How to Create Questions and Answers Apps Like Neighbourly?

Updated on Jan 16th, 2024

How to Create Questions and Answers Apps Like Neighbourly?

The tech giant Google has always catered to the needs of the audience. From video streaming app like youtube to digital payment app like Google Pay, it has always served the people. Similar is the case with an app called Neighbourly. Neighbourly is a local question answer app that created a buzz in the market a year ago.With more than 5 million users worldwide, the Neighbourly app aims to provide local information to the users from their neighbourhood. The users can seamlessly access the app to put their questions or post answers to the queries raised by other people. Besides helping people to get their answers, this kind of apps has also proved beneficial for businesses. Neighbourly alone has generated a whopping revenue of $3.2 million in the year 2019So, if you are on the verge of developing an app like neighbourly, then let us help you to get on-board. Let’s start from the starting.

What Is Neighbourly App?

Neighbourly App

The Neighbourly app is a platform that is built to cater to the needs of users, who wanted to explore their neighbourhood. Using this app, users can get answers to all their relevant questions within a short period. The uniqueness of this app owes to human intelligence. That is so because, despite significant advancements in AI, there are still chances for error. But it’s not in the case of humans, as they very well know about their neighbour places. That’s the main reason why Google chose human intelligence over artificial intelligence. Moreover, besides helping people to explore their neighbourhood, this app is also beneficial to those willing to try lip-smacking eatables from their native places. Because of its vivid usage, Neighbourly is a prominent mobile app in the app development market.

How Does Neighbourly App Work?

That’s an important aspect to know when you are thinking to develop a mobile app. Like other crowdsource app, Neighbourly enables the users to post a question, or answer a query that is listed on the app. The app uses the GPS tool to display the list of questions to the users. A robust feature of Neighbourly is that the user information is secured all the time, i.e. whenever a person posts his query, then only his name and profile picture is displayed on the app. All the other vital information is kept secure. Also, the latest version of the app supports both texts as well as voice-based commands in the user’s preferred language. That’s great! So, now if you have made your mind to invest in this technology, then let’s quickly discuss its robust features. 

Key Features To Consider While Developing Apps Like 


1. Signup/Login 

That’s the most basic feature that every mobile app development company provides to its users. The login or signup feature enables users to easily access the mobile app after registering themselves on the app.

2. Select Locality

With the help of this feature, the users can select their area to view the queries and answer them accordingly.

3. Post Question/Answer

This feature allows users to post their question or answer a specific query based on their selected location.

4. Voice Recognition

That is something beyond basic functionality. If a user wants to post a question or an answer using his voice command, then he can use this feature.

5. Smart Notification

Smart notifications update users every time someone answers to their queries.

6. Social Share

Another robust feature of an app like Neighbourly is social share. The users can seamlessly share their questions through social media while using this feature.

7. Delete Questions

If the user has got a satisfactory answer to his query, or the questions now seems irrelevant to him, then he can delete that question from his profile.

8. Report Spam

A must-have feature that a native app development company must provide while developing an app. While using this feature, the users can report spam or abuse to any of the answers they find inappropriate. 

9. Thumbs Up

Similar to the above feature, if any user finds an answer to be helpful, then he can like that answer using this feature. 

10. View Profile

Users can utilize this feature to view/edit their profile, and to keep track of their posted questions. They can also know their total followers while using this option.

How To Develop Apps Like Neighbourly?


After knowing all the essential features of local question answer app like Neighbourly, it is now time to focus on the main objective- how to create an app like that. So, for your convenience, we have broken down the complete list into useful points. 

1. The first and foremost step to begin with your development process is to select a platform, viz: Android or iOS. And while choosing your mobile app development platform, you should keep your target audience in mind. For instance, if most of your customers are Android users, then you should opt for the Android platform, else not. However, most of the businesses opt for both platforms, to target large audiences.

2. Next step is to hire a team of professional developers. To frame a robust mobile app, you must include a Project Manager, a UI Designer, a QA Tester, and a Mobile App Developer. Now, if you own a business, the chances are high that you might not have an in-house development team. So the best way is to outsource a native app development company based on your needs and the company’s objectives.

3. At last, make sure to launch your app on the Play Store or App Store. Now, it is essential to note that some mobile app development companies help users by publishing their mobile apps on the store. They may charge extra for that, so it is advisable to select the native app development company for your project accurately.

What Is The Cost To Develop A Mobile App Like Neighbourly?

Like other mobile apps, the development cost for building an app like Neighbourly also depends on various factors. Some of them are

1. Platform Opted

There are two major platforms for mobile app development, viz., iOS and Android. Both these platforms have their respective features and costings. So, you can choose one of the platforms for app development. Majority of people often choose both the platforms to target more audiences.

2. Features Selected 

As discussed above, there are a lot of basic as well as advanced features for your mobile app. The development cost keeps on increasing as you select several features. For a low budget firm, it is advisable to select only the essential functions to compete with existing apps.

3. Design Aspect

There is no use of how many features your app has if it is not user-friendly. So the design aspect mainly focuses on building a user-friendly platform besides providing an interactive appearance.

4. Developer’s Cost

The development cost generally varies as per the geographical landscape. Moreover, big and reputed firms are going to charge more as compared to small firms. So, you should always try to go for a quality-focused firm. It may be possible that they charge a bit higher than other firms, but to sustain in this competitive market, you must go for quality over price.

Want to Develop Apps Like Neighbourly

Final Takeaway

A local question answer app like Neighbourly has enough potential to lure customers and increase your brand value. Despite significant technological advancements, most people still consider the advice given by the local people than that provided by a smart machine. Hence, a local questionnaire app can surely help people to explore their neighbourhoods. So, if you are thinking to invest in a feature-rich mobile app that can generate revenues for your business, then an app like Neighbourly will work best.

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