours per day on their mobile device, and audio content is becoming the preferred choice for multitasking individuals. As per research, the voice chat app market is expected to surpass $45.56 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 21.4%.

As an investor, tapping into the voice chat app trend aligns with changing user behavior and opens doors to several monetization opportunities. From in-app purchases to partnerships and sponsored conversations, the revenue avenues are as diverse as the voices on the platform.

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Well, if these numbers don’t help you make an informed decision, here are some more compelling benefits of investing in voice chat app development: 

First-Mover Advantage  

Voice chat apps are becoming popular, but there aren’t many apps like Clubhouse in the market. Furthermore, Clubhouse isn’t just a fad; it’s a sign of where social media is heading. It’s like catching the first wave before it becomes a tsunami. People crave real conversations, and Clubhouse has tapped into that need like no other. Imagine investing in an app that’s not just trendy but also taps into the basic human desire to connect and share. So, investing in voice chat app development is like putting your money on the next big thing – a digital space where voices matter and everyone has a seat at the table.  

Personalized Connections that Attract Celebrities  

This app has benefitted most from the presence of various renowned celebrities on the platform. You can talk to celebrities live if you have an invite, and unlike interviews and podcasts, you can actually talk to them in real time. The Clubhouse was on the rise because of its unique concept, but it became widely famous after onboarding celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, and many others.  

Secure Chats that Build Customer Trust  

When you add the word ‘private’ to any place or thing, the value of that thing or place increases socially. This app benefits from this social dilemma as all the rooms are private, and the only option to join is through an invite.  

In short, investing in voice chat app development is a profitable deal that has benefited many brands like Clubhouse, Discord, and more. So, why not leverage this trending app development concept to build your brand?

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What Features will Ensure a Future-Ready Voice Chat App Development?

So, if you have finally made up your mind to invest in voice chat app development, let us quickly proceed with its development process and discuss one of its main realms – its features.

Features play a critical role, especially in today’s cut-throat market. See, there are many voice chat apps like Clubhouse, and if you want to make a special place in this arena, then incorporating the right mix of essential and trending features is the key.  

Now, we understand that exploring the right set of features can be daunting, especially if you are new to the app development sector. But we have got you covered! Here are some key features that you can include in your app to make it future-proof:

Dynamic Rooms voice chat app featureDynamic Rooms

In your custom voice chat app, dynamic rooms are the heartbeat of spontaneous and engaging conversations. Users have the power to create these lively spaces, tailoring the experience with adjustable settings. From choosing the audience size to adding relevant topic tags and setting privacy levels, it’s a dynamic feature that fosters personalized interactions.

AI topic suggestion voice chat app featureAI-Powered Topic Suggestions

Elevate the user experience with AI-powered topic suggestions. This intelligent feature acts as a virtual brainstorming companion, analyzing user interests and preferences. It goes beyond the ordinary by suggesting trending and personalized discussion topics, ensuring every chat is both relevant and engaging.

voice filters and effects featureVoice Filters and Effects

Bring a touch of creativity to conversations with voice filters and effects. Users can modify their voices, adding a layer of fun and anonymity to the chat experience. It’s a feature that transforms discussions into entertaining and personalized dialogues, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

transcription voice chat app featureTranscription and Highlights

Turn conversations into valuable resources with AI-driven transcriptions. Real-time text summaries provide users with the ability to highlight key points effortlessly. This feature ensures that important information doesn’t get lost in the flow, enhancing the overall utility of the voice chat app.

voice recognition voice chat app featureVoice Recognition and Moderation

Maintain a positive and safe chat environment with voice recognition and moderation. By employing voice recognition technology, your app automates content moderation. It swiftly identifies and handles inappropriate content, ensuring the discussions remain respectful and secure.

AI discoverability voice chat app featureAI-Enhanced Discoverability

Tailor each user’s experience with AI-enhanced discoverability. This feature recommends relevant rooms and discussions based on individual preferences. By understanding historical interactions, the app creates a personalized environment, making every user feel at home.

polls and surveys voice chat app featureInteractive Polls and Surveys

Inject dynamism into conversations with AI-powered interactive polls and surveys. Users can actively engage with the content, providing real-time feedback on various topics. It’s a feature that not only entertains but also gathers valuable insights from the community.

in-app assistance voice chat app featureIn-App Assistant

Navigate the app effortlessly with the in-app assistant. This voice-activated virtual guide helps users find interesting rooms, get updates on ongoing discussions, and generally enhances the overall user experience. It’s like having a helpful companion for seamless exploration.

noise reduction voice chat app featureAdaptive Noise Reduction

Prioritize crystal-clear audio with adaptive noise reduction. AI algorithms dynamically adjust to minimize background disturbances during conversations. This ensures that users experience high-quality audio, making each discussion a pleasure to participate in.

speaker analytics voice chat app featureSpeaker Analytics

Empower users with insights through speaker analytics. This feature provides data on speaker participation, conversation dynamics, and room popularity. Users can make informed choices about which rooms to join, enhancing their overall engagement with the app.

language translation voice chat app featureLanguage Translation

Break language barriers effortlessly with AI-based language translation. This feature ensures that users from different linguistic backgrounds can participate seamlessly. It’s a global inclusivity feature that broadens the reach of your voice chat app.

notifications voice chat app featurePersonalized Notifications

Stay in the loop with personalized, AI-driven notifications. Users receive updates tailored to their interests, keeping them informed about relevant discussions, upcoming events, or rooms that match their preferences. It’s a feature that adds a personalized touch to the user experience.

emotional analysis voice chat app featureEmotional Analysis

Feel the pulse of conversations with emotional analysis. This feature gauges the sentiment of discussions, allowing users to discover conversations with a particular emotional tone. It adds an extra layer of understanding, making interactions more nuanced and insightful.

privacy control voice chat app featurePrivacy Controls

Prioritize user privacy with advanced privacy controls. Utilize AI development services, such as voice recognition for user verification, to ensure secure and authentic interactions. This feature empowers users to have confidence in the safety of their engagements within the app.

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What are the Top Trends to Follow for Creating an App Like Clubhouse?  

Apart from the features, app development trends also play a crucial role in defining the scope and future of your mobile application. Now, we all know that in today’s digital era, many trends come and go. Some become hype, while a few remain in-trend for a long time. So, identifying these reliable trends is essential for ensuring your voice chat app’s success.

So, as a leading digital transformation service provider, we have listed some promising trends that can elevate your voice chat app:

1. Spatial Audio Technology  

You can implement spatial audio technology in your voice chat app to create a more immersive and realistic sound experience. This trend is particularly significant for virtual events and conferences within the app.  

2. 5G Integration  

Leverage the power of 5G networks for faster data transfer and reduced latency, ensuring a seamless and high-quality voice chat experience, especially for users on the go.  

3. Edge Computing  

You can connect with a trusted cloud integration services company to reap the maximum benefits of edge computing to process data closer to the user, reducing latency and enhancing real-time interactions in your voice chat app.   

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot Development  

AI is no longer a sci-fi term. AI-based chatbots can enhance user engagement and assist users in navigating the app, answering queries, and providing personalized recommendations. You can connect with a trusted AI development company to leverage chatbot development services and other AI tools for your voice chat app.   

5. Voice Biometrics  

Like chatbot development, implementing voice biometrics for user authentication is also beneficial for your voice chat app. This trend can offer a secure and seamless login experience based on unique voice patterns.  

6. Gesture Recognition  

Explore gesture recognition features to complement voice interactions, allowing users to perform certain actions or navigate within the app through intuitive gestures.  

7. Serverless Architecture  

You can adopt serverless architecture for voice chat app development to optimize scalability and reduce infrastructure management overhead, ensuring cost-efficiency and flexibility as your app grows.  

8. Internet of Things (IoT) Integration  

Explore IoT development services to connect voice chat experiences with smart devices, creating unique opportunities for home automation or integration with IoT-enabled wearables.  

9. Subscription-Based Models  

Lastly, consider subscription-based models for monetization, offering premium features or exclusive content to subscribers to enhance revenue streams.

By incorporating these app development trends into your voice chat app development project, you can win the competition curve and offer users a cutting-edge and innovative platform in 2024 and beyond! If you want to explore more trends or implement the above-mentioned ones, feel free to contact our consultants. They can guide you through the latest trends and even help you implement the ones suited for your business.

A Simple 6-Step Approach to Create a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse  

So, we are now at the most awaited section of our blog post – developing a custom voice chat app. Well, now that you have explored the latest and most reliable trends and have finalized the features, it is time to transform all your requirements into a reality.   

However, as discussed earlier, creating a custom mobile application involves certain steps which may seem complex to many. But we have got you covered! Here is a simple approach that involves partnering with a talented app development company to create a custom voice chat app like Clubhouse.   

Don’t want to scroll through the complete content? Simply fill out our form to discuss your ideas and requirements directly with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation!  

1. Identifying Target Audience and Target Market  

Before embarking on your voice chat app journey, take a moment to understand who you want to talk to (your audience) and where you want to have these conversations (your market). Knowing your audience helps in tailoring the app features and design to their preferences.   

You should ask yourself questions like:  

  • Are you targeting casual chatters, business professionals, or specific interest groups?   
  • What app do they use, and what features do they like?  
  • What is the most popular OS they are using, including Android, iOS, or Cross-platform?  
  • Are there any specific tech trends that you need to follow to win the competition?  

Identifying your audience and market sets the stage for a more focused and effective development process.  

2. Focus on Competitors to Include the Best Features and Tech Stack  

The next step to creating a voice chat app like Clubhouse is analyzing the features and related tech stack. Now that you have an idea of your target audience and their requirements, you need to list down the features that can resolve their concerns. Moreover, through competitor analysis, you will also have an idea of what features would work for your app.   

Hence, you need to finalize the most suitable features for voice chat app development. Now, we have already listed the top features that you can include in creating an app like Clubhouse. As advice, we strongly suggest you pick the most essential features and a few advanced features initially and then scale as your app grows.   

Moving ahead with the tech stack, it also depends on the features you choose for your voice chat app. But to help you, here is a general tech stack that is used for creating an app like Clubhouse:

Programming LanguagesJava (Android), Swift/Objective C (iOS), Flutter (cross-platform)
Cloud PlatformAWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
FrontendWebSocket, WebRTC
DatabaseMongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
AI/MLPyTorch, Tensorflow, SciKit-learn
Speech to TextGoogle Cloud Speech-to-Text, IBM Watson Speech to Text API
Voice Activity DetectionWebRTC VAD

3. Choose a Trusted Consultancy  

Once you have finalized the features and explored the required technologies for your voice chat app, it is time to hire dedicated developers who are experts on those technologies. For that, you should always consider partnering with a consultancy. But why is that so?  

Well, think of choosing a consultancy, like picking the right travel guide for your journey. A trusted consultancy can be your navigator through the complex landscape of app development. For instance, at Matellio, we help our clients right from strategy creation and technology consulting to designing and prototyping, MVP development, testing, and even maintenance.   

So, look for a consultancy with a good track record, like finding a friend who knows the best shortcuts. A trusted app development firm will help you plan, navigate challenges, and ensure your voice chat app reaches its destination successfully.  

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4. Select a Suitable Monetization Model  

Now, let’s talk about making your app not just popular but sustainable. Choosing a monetization model is like deciding how to earn your app’s keep. Will it be through ads, subscriptions, or maybe a combination of both? This decision impacts not only your revenue but also the user experience. So, think about what fits your app and your users – like finding the right price tag for a good book.   

Well, an experienced app development company can help you here as they are well-versed in creating different types of apps and suggesting the best monetization models.  

5. Follow the Agile Development Methodology  

Agile development is like building with LEGO blocks – it’s about flexibility and putting pieces together as you go. In the world of app development, this means breaking down your project into manageable pieces, working on them in short sprints, and adapting as needed.   

In short, with the Agile methodology, you will get constant updates on your project after a specific interval. That means you can verify everything, which results in the elimination of surprises and rework while saving the testing time. Hence, always follow the Agile method for creating your voice chat app like Clubhouse.   

6. Testing is Important  

Finally, testing your app ensures it works smoothly for users. From checking buttons to making sure the voice chats flow seamlessly, thorough testing catches potential issues before they reach your audience. It’s like a quality check for a delicious app experience. Hence, always opt for manual or automated testing services as per your project’s requirements.

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What is the Cost of Developing a Chat App Like Clubhouse?   

Creating a chat app similar to Clubhouse involves various financial considerations. For instance, the complexity of your chosen features, technologies, and frameworks required for your voice chat app, the number of developers working on your project, and so on.   

Besides, there are many other factors like the design elements, testing approach, and the OS of your app that can further elevate your app development cost.     

Hence, for an exact cost, you may contact our experts. They will carefully analyze your requirements and offer a no-obligation quote matching your needs. Fill out a form, and we’ll connect you with experts for a free 30-minute talk.   

Disclaimer: Please note that the content of this blog, including links, texts, images, and graphics, is only meant for informational purposes. We do not intend to infringe any copyright policy or do not possess any third-party material. If you have issues related to any of our content or images, kindly drop your message at 

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