How To Develop A Fantasy Cricket App?

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

The world’s most common sport is none other than cricket. Cricket has dozens of fans worldwide, and much of it is made up of the Indian community. Cricket is a game enjoyed by a broad audience globally; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a world cup, T20, one-day tournament, or a particular league. With so many different kinds of tournaments, the crowd has always been leaving to have a tiny bit. The fantasy apps are considered a perfect companion for sports lovers who want to try digitally somehow. Fantasy games have appeared in the electronic paradigm of the fantasy gaming app industry across the globe with several cricket fantasy apps and many more.

Developing a cricket fantasy app will help you in brand promotion by reaching a massive amount of audience. The demand for cricket fantasy apps is on another level. Every entrepreneur, businessman wants to develop an application.

But what are cricket fantasy apps? Why is it so popular? How to develop your own? To give you insights, this blog provides you a comprehensive analysis of the growth of cricket fantasy sports apps right from industry dynamics, features, benefits, tech stack, and team required to create a cricket fantasy sports app.

So without any further due, Let’s get started.

What is Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Fantasy sports apps sound the way they do. Yes, of course, not all know precisely what cricket fantasy sports apps are? Put- the cricket fantasy app allows users over the age of 18 to build a simulated (virtual) cricket team focused on cricket star players in real-time. The cricket fantasy app gets the player’s score from the real ongoing match and enables participants to win prizes. In the cricket fantasy app, users can build their virtual team of players that will compete in a specific competition, with additional users receiving points based on the players drafted in the real matches.

Global market trends of fantasy cricket app and reasons behind the popularity

Everyone loves to play cricket, and cricket in world is nothing short of worship. So it’s evident that the cricket fantasy apps industry paradigm is flourishing. The industry has gone up to a new extent with several fantasy sports applications.

  • According to, the global market revenue is predicted to be 2,174 Million Dollars with a CAGR of 18.6% by 2023.
  • In the US, over 65% of users play fantasy sports via a mobile app.
  • Over 67% of cricket fans play fantasy sports via mobile.
  • On average, every user spent 42 minutes on cricket fantasy apps.
  • There are more than four crore fantasy sports app users in India.

Is it profitable to invest money in Fantasy Cricket Apps?

We’ve gathered some top reasons for why to invest in cricket fantasy sports app. So have a look.

  • Less Business Rivalry – Although a fantasy sports app is a super common concept these days, it’s still a new phenomenon. This is precisely why this industry is not competitive. Because the market is not that rigid, and not everyone is concerned about developing a cricket fantasy app, this is an excellent time for someone like you to reach the market. An early and aggressive launch would ensure you get the grip of a strong following and also a robust significant market portion.
  • Developing a detailed plan with the showcased app would get you a far more than ever you predicted. It’s noteworthy to emphasize that you’d be conscious of and even regard your audience’s decisions to gain much more audience. Therefore, all platforms (Android, IOS, web) should be selected to create these kinds of fantasy apps. On average, nearly 89% of users play fantasy cricket in a month.


Leagues and tournaments our Fantasy Cricket app offer

  • World T-20.
  • Big Bash League.
  • ICC World Cup.
  • Global T20 Canada.
  • T10 league.
  • Hong kong t20 blitz.
  • Qatar T10 league.
  • Super smash.
  • Mzansi super league.
  • Ashes and many more.

We hope that you’ve cleared with the term Cricket Fantasy App and its potential. Let’s move forward and talk about the features you need to include in your fantasy cricket app.


Features and Functionalities need to be included

The application’s success depends on features and functionalities. The best features app contains the more popular and influential it’s amongst individuals. The application functionality must be different for a player and administrator. Thus the application requires distinct features. So let’s move forward and see what these features are:

Features of User Panel

  • Login/ Register – This is the very first-page user sees when they open an application. A user would have to login or set up their new profile. That will engage in a fantasy sports app from that account. Users need to register first by filling a form that takes necessary details such as Name, Phone Number, Email, Gender, Country, etc. Also, two-step verification integration will enhance the app security.
  • Home Screen – Home Screen is the second page or the main screen which users see as soon they complete the sign-in process. All the information related to upcoming tournaments and leagues, tournaments or leagues results, live scores in which the user has participated were displayed on the home screen. On the home screen, you can also add a filter option through which users can search based on their choices.
  • Player prediction – Through this feature, users can win leaderboard ranking by answering simple questions based on players. In this, users have to predict the player name correctly according to the question. For instance, who holds the title for six sixes on six balls? If the user answers correctly, then he/she will move on to the next question; otherwise, the prediction quiz will be terminated. 
  • Quiz- With this feature/ under this section, users are allowed to participate in in-app quizzes based on multiple sports. It helps them to enhance their gaming skills. Moreover, they will win coins in return which they can use to make any in-app purchases.
  • Score and winner prediction – In this feature, users can participate in a winner or score prediction quiz to win rewards points, which can be redeemable to increase their XP or in-app cash. The user has to predict the score and winning team before the match or tournament starts. Also, to advance this feature, you can add prediction options by experts.
  • Playing XI prediction – Through this feature, users can be more confident, accurate, and win chances. By playing this prediction quiz, the user can clearly understand which player is playing in the match. This feature shows the data about how the player performed in previous games.
  • Contest – On the contest page, the user can see the detailed listing of the tournaments and leagues like contest name, contest entry fees, difficulty type, winning the prize, contest type, etc. Here user can also filter their search by using filters to get the contest information based on their taste.
  • Chat and follow friends – This feature will do wonders in your cricket fantasy app. This feature allows users to invite their mates and family to play the match. Besides that, this feature allows users to chat with their friends and loved ones in-app. The app provides both chat options, public and private. Users can also create a custom channel in which they can chat with more friends at the same time.
  • Custom contest – These features let the user build and organize their custom tournaments or leagues to compete with his/her friends and family. To create a custom contest, users need to enter a few details regarding the match or tournament like contest name, entry charges, winning the prize, several teams allowed, difficulty level, etc. This feature will also help to increase user engagement.
  • Payment – Must provide all possible and secure payment gateways, debit, and credit cards. And make sure that the user’s credentials must be secured. The simpler and smoother it is for users using the payment mode, the higher the likelihood they will keep your app.

Features for admin panel

  • Login – Using this feature, the admin user will log into their account by submitting the password and username. Login features help to maintain the application’s integrity by no unauthorized access. To use the application, the admin has to enter valid credentials. Otherwise, they won’t be able to perform any tasks.
  • Admin Dashboard – Under this tab, various stats were shown like overall contests played by the user so far, matches in progress, upcoming leagues or tournaments, the total number of participants, and their earnings. This feature helps the admin to manage the application in one shot.
  • Manage match – This feature will allow admin to manage matches effectively and efficiently. Under this feature, the administrator can perform various tasks for proper management like updating the game, add, delete, etc. besides these; this feature admin can activate and deactivate any tournaments or matches.
  • Earnings and payment management – With this portion, the administrator will view the entire income with filters’ assistance. Besides that, this will help the administrator handle different payment modes inside the apps.

Besides, the primary user and admin features mentioned above help make your Cricket fantasy app ready to launch, but who needs basic features? Turn and integrate these advanced features that give your Cricket fantasy app an exceptional feel.

Advanced features

  • Push notifications – The push notification function can keep users aware of important events. It will undoubtedly remind them of a game that is about to start or the game’s outcome.
  • Social Sharing – Users will post the adventures of their fantasy tournament draft with their mates and family on various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or twitter
  • Player information – Just like user information, this feature shows detailed information about the players. This user can get detailed information about player XP, ranking, previous matches performance, matches played, their in-team selection ratio, and many more.
  • Match substitution – The substitution feature is one of the best features of all time. Through this feature, users can switch their two players in between the live match. Not just even this, only through this feature can users also change their captain and vice-captain if they want to.
  • Live performance – This live match can be streamed on the app through which users can check live performance, which ultimately helps forecast the final score in-game. This feature also gives information like a player’s last match score, ratings, and selection ratio.
  • Live Score – It’s a smart idea to incorporate the live event scores in addition to the live commentary and expert judgment. With this, the participants can keep records of their fantasy team’s success, depending on the player’s real-life performances.
  • Real-time analytics – By providing real-time insights through an occurring match, the fantasy app’s analytical feature will allow users to make faster, better, and quick decisions. In this, the data is stored and continuously updated in real-time.
  • Match highlights – Missed the last match, don’t worry. This feature will help you. Integrating this feature in the app allows users to watch match highlights, short clips, and team scorecards. Not only this, but the user can also manage any match highlights of any date for better predictions and to win exciting awards.
  • Geo-location – GPS position tracking and monitoring are vital since it enables the app to send substantial push alerts to users about current ongoing tournaments or competition around them.
  • Cricket leagues updates – By providing real-time insights through an occurring match, the fantasy app’s analytical feature will allow users and admin to make faster, better, and quick decisions. In this, the data is stored and continuously updated in real-time.
  • CRM integration – The application using the back-end service is incorporated. It supports the management of seat tickets, participants position, sending messages, push alerts, and illustrates useful in many other ways.
  • Loyalty programs – Loyalty program effectively keeps the user committed to the application in the form of reference and other programs.

In the upcoming section, we will discuss the tech stack. So let’s go.


Tools and Tech Stack needed

A quick look at the top tech stack used to build the Cricket Fantasy app is below.

  1. For android – Java, Kotlin, Node JS, ROR, Laravel.
  2. For IOS – swift, Node JS, ROR, Laravel, fabric IOS.
  3. Database – MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  4. Cloud – AWS, MS Azure.
  5. Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.
  6. Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP.
  7. Analytics – Gleam IO, Google Analytics, Spark.
  8. Other stacks – Sketch, Xcode, GeoFence, SASS, ZOHO, and stripe.

The team required for Top-Notch Cricket Fantasy App development:

For building a Cricket Fantasy App, a team of professionals is necessary to make your idea into reality. To develop an app, the following individuals were required:

  1. Business Analyst.
  2. Front/back-end developer.
  3. UI/UX designer.
  4. QA testers.
  5. Project manager.
  6. Android/IOS developer.


Cost to develop Cricket Fantasy App

Cricket Fantasy App is thriving, and there are so many of these apps that run. While it’s not considered as a business loss to have a fully functioning Cricket fantasy app. A business organization can quickly gain a loyal customer base who will pledge their integrity to their Cricket Fantasy app.

Indeed developing a Cricket Fantasy App relies on various aspects like Geography, Complexity, Features & Functionality, Platform (Android, IOS, Web), wireframe, color scheme, and application design. And suppose we inquire about the cost of creating a Cricket Fantasy App for platforms like Android, IOS, and Web. In that case, it will cost transient business people anywhere between USD 10K to USD 17k for a basic one, and a feature-rich fantasy app will cost in-between USD 20K to USD 30K.


Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed all the information needed to create a custom cricket fantasy app for your business. Note, fantasy sports are the Culture Of The Future Sports, and as more countries legalize it, it is projected to accelerate exponentially soon. The process of creating a cricket fantasy sports app isn’t straightforward, but it’s also not impossible. You have to partner with a trusted and reliable fantasy sports mobile app development company like us.

At Matellio, we concentrate on creating a Cricket Fantasy app for mobile and web that captivates the audience and scalable, secure, and integrated compliance with all rules and regulations.Being a leading, creative, and skilled fantasy app development company, we build a smoother application’s UI with completely custom built-in features.

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