How to develop a Fantasy American Football App?

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Thinking back, that wasn’t an easy job to locate a sports gambling app. To put bets, bookies often used to visit several betting sites. Although there were not many features and functionality on these betting/gambling sites other than the most popular “Place a Bet” option. But the coin has indeed turned over to a better hand. The advent of the Fantasy Sports Betting App has revolutionized the way of betting entirely. The fantasy sports app allows more users to place bids on their favorite sports, players, and teams. Besides that, the app also encourages users to make a bet with much more advanced characteristics. The days were gone when bettors searched for shops or put bets on their favorite sports using laptops.

The number of individuals who enjoy and love sports is very high. If you plan to invest in a fantasy sports app, then we suggest that your best opportunity must be American Football. Why are we thinking so? Let it be clarified to you by us.

One such loved sport is American Football. American Football is famous in the entire world, and individuals love to play and watch American Football. American Football is the 9th most favored and popular sports globally with a fan-base of over 400 Million, of which 30 million are from the US only. That’s crazy.   

Several organizations are now using the overwhelming passion for American Football as a business plan. In contrast, businesses invest in developing an American Football fantasy app to make significant sums of money out of them. If you are pursuing building your own Fantasy American Football App, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can build a fantasy American Football app; we’ll cover every aspect of it like features, monetization model, cost, etc. which help you get started with your app development. Before moving forward to discuss in detail, make sure that you recruit mobile app developers who have a strong portfolio and expertise.

So without any further due, let’s begin with the different factors that affect the annual cost of Fantasy American Football App Development.


What is a Fantasy American Football App?

It was in the year 1869 that American Football began. It has become one of the most prominent and traditional sports played internationally since the small start of American Football. American Football took the distinction as the massive growing sport in the United States. This sport has indeed conquered the world of fantasy sports, too, though. In the Fantasy American Football app, users will form 11 players, join a tournament or league and score points to win exciting prizes. This user becomes the leader of the world’s best players competing with one another on the platform of Fantasy American Football. Such fantasy apps allow users to develop their custom tournaments with friends, enter commercial tournaments, and display the current scores, statistics, analytics, custom rules, game plans, and swaps.

Now, you clear with the term fantasy American Football app, now let’s move ahead and discuss how you can make money with your fantasy American Football app.

How to make money in Fantasy American Football App?

Fantasy American Football App has numerous ways to make money. As we know, the platform is booming; many investors, business owners, and startups are coming into this niche. Let’s go ahead and have a look at the revenue models of the Fantasy American Football App.

  • In-App-Purchasing – The most popular way to get money using an application is the in-app purchasing model. In this model, users are paying for the feature that is not included in the free edition. When we relate to Fantasy American Football App. Speaking about fantasy American Football apps, such apps give users access without any fee but don’t allow people to make money. Users often use in-app purchases to experience the maximum advantage of the app. Also, different features and functionality are provided that can be accessed only via in-app-purchase.
  • Entry charges – Successful way to make money from hardcore fantasy enthusiasts of the game. The application is either easily accessible to the user after the transaction, or for every match or tournament he/she plays, the user will have to play. The scope of applications for fantasy sports is good. As shown in the survey, during the first quarter of the year 2018, fantasy sports gathered almost 3 billion dollars worldwide. In the expectation of winning a good number of prizes and rewards, users pay the matches’ entry fee.
  • Advertisements – Advertising is an excellent way of making money to boost profit from your Fantasy American Football App. The app owners charge various businesses and companies for displaying their ads on their apps. The app owners often charge users if they want the ads to be disabled, called a premium version of the app.

In the coming section, we will take you through some standard features of the fantasy American Football app. So buckle up.


Crucial Features of Fantasy American Football App

Apart from primary User and Admin features, some features must be considered in the Fantasy American Football app.

  • LeaderBoard – This is an essential feature that offers detailed player insights on a centralized leader board. This user is benefited and can quickly go across each player’s abilities and stats and select his/her squad of strong contenders.
  • Odds Management – The main component of fantasy apps is gamblers. They inform the admin that the odds favor which team and gives the status of the amount placed on each team and players. The admin also alerts the bookie about the beginning and final whistle of the match. Even if any user or participant violates the terms, then the user will be terminated by the admin at any point in time.
  • Join leagues and tournaments – In this, users and participants may enter several leagues and tournaments available to compete in the active competition, such as private, public, or American Football pro leagues and tournaments. Data relating to already joined or entered leagues and tournaments can also be accessed from this functionality.
  • Betting guide – For new users, these features are the most significant feature. The focus will help users and participants to understand the betting principles, advantages, and all odds. Also, this guide helps make the idea of betting clearer.
  • Multiple modes – This feature enables numerous betting modes and patterns for users. Based on their preference and choices, users can choose from various betting options such as Check or call, call, call raise, folding and flop, check min-raise, and many more.
  • FAQs and multi-language – Integrating FAQs in-app is a must. This user can find solutions for the problems they are facing in-app rather than contacting customer service. Also, app users are from various parts of the globe, so the app supports multi-languages to traverse the app in their preferred language quickly.
  • Reward points – By purchasing incentives coins to attain unique abilities to make the fantasy game more fun and valuable for their time commitment, users and participants can earn bonuses and prizes.


  • Game management – The administrator handles all the news about future and past matches. The admin manages all the feed on a consistent schedule to never miss any betting relevant updates by users and participants.
  • User management – Under this, the admin can manage the total number of registered users or participants and store all users’ information. Besides that, the admin can also manage betting type and amount.
  • Chatbot – This feature will take your fantasy app one step ahead from other apps. Sometimes users or participants go through some problems and have any questions. To resolve their issues and answer their queries, a chatbot can be used. Also, chatbots are useful to collect other information from the user.
  • Geo-location – GPS tracking and monitoring system is an essential feature of any fantasy app. This feature application sends a pop-up notification to users about any ongoing tournament or league near them in which they can participate.
  • Group chat – These feature users can invite their friends and family to play with them on the Fantasy American Football App. Besides, this feature enables users to chat privately, publicly, or in a group with their mates to discuss strategies, live scores, or other. To call the successful Fantasy app, the fun and cheerfulness of users and participants must be observed.
  • E-wallet – This feature enables users to buy loyalty points from the in-app purchases tab. Also, it allows users and participants to move their bonus rewards to their bank accounts quickly, safely, and seamlessly.
  • Custom Mail Reminder – Custom or Personalized mail reminder system is a much-needed feature of the fantasy app. This feature helps send personalized emails to users or participants regarding match timing, ongoing offer, or other offerings. Besides, you can also whether the user checked the mail or not.
  • CRM system – Under this, the admin can control the full app and handle tickets, user area, and send alert notifications. This feature is helpful in numerous other ways.

Tech Stack to develop top-notch Fantasy American Football App


Choosing the right tech stack is the most crucial factor in application development. Below we’ve listed some of the top technologies you can follow to develop a top-notch Fantasy American Football App.

  1. For android – Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, React, Vue JS.
  2. For IOS – swift, objective C, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, fabric IOS, Xcode.
  3. Database – MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Mailchimp, Hbase.
  4. Cloud – AWS, MS Azure, Salesforce, cloud foundry.
  5. Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.
  6. Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP, Urban Airship, Push IO.
  7. Analytics – Gleam IO, Google Analytics, Spark, Flink.

Not just tech, you also require team members for a successful fantasy American Football app development.

Team members required

Ensure the team must have individuals who can easily understand your idea by operating smoothly and economically on a prototype that will help you reach the aims and targets of your fantasy business.

The basic structure of the team is:

  • Android/IOS Developer.
  • Project Manager.
  • Backend Developer.
  • UI/UX Developer.
  • QA Engineers.
  • Marketing Experts.

Now let’s discuss the core part of the blog, The Cost.


How much does it cost to develop the Fantasy American Football App?

You have all the necessary details to develop Fantasy American Football App; it’s time to discuss the cost involved to create the app. Let us help you, partner up with the top Fantasy App Development Firm like us, and become a successful fantasy business owner. Fund in a fantasy sports venture and see the finest fantasy apps that help you step ahead of your rivals. We’ll build top-notch fantasy apps easily compatible with all OS and versions if IOS and Android, respectively. And if we talk about cost, then development cost depends on factors like app size, complexity, features/functionality, platforms to be used, geo-region of the development firm, etc.

Considering every factor mentioned above, the final cost to develop a fantasy American Football app on the Android and IOS platform with rich features, functionality, and proper backend will cost you around 60 to 240 dollars/ hour in the US and $50 $140/hour in other nations.

Based on rates, it’s elementary to calculate the development cost.

  • Documentation – 40 hours, 800 to 4K dollars.
  • UI/UX – 60 hours, $1200 to 6K dollars.
  • Front and back end – 400 hours, 8K to 40k dollars.
  • Testing – 80 hours, 1.6K to 8k dollars.
  • Bug fixing – Depends on errors.

Considering the details mentioned above, a fantasy American Football app’s estimated cost will cost you 20K to 40K. But the application with more advanced features like listed above will cost you around 60K to 70K dollars.

What is unique in our Fantasy American Football App

Experts at Matellio will develop a user-friendly, competent, full-fledged fantasy American Football app. We ensure a smooth experience in our fantasy American Football and other fantasy apps, engaging with an innovative and competitive environment. Some of the exceptional features of our fantasy American Football app include:

  • Multi-language support.
  • Social sharing.
  • Newsfeed.
  • Effortless betting.
  • Top security system.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Player prediction and daily quizzes.
  • Centralized dashboard.
  • AI integration.

Want some more features, then get in touch with us.



Considering the massive following of American Football fans worldwide, fantasy American Football is a profitable business to lead. The process is not that difficult if you make your mind with this kind of application. If you are done with the things mentioned above you want in your fantasy American Football app, you are ready to start. As with the rise in mobile users, there’s a rise in individuals using a fantasy gaming app. The American Football industry is massively growing with fantasy sports and enables users to play fantasy sports virtually. There are high chances that fantasy American Football apps development will grow in the coming years.

If you are looking for the best development firm with immense knowledge in fantasy apps development, get in touch with us now. We are a Swiss Army Blade of App Development Solutions.

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