How To Develop A Fantasy Ice Hockey App?

Updated on May 4th, 2021

The fantasy mobile app for Ice hockey is rising with a height like this. This significant rate further contributes to the gateways of possibilities for its growth. The demand and prominence of hockey fantasy mobile apps are bound to develop in an increasing pathway pattern. Hockey is 3rd most popular sport in the world. It’s also a trend in countries like the US, Russia, Belarus, Europe, etc. So many countries are inspired by this sport and followed the same direction which these nations had.

Now to mention, ice hockey federations are in 76 nations. Besides that, ice hockey is also a part of the Olympics. So its destiny and success cannot be challenged; also, the ice hockey market has far more to discover. So it’s useful to develop a fantasy application that will fulfill all hockey supporters’ impulses worldwide.

The considerable rise of hockey translates into a profitable fantasy hockey industry, which unlocks the spigot of ice hockey fantasy app development opportunities. These days’ entrepreneurs and business owners invest in fantasy apps to make a good amount of money. Let’s move forward and discuss hockey fantasy apps. Is it worth investing in hockey fantasy app, features, tech stack, cost, and a lot more in detail?

So let’s go.


What is Ice Hockey Fantasy App?

Hockey fantasy tournaments are nothing but a thrilling air shift whereby participants take the team leader’s role and create their team, draught their players, compete in regular, weekly, or season wise tournaments and win big in line with real-time hockey tournaments taking place all over the world. A user’s vision of forming his/her dream team throws the tournaments already devoted fans into a whirlwind. Apart from just a random match, app users can also create and enter private tournaments and play solely with their mates and family.

According to FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), In the USA and Canada, the number of fantasy sports users is over a 60million in the year 2017. And the market size of fantasy sports is valued at over 7billion dollars industry.

How Does User Play Fantasy Ice Hockey?

To play fantasy Ice hockey, users have to download the application in his/her phone, log in, create a fantasy team, draft top players in the section based on auctions or salary cap, participate in the league, watch the match and win. This is the basic structure of the game; apart from leagues and tournaments, user can play a massive range of other gaming styles as well like:

  • Head-To-Head – In this style, two teams clash here, and the points are determined according to real-time match stats. The team with higher points will win the game.
  • Rotisserie – Also called round-robin, Rotisserie is a classic format game; in this style, all teams compete against every other team in the tournament. And the team with the highest number of points will be the winner.
  • Daily Fantasy – In this style, users compete for day-long tournaments that might have been regular or user-created tournaments and score points compliant with the specified set of rules and norms.


How does Fantasy Ice Hockey App work?

  • A user would have to take the following steps to experience the magnificence of Hockey Fantasy Tournaments:
  • Users need to login or register in-app through their email id, mobile number, or social media handles.
  • The user can then enter in tournaments based on aspects like winning the prize, the total number of teams allow, tournament type, etc.
  • Users can create a team via numerous drafting methods or auctions.
  • Users can choose to play in either private, public, or paid tournaments, depending on involvement. Private leagues are formed by users and can add as many participants that they would like to. In comparison, public tournaments are open to everyone.
  • Paid tournaments require entry fees, but paid leagues offer quite a well-winning amount and follow a set of rules different from other tournament rules.
  • Before jumping into the competition, the user can make changes in lineups.
  • The participant with the highest points will be awarded as the winner.


Leagues we offer in our Fantasy Ice Hockey App

  • NHL (National Hockey League).
  • SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League).
  • AHL (American Hockey League).ECHL (East Coast Hockey League).
  • FHL (Federal Hockey League).

Is it profitable to invest in an Ice Hockey fantasy app?

The hockey fantasy app is growing, and that is also gaining access for the community to new possibilities. In contrast, some apps like FanDuel, ESPN, DraftKings, and many more are winning over the marketplace. In the year 2018, these apps’ market revenue is over 750 dollars in the market. These traces of results are clear enough to prove that these fantasy apps are ideal for several business plans or even those who operate their business when they can earn a decent sum. It, therefore, also illustrate that it’s an excellent possibility to leap into the market by getting a hockey fantasy app alongside the edge cutting accessibility.

Fantasy apps are one massive portion of the app ecosystem that exudes enthusiasm and excitement. As per Reuters, the global market worth for fantasy apps is expected to be at 33199 million dollars by 2025. Contributing to technological innovations and accessibility, the ice hockey community is no longer restricted to the home countries in which it’s played like the US, Canada, Russia, and Europe.

The total market share of the ice hockey fantasy app is over 8 billion dollars.

Well, we hope that you’ve cleared with the term fantasy app and its potential. Let’s move forward and discuss the must-have features and functionalities that takes your fantasy app far ahead from competitors.


Must-have features that set your Fantasy Ice Hockey app apart from others

The application’s success depends on features and functionalities. The best feature of an app contains the more popular and influential it’s amongst individuals. The application functionality must be different for the player and the administrator. Thus the application requires distinct features. So let’s move forward and see what these features are:

Features for User Panel

  • Login/ register – Perhaps the first and most important feature that seems to be included in the app is signing into a specific account. The user would have to login or set up their new profile. That will engage in a fantasy sports app from that account. For the preliminary login or registration, information such as Name, Email, Phone number, unique User ID, etc. are needed.
  • Contest page – This page will describe full contest listings for the users. This includes options such as filters, competition type, competition name, entrance fee, overall competition winning amount. Then the user can choose and start playing the competition they would love to.
  • Filters and custom tournament – This feature lets the participants find the most fitting tournament through an imaginative search bar dotted with different filters for them. With their favorite player, the participant can quickly build a custom fantasy team from scratch.
  • Gameplay – In this, users are permitted to improve their teams for a fixed period because once the match starts, they will not make any other adjustments in their squad or lineups. Users will watch how their team is doing or performing in real-time as once the tournament starts.
  • Career – This mode is for those who don’t want to play regular matches. A season is divided into various periods, and the user here will be promoted based on their rankings and match stats.
  • Budget & Auction  – Users can choose a player for their team with a defined budget or cap. Every player has notional value, where the best top players are expensive ones. Besides that, the auction is a way of selecting players for the team rather than draft or budget. In this, everyone in a room bids on a player they want, the user with the highest bid will get the player.
  • Drafting – With an assortment of selecting options like online draught, auto draft, offline draught, or bidding, the process of team selection is made simple.
  • Live scores – This feature reverberates with the insane rush of the on-field match by offering real-time updates of the scores and advances of the match. This feature also shows other stats like scoring duration, time left, points table, and many more.
  • Player stats – Enable your users to make informed choices by providing detailed information about all eligible players for recruitment.
  • Referrals – By linking their mates, family, and colleagues to the tournaments, participants will benefit from prizes by resurrecting their redeem points.
  • Payment – Must provide all possible and secure payment gateways, debit, and credit cards. And make sure that the user’s credentials must be secured. The simpler and smoother it is for users using the payment mode, the higher the likelihood they will keep your app.


Features for Admin panel

  • Centralized Dashboard – In the dashboard, users can get to know different statistical statistics. The administrator can check the stats such as total tournaments played, ongoing tournaments and upcoming tournaments so far, number of participants, and total earnings.
  • Tournament management – Admin is permitted at any point in time whenever the need occurs to customize tournaments and append, remove, or to modify any of them.
  • User Management – This feature helps admin manage all registered users and participant’s app accounts and update, edit, add, and delete accounts or even suspend their account if necessary. This feature also helps to manage all other related to the user, such as their rankings, payments, coupons, and many more.
  • Rewards management – Tapes concerning points win by the users are kept under this segment during matches and disbursements of the winning numbers.
  • Transaction management – This feature helps to monitor all transactions done in the application. Not just this, the admin can schedule, approve, and deny the payment between application and bank.
  • CRM (Customer relationship management) –  Smart CRM helps admin manage emails, requests, and provide the best customer service without any inconvenience.

Besides, the primary user and admin features mentioned above help make your app ready to launch, but who needs basic features?  Turn and integrate these advanced features that give your fantasy sports app an exceptional feel.


Advanced features

  • Live Score – It’s a smart idea to incorporate the live event scores in addition to the live commentary and expert judgment. With this, the participants can keep records of their fantasy team’s success depends on the player’s real-life performances.
  • Geo-location – GPS position tracking and monitoring are vital since it enables the app to send substantial push alerts to users about current ongoing tournaments or competition around them.
  • Artificial Intelligence integration – For this form of an app, this can be seen to be an incredibly important trait. This can be of direct benefit to the admin to improve the game with various opportunities and probabilities. The implementation of the functionality would make the game feel more genuine. AI integration also helps the app to learn the user’s behavioral pattern.
  • Winner-prediction – In this feature user has to predict the final score and winning team before the match starts, and if their prediction goes right, then the user will be awarded reward points, which can be redeemable to either boost their XP or in-app-cash.
  • Achievement Badges – Through this feature, users can celebrate their success in ice hockey fantasy games by using accomplishment badges and honorable labels that can be posted on social media platforms and like Facebook, Instagram, or any other.
  • Live chat – Through these, participants can chat in a live match via messages. This feature helps to keep user attention; the user can discuss their match predictions, stats, and many more. Besides, you can also add a voice chat feature to enhance these features. We bet this feature will set your application apart from other applications available in the market.
  • User data – Through this feature, you get real-time information on your KPIs, like user engagement, generated revenue, campaigns, and many more. Besides that, you’ll get to know more insights like how ads are performing, churn rate, who won a prize, and user growth through this feature. Admin can also export this detailed information into an excel, JSON, or any other file format.
  • Push notifications – The push notification function can keep users aware of important events. It will undoubtedly remind them of a game that is about to start or the game’s outcome.
  • Social Sharing – Users will post their fantasy tournament draft adventures with their mates and family on various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

To integrate the above features, your application requires a robust tech stack as well. Below we’ve listed the tech stack, which you’ll need to develop a top-notch ice hockey fantasy app.


Technology stack 

  • For android – Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, React, Vue JS.
  • For IOS – swift, objective C, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, fabric IOS, xcode.
  • Sports API – SportsMonks,, EntitySports.
  • Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay, E-wallet.
  • Cloud – AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, cloud foundry.
  • Analytics –Hadoop, BigData, Spark, Apache, Cisco, IBM.
  • Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP, AdpushUp, flink.


The team required for high-end Fantasy Ice Hockey app development

To build an ice hockey fantasy application, a team of professionals is required, which helps make your idea into reality. To develop an app, so many individuals were involved.

  • Business Analyst.
  • Front/back-end developer.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • QA testers.
  • Project manager.
  • Android/IOS developer.

The revenue model of the Fantasy Ice Hockey app

As of now, we’ve discussed the emerging market of ice hockey fantasy app. Now, let’s move forward and talk about the ways that help you to make money from a basketball fantasy app.

  • Tournament entry fees – This is the app’s big money-making machine. In the basketball fantasy app, most of the money comes from entrance fees. Users keep winning awards that inspire them to engage in pro-tournament events.
  • Promotions – Fantasy sports applications are becoming increasingly popular. In terms of brand marketing, it can be a perfect medium to draw a massive audience. For their promotions, companies and businesses are enthusiastically searching for such a large forum.
  • In-app buyings – The income of fantasy apps has dramatically improved by adding the e-commerce segment into these applications. This integration will allow the app’s users to purchase their favorite merch and get all the enjoyment they desire.

Cost to build a Fantasy Ice Hockey App

The cost of developing an Ice hockey fantasy app depends on various factors like platforms to be use (Android, IOS, Web), features and functionality, and region of app development. For instance, the ice hockey fantasy app’s hourly development rate in the US is nearly a dollar 150 to 200 dollars. Besides that,  in India, it will cost you around dollar 20 to dollar 90 per hour.

If you want a full-fledged ice hockey fantasy application, it will cost you around 35k to 50k dollars for the whole project.

Our Development Process


Solutions we offer in our Fantasy Ice Hockey App

  • Ice Hockey Fantasy Web App – With an exhilarating online solution labeled with top-notch features and ideal for various styles such as daily, weekly, season-long in your fantasy app.
  • Ice Hockey Fantasy Mobile App –Wrap hordes of ice hockey fans into a smartphone app with coveted features like android/ios compatibility, which personifies among many others.
  • Custom ice hockey fantasy app – Enhance your fantasy business with our expert’s technology skills to develop a custom fantasy ice hockey app.



We’ve tried our level best to provide you detailed information about the ice hockey fantasy sports app. Suppose you are all geared up to indulge in ice hockey fantasy app development. In that case, you need to approach skilled professionals who are adequately knowledgeable to provide you with the app that will hold faithful to your standards. You have to partner with a trusted and reliable fantasy sports app development company like us.

At Matellio, we concentrate on creating a Fantasy Sports app for mobile and web that captivate the audience and scalable, secure, and integrated compliance with all rules and regulations.

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