How to Create a Health Insurance App Like Oscar?

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

How to Create a Health Insurance App Like Oscar

Education, retail, and now, the healthcare industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth in the adoption of mobile applications. Development in technology and many creations of healthcare app development are the reasons why many health insurance companies have appeared in the global market. The technical wave has hit the entire healthcare sector. And come on we have to agree that health is an essential aspect of life and that can not be neglected at any cost. People using healthcare apps crave for more transparency and better user experience, such that the healthcare apps can satisfy the needs of the people, and their medical health requirements. 

What is Oscar Health Insurance App?

Oscar Health Insurance App

Offers health insurance plans to families, businesses as well as individuals, Oscar is a US-based health insurance firm, the founders of which developed the app later, after identifying the significant problems faced by the US healthcare sector. 

Benefits of Insurance App for Users

1. Find the right insurance in just a few taps: The user needs to make a few clicks to get insurance done via mobile application. 

2. Eliminates the paperwork: Dealing with the paperwork is the traditional way of getting insurance done. People have to wait in long queues, to finally get a policy. But with the help of a health insurance app, users can fill all the documents online, just by sitting on a couch. 

3. Saves Time: A person does not always have time to visit the health insurance companies in person, so he will appreciate the features an app provides, for instance like online chatting, notifications, feedback, etc. 

4. Easily Stores Data: The app for health insurance is also comprised of convenient data storage, that stores all the essential details and information in a single interface. 

5. Notification Feature: The app sends the notification, this way, the user doesn’t forget about the insurance program, and the notification is sent to him regarding discounts and promotions. 

Benefits of a Insurance App for Insurance Companies

1. Automation of processes: Modern IT tools automate business processes.

2. Providing information about the company: The mobile insurance apps offer a chance to convey all the necessary details and information about the company that too in a favorable light. 

3. Customer base growth: Several people are using the insurance app, and the number will proliferate, but to reach more audience, the health insurance app needs to keep up with the times.

4. Constant communication: With the help of the health insurance app, the insurance providers and clients can be in a continuous connection, they can communicate easily around the clock, and the chat bots are there to the rescue in case the operators are unavailable. 

5. Personalized offers: The insurance providers can collect the information on each client, and they can easily compile the unique offers based on the data received. 

6. Feedback from Customers: In case if a client wants to report a claim from the app, the insurance providers can respond to these queries and complaints quickly and smooth things over. 

Which Core Features Are Must-Haves for Health Insurance Mobile App?

Oscar Health Insurance App

1. Health Insurance Plans Listing

The customer’s journey begins with choosing the right plan, and indeed you should try and make that journey as easy and as pleasant as possible. Providing information about the available plans is the next step. And now the task is to present the information in the most natural way. Think of doing that in a tabular form, so that the users can compare the plans, and this would help them in decision making. The app should also have the FAQ section for the users; this makes it easy for the users to find the information about the insurance policies. 

2. Purchase and Renew Policies

Helping the users to buy comprehensive policies is another step in the process, and through this way, users can experience the real advantage of the health insurance app. Health insurance has always been challenging as well as time-consuming for the users. But with health insurance apps, users can still get a plan in minutes. For instance, Oscar has the convenient application form for the users, which need to be filled out by them, in minutes. And after enrolling, they can see the effective date of coverage. Additionally, users can pay via check; they can money order or via phone within the oscar app. So, in case you’re thinking to build a health insurance app like Oscar consider implementing modern payment gateway for the users. 

3. In-app Payments

Many individuals don’t pay a monthly premium on time, and as a result, lose their coverage. So that the users can quickly and conveniently pay for life insurance on time, implement a payment gateway, it enables the users to promptly settle the bills that too on time. The Oscar has an in-built auto-pay feature. So, the users don’t have to worry, in case they miss the payment. 

4. Search for Doctors

While searching for doctors or specialists, the people face many problems, but the health insurance app like Oscar can solve this problem for its users in a couple of minutes. It includes the team of concierges to scrutinize the symptoms and that way; the app directs users to the right doctors or specialists. Including this, users can have a look at the list of doctors and specialists, since the Oscar is an EPO Company, the users can contact the doctors who are working within the network. 

It provides the ways for searching for a doctor, like 

1. With the help of Google map API’s and integrated geolocation, the app can explore the nearby doctors and specialists. Else the users can also enter the doctor’s zip code to find one in their adjacent area. 

2. The app also enables the feature of the search for a doctor by specialty and area; this means that when the users are confident and know what doctors they want to visit they can easily search the type of specialists or the doctor’s name. And to work with such kind of functionality, a robust database of doctors is required, who is inside the network.

3. Adding the filters will help your users to find a doctor way faster. For instance, filters like experience, language, cost per visit should be integrated. 

5. Doctors-patient Communication Dashboards

Don’t you think it’s convenient for your users when they can hassle-free book an appointment while they choose a health insurance company? Well, it is. Organize a calendar within the app, which shows the availability of dates and hours to visit. And most importantly, your calendar should have clear-navigation and user-friendly design. However, an inbuilt chat or call feature enables the user to have a quick word with a doctor and can explain the issues in a case; he has no time to visit a doctor in person and needs help. 

6. Drugs Discovery

Establishing a connection with significant pharmacies can be beneficial for your users in a substantial way. As they can easily search for them. The health insurance app like Oscar is I partnership with CVS Caremark and in collaboration with, 60,000 pharmacies that includes WalMart as well. Users can find all the drugs they need as per the availability in the pharmacies, within the app as well as nearest pharmacy stores. We need a robust database with all the information about the pharmacies and drugs, to integrate the functionality. 

7. Symptom Checker

To give your app a competitive edge, consider implementing this feature. Of course, users need medical advice. So you need to think about some possible alternatives when your users can not visit, call or chat with a doctor, at the moment. Implementing chatbots questionnaire will help you make a preliminary diagnosis for the users before they visit a doctorFor instance, Buoy Health, with the power of AI, offers pre-diagnosis to the users as well as refers them to the right doctors. 

8. Access to Documents

Sometimes searching for the papers is a headache, be it lab results or prescriptions, but within the app, users can have a look at all. And not only this but the users can share the documents with the doctor, and this provides total security of the materials. 

9. Reminders

Push notifications help in reminding the users about their appointment with the doctor, insurance expiration dates, etc. and so not let users forget about the important dates and events. 

10. Support Team

Health insurance planning shouldn’t be done in a spur of the moment. Users are more likely to choose your company when they are assured that their expectations can be fulfilled at any time. Building a team of specialists can help your users to find the right doctor for themselves, and they can also consult them about their insurance plans, terms and conditions. 

Want to Develop a Health Insurance App

How to Create a Health Insurance App Like Oscar?

1. Team Structure Required

It is vital to get the support of experienced healthcare insurance app developers, who have contributed significantly in the field of insurance app; these experts include:

  • Project manager
  • iOS and Android Developer
  • Graphics designer 
  • Backend developers 
  • UI/UX designers and, 
  • QA testers

2. Team Structure Required

Tech stack required for Health Insurance App Development 

  • Native or cross-platform app development kits
  • Twilio, for Push Notifications 
  • SMS, voice and Phone verification: Nexmo and Twilio
  • For Payment: PayPal, Braintree, E-wallets 
  • Database: MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres and MailChimp Integration 
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure 
  • Real-Time Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Health Insurance App Like Oscar? 

The cost of mobile app development depends upon multiple aspects. These include:

Features being implemented

  • Number of system users
  • Complexity of the features
  • Technology being used
  • Third-party sources being utilized

And a lot more.However, with a brief idea what a client expects from us, we can help you calculate the time as well as cost to build a mobile application, accurately.

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The Key Take Away

In case you want to get an exact idea about the budget estimation. Consult a reliable healthcare mobile app development company that is proficient enough to fulfill your projects requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Matellio LLC has expertise in developing a feature-rich, innovative and fully-functional health insurance mobile applications for insurance providers and doctors. Come on!! Make up your mind of developing a top-notch quality health insurance mobile app, and feel free to contact us!!  

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