How To Create An On-demand Lawyer App Like Rocket Lawyer?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024

How To Create An On-demand Lawyer App Like Rocket Lawyer?

The legal industry today is progressing at a significant rate and all thanks to digital solutions and mobile applications. Many leading firms today are actively investing in top tech trends like custom legal software solutions, robust technology platforms, and much more. Lawyer apps are one such global aspect that have been revolutionizing the legal sector for quite some time now!

Lawyer on-demand apps have been in trend for the legal industry for quite some time. In fact, many leading legal consultancy firms have already started to invest in custom legal software solutions and dedicated lawyer apps to enhance their processes. Are you also someone who is looking for a dedicated lawyer app for your legal firm? If yes, then you should certainly consider building a lawyer app like Rocket Lawyer.

But, what is Rocket Lawyer, and why to make a lawyer app like it? Well, if you have questions like these in your mind, then we have got you covered! In today’s article, we will be discussing everything about a lawyer on-demand app like Rocket Lawyer. From features, to cost, let’s uncover everything in the blog below!

What is Rocket Lawyer?

To put it simply, Rocket Lawyer is an excellent legal service platform whose main aim is to provide easy and accessible legal services to people using online solutions. You, as an individual, family, or business owner can easily avail of complete legal services as per your needs using the robust Rocket Lawyer app.

From making and signing the documents to consulting a lawyer for all your small and big problems, Rocket Lawyer offers everything for its users. You can frame your company policies, can solve your family matters, or can even get information on IP Laws and Taxes using the Rocket Lawyer app.

Why Invest in a Custom Lawyer App?


Now that you are aware of lawyer apps like Rocket Lawyer, let us quickly discuss the reasons for investing in a custom lawyer app development.

1. Increased Productivity

The first and foremost benefit of investing in a lawyer app for your legal firm is that it increases your law firm’s productivity. Now, it has been observed that lawyers have to spend a calculative time with their clients in order to carefully understand their problems. But scheduling the appointments and meeting everyone in person may seem a tedious task to some people.

That’s why, with a lawyer app, your legal experts could seamlessly view all their appointments and can even reschedule some of them as per their schedule. Apart from that, the lawyers could even provide consultation on a phone call, email, or video call with the help of the same lawyer app seamlessly.

2. Improvised Management

The next big thing that a lawyer app offers to the legal firms is improvised management. Now, it is no surprise that the lawyers have to handle many cases at once, and managing different documents of those cases efficiently is a bit tedious task. Hence to avoid that situation for your legal experts, you should definitely adopt a lawyer app.

With an on-demand lawyer app, you can have a comprehensive view of all the cases and the documents associated with all of them all in one place. Apart from that, the legal experts can even view the information of previous hearings using the on-demand lawyer app.

3. Reduced Paperwork

As mentioned before, a lawyer app significantly reduces the tedious tasks of the lawyers making it smooth and efficient. Whether we talk of managing the appointments or even consulting with the clients, everything could be done digitally using the on-demand lawyer application.

Not only that, but even the payments could be made online which is beneficial considering the current pandemic situations. So, all in all, with a dedicated lawyer app, you could seamlessly reduce your paperwork, and could eventually increase your law firm’s overall productivity.

4. Easy & Accessible Services

We all know that legal services are a necessity rather than a luxury for every person out there. However, finding the best lawyers and experts is a pretty difficult task for almost all people. That’s where you can make a whole different spot in the market.

Introducing a dedicated lawyer app for your users can not only help you to enhance your customer services but can even make your brand popular in the global market. People would get all the expert legal services under one platform, and that will eventually help you raise your brand name, and profits simultaneously.

Hire Mobile App Developers

How Can You Create a Lawyer App With Matellio in 5 Easy Steps?

Although creating an app like Rocket Lawyer may seem a tedious task to most people, having the right development partner can simplify your tasks to a much greater extent. Here’s how you can quickly create a lawyer app for your legal firm in no time with Matellio.

1. Fill the Form

First and foremost, you need to simply fill our ‘Request a Quote’ form, mentioning some of your basic details like name, mobile number, email address, and a short message describing your query. Once our team gets your query, they will get back to you on any of the preferred medium that works best for you.

2. Discuss Your Requirements

The next step would be to discuss your business requirements and wants with our experts. Now, there is no doubt that you could easily analyze your business requirements. But, there is surely much more than that when planning to introduce digital transformation strategies for your legal firm, that’s where an expert consultation service comes to play!

With our consultation services, you could get a clear idea of all the latest tech trends in the legal sector. Plus, you could even check the feasibility of your business idea and can know what features could work for you and what not!

All in all, it is always a wise decision to get an expert suggestion rather than starting something new and then finding loopholes in the process.

3. Finalize the Features and Design

The next step in the process of developing a lawyer app would be to finalize the designs and features of your lawyer’s on-demand app. Now, it is to be noted that in today’s competitive era, both the features and good design plays a crucial role. The features impact the overall effectiveness of your lawyer app, while the UI/UX decides how accessible your app is for your target customers.

We, at Matellio, make sure that your app satisfies every need of your users in the most efficient manner. That’s why, as a leader in mobile app development, we have listed some good features for every user of the lawyer app.



Login/Signup The users can register themselves using their name, email, and a unique password.
Service Request The customers can search for the best lawyer in their geolocation that perfectly suits their needs.
Location-based Search The customers can track the location of the lawyers and can even book appointments with the best lawyer.
In-app Calling The customers and the lawyers can communicate efficiently using the voice or video calling feature of the lawyer app.
Booking Calendar The lawyers can easily schedule their appointments as per their availability using the app itself.
Digital Payments You can easily enable the users to pay for the legal services they have opted for using any digital payment mode.
Report Management Get a comprehensive view of all the reports related to the lawyers, or the customers on a centralized platform.
Lawyer Management Manage a complete list of lawyers along with their certifications, experience, and expertise.
App Marketing Banner, ads, and even email templates, everything could be managed by you using a single lawyer app.
Document Sharing Your users, be it a lawyer or customer, can easily share critical legal documents online using the app.

Besides all these features, there are many more that you can include in your lawyer app. However, as a leader in legal app development, we always advise you to start with the basic features first, and then you can add more advanced features as you scale your business.  Also, take care of the UI/UX as it can be a total game changer for your lawyer app.

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4. Hire Mobile App Developers

Once you have carefully invested in features and the UI/UX part, it is now time to hire the best professional app developers for your lawyer app. Again, you always need to carefully analyze what all developers you will be needing to make your lawyer app development a global hit in the market. However, don’t worry, we have got you covered!

You can avail of our expert services to get an accurate idea of the development team for your lawyer app. From frontend developers to backend developers, and even the designers and testers, we offer everything to make your app development smooth and result-oriented. You can reach us anytime to get a complete idea of our offering and our way of working!

5. Test Your App 

The last step in developing your on-demand lawyer app is to test your app. Testing has always been a crucial aspect of the app development sector. However, many of the businesses often skip this crucial step and directly jump to deployment. As a result, they face glitches in their apps just after the deployment.

So, to avoid such circumstances for your lawyer app, we offer complete testing services, both in manual and automated form, to ensure that your app goes into the market error-free. You can always rely on our certified testers in making your app glitch-free and smooth.

Tech Stack for Your On-Demand Lawyer App

Besides hiring the perfect professional for your app development, the technology stack also plays a major role in defining the future scope and efficiency of your lawyer app. Here’s an idea of the tech stack that our certified developers would use to make your lawyer app a hit in the market.

  • Push Notifications: Apple Push Notification/Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • For SMS: Twilio/Nexmo
  • Digital Payment: PayPal/Stripe/Braintree
  • Database: MySQL/MongoDB
  • Cloud Server: AWS/Google
  • Emails: Mailchimp Integration
  • Real-time Analytics: Big Data/Hadoop/Spark/IBM

lawyer app development

What Will Be The Cost of Lawyer On-Demand App?

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog – the cost of developing a feature-rich custom lawyer app for your legal firm. So, like all the other on-demand apps, the cost of developing a lawyer app also depends on many crucial factors. To name a few, we have:

  • Project Management

To critically manage your project and the development team, you will be needing a project manager.

  • Design and Development

Investment in UI/UX and the cost of hiring the developers are included under this category.

  • Complexities and Features

The features you opt for your lawyer app, and the complexities of the app are covered under this category.

  • Upgradation and Maintenance

Lastly, the up-gradation and maintenance of your lawyer app after it has been launched in the market goes in this category of the app development cost.

To get an accurate idea of your mobile app development, you can anytime reach our experts. We would be happy to answer all your queries!

Final Takeaway!

To conclude, we can say that digitization has taken over the complete global market today. You can never predict what the customer-needs in the coming time. Hence, one of the perfect ways of handling all the ever-changing needs and making your brand successful in the market is to go with the trend. And mobile app development has become an inevitable aspect of the global market in today’s competitive world. Having a dedicated lawyer app could not only help you satisfy all your customer needs in a smooth manner but can even help you make more sales and market your brand effectively.

Additionally, if your competitors are doing it, why can’t you? So, gear up today, and request a free quote for your lawyer app development. Also, get a free expert consultation on your big idea by filling out our form.

Till then, Happy Reading!

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