How To Develop A Fantasy Golf App?

Updated on May 4th, 2021

The Concept of fantasy golf was started in the 1950s by an Oakland businessman and his business partner Wilfred. And in the medieval period, fantasy sports became popularized as a friendly game played by friends and family. The best part is that fantasy sports apps are not just about cricket, football, or basketball; there is a golf fantasy app. Golf fantasy app is the way to get into the action, fun, competition, and energy streak.

These days fantasy sports app market takes less time to make millions in this category. The growing demand for fantasy sports has increased the number of fantasy app development. Obscured, and here’s ample money-making opportunity. That’s the factor why a few business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups have already joined the sector of the Golf Fantasy App and built a reputation for themselves through this platform.

Are you looking for the same to enter this market or set an example in a fantasy world with your fantasy golf app? Looking for a way to get started or want to know how to proceed?

Well, this blog’s goal is to shed light on how to initiate in this industry. This blog aims to provide you with the requisite information into the marketing side and technical details of how to develop a Fantasy Golf App.

So let’s go.

Why Fantasy Golf App?

You can determine that the sector is on an apparent increase, mostly due to the extreme fan base around which it operates and primarily due to the sheer industry’s prominence. According to the reports, in the US, only the average of television runtime user-views of golf matches and tournaments was over 33 million in the year 2018. And if we add runtime user-views of other markets like the Middle East or Russia, the numbers will be different.

Such a sport’s buzz is the explanation behind the rise in the number of Golf Fantasy app developers working to build and offer top-notch golf fantasy app for startups and businesses to flourish quickly. If you want to create a Golf Fantasy App, you’ll have to partner with the best fantasy app development company driven by uniquely designed techs that are complete with updates and industry trends.


What is the fantasy Golf app, and how it works?

A selection process is generally called draught; the user or participant picks the top player and creates a duo. The Fantasy Golf Application works the same as a real-world golf game. However, the only scoring pattern is different. The fantasy golf application comprises the unorthodox section, which is the tournament’s scoring process, which makes fantasy golf app more enjoyable and compelling. These apps boost users to score more points by hitting the best strokes. In the fantasy golf app, users are awarded different point methods such as fairway hit, green regulation, total strokes, and sentence for bad hits, bunker hits, and lost balls. Once the game is over, the app offers detailed game stats. The user with higher points will be announced as the winner of the match.

How were these apps developed?

To develop a high-end Fantasy Sports Application, many stages were involved. Below we’ve mentioned the process of fantasy golf app development.

  • Debate – That’s the first phase in developing a Golf Fantasy App consisting of a detailed analysis and discussion of the framework, Concept, or idea.
  • Cohesion – Once the debate is over, the committed engineers’ team comes together and creates a magnificent website and mobile UI and UX model and interface. Then it comes to approval. Generally, a streamlined UI is included with tools and characteristics that are simple to comprehend.
  • Production – Then, the Golf Fantasy App’s project development process starts; this stage generally consists primarily of incorporating innovative technologies into a Golf fantasy framework to make the user engagement and experience of the game flawless.
  • Testing and analysis – The application undergoes end-to-end quality review and various testing phases here. This guarantees the seamless success of the app following its release throughout the play or app stores.
  • Release – This stage involves releasing on IOS, Android, and web stores the Golf Fantasy App so users could download the application and begin to play the game.

Now that we have discussed what fantasy golf is the market and how it’s developed let us now move to the feature sets that would make your Fantasy Golf App successful.


Features that Fantasy Golf App must offers

The basic features that the fantasy golf app offers are: Team creation, login/registration, play & win, Dashboard, Join & create tournament, invite & earn, and management activities. Besides these, the fantasy Golf App also offers features like:

  • Player statistics and analysis – Through this feature, the app is synchronized continually with the player’s actual performance on the field in real-time. This smart feature enables users to make choices that are guided by data. And for deep statistical modeling, the application is optimized with AI. At each stage, this guarantees compelling and bigotry free performance.
  • Achievement Badges – In this feature, the collection of accomplishment badges on the level of their result and performance are granted to the Golf Fantasy players. The user or a participant who holds the far more badges listed in Top Player Board. Integrating this feature increases competition level among users and enhances user engagement.
  • AR integration – In this, the fantasy golf game is incorporated with the innovative technology, namely AR (Augmented Reality), for unparalleled and incredible user experience. Also, this feature provided hand-holding guidance to the user for seamless and better game-play.
  • Score prediction – Based on golfers’ past performance stats and live stats, the user can predict the match’s score and winner to earn rewards, but before the game starts. Once the user indicates, the decision cannot be changed once the match begins.
  • Endorsements – From this one, through the use of banner advertising, pro bowl, and hall of fame. The application owners can produce additional income sources through third-party endorsements.
  • Live Score – This Feature ensures that the user can watch any match or tournaments and score live on the application. This feature also provides the match highlights, expert analysis with player performance stats for users and participants.
  • Payment Gateways – This feature provides various payment modes with choices such as debit/credit cards, e-wallet, or by net banking. If the payment is initiated via e-wallets or by ongoing offer on any of the other modes, the bonus sums are automatically transferred or easily reversed.
  • Profile setting – Through this, users can customize their profiles. Along with changing their profile, through this feature, users can also go through their reward points, transaction history, bonus, referral points, and account details.
  • Follow player – This feature enables the user to check the latest player stats and standings and personalize it with all their favorite. This user can also follow their favorite to know more about like their playing pattern and many more.
  • Game Lobby – In this, users can choose what kind of game lobby they would like to compete in. Users can select game lobby from Classic, Veteran, Ace, or a basic one. Besides, that user can also choose match place, ground type, weather, and many more with various filters.
  • Sending Alerts – Messages and alerts will be sent to users regarding every update or inform them about tournaments, statistics, live matches, and tournaments hosted near them. The administrator will monitor all notifications that have been sent to the participants or users.
  • Multiple Language App – This feature enables various languages to be handled useful in interacting with the intended audience and core demographics.

To integrate the features mentioned above, you need to use the best technology stack to make your application best in class. Below we’ve mentioned the tech stack required to build Fantasy Golf App. So have a look.


  1. For android – Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, React, Vue JS.
  2. For IOS – swift, objective C, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, fabric IOS.
  3. Database – MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  4. Cloud – AWS, MS Azure.
  5. Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.
  6. Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP.
  7. Analytics – Gleam IO, Google Analytics, Spark.
  8. Another stack – Sketch, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, and Xcode.

We all know developing an application is not a task for one person only. Various individuals involved in converting your idea into reality. The team required for app development:

  1. Android/IOS developer.
  2. Front/back-end developer.
  3. UI/UX designer.
  4. QA testers.
  5. Business analyst.
  6. Project manager.

As of now, we’ve discussed how to build a Fantasy Golf App now. In the coming section, we will discuss various ways to use in your fantasy Golf app to make money.


How to make money in Fantasy Golf App

  • Advertising – Ads are among the most widely used types of revenue generation methods on which many fantasy apps focus. You can allocate a portion in your fantasy application for advertisers, marketers, and brands to promote their business or a product.
  • Entry fees – Many fantasy apps organize tournaments and give users or participants a chance to win bonus payments, for which users pay entry fees. They take a percentage of these prize money of tournaments, which is enormous in numerical values.

Now let’s move forward and discuss the core part of this blog, “Cost To Develop Fantasy Golf App.” Let’s find out.

Cost to develop Fantasy Golf App

When it comes to determining the Fantasy Golf App development cost, majorly, it depends on various factors and conditions like application’s complexity, application’s features and functionality, platform for which application will be developed, geographic region of the development firm, and many more. On a rough basis, the full-fledged fantasy golf app will cost you around in US 25k to 40K dollars, and in Europe, the development cost will be 15k to 30k dollars.

Note – Partnering with the right development firm like us for app development is very important because experts know how to develop a top-notch app in lessen time without any bugs or errors.

As a leading fantasy apps development company, experts at Matellio provide reliable, robust fantasy apps.

The solution we provide in Fantasy Golf App.

  • White label solution – Our white label golf fantasy game comes with market-ready solutions. Our white label solution is a cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly tailored to your requirements like templates, logos, and branding.
  • Fantasy Golf Web app – We create a fantasy golf web app with all the requisite features and functionality in consideration, like various gaming formats, daily matches, summer-long game styles with on-demand modifications.
  • Fantasy Golf mobile app – Strengthened with distinctive features like mentioned above, we create fantasy golf applications for smartphone users in both Android and IOS platforms. Also, we offer a wider variety of fantasy golf services.
  • SEO – Our experts take care of everything necessary to develop brand awareness and marketing strategy.


Popular Leagues and tournaments we cover in our Fantasy Golf App

  • PGA Tour.
  • LGPA Tour.
  • European Tour.
  • US Open.
  • Asian Tour.
  • Irish Open.
  • Japan Golf Tour.
  • Evian Championship.
  • Masters Tournament.

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