How To Develop A Fantasy Table-Tennis App?

Updated on Feb 14th, 2022

Table tennis or ping pong is among the most popular sports globally, and in mainstream culture, it has also made a remarkable effect. The sport’s beginnings were in the 19th century when upper-middle and Victorians used their dining room tables to play a modern and smaller variant of lawn tennis. Now, table tennis is played on a broader scale. Besides that, Fantasy Table Tennis apps have increased the popularity of this game. Wait, Fantasy Apps? What does it mean?

Fantasy apps are internet based betting games apps where the user creates a virtual team of actual professional players. In this, users win points based on actual real-time stats, which are interpreted into fantasy points. Users compete against other managers and their teams. Every one manages a team to keep winning by creating, lowering, and swapping players.

The global fantasy sports app market is increasing rapidly. In the year 2017, the market is valued at 12,321 million dollars, and it’s predicted to reach 33,199 million dollars by the year 2025, with a growing CAGR of 13.91%. In comparison, the global Table Tennis market size is expected to reach 287 million dollars with a CAGR of 8.3% by the year 2025, from 200 million dollars in 2019.

The numbers are enough to clarify the potential of fantasy sports. This is the right time to grab the market share of Table Tennis by launching a Fantasy Table Tennis App. In this blog, we’ll give you a detailed insight into developing Fantasy Table Tennis Apps. We’ll also cover some essential aspects like features, cost, tech stack, the team required to build Fantasy Table Tennis App.

So let’s go.

As of now, we discussed fantasy sports and its market. Let’s move forward and discuss how to play fantasy table tennis.


How to play Fantasy Table Tennis App

  • Create your Daily Fantasy Table Tennis Team. Pick the best players with the help of stats of major Table Tennis Tournaments.
  • Select the available match – In the lobby, the user can see daily games available to play. Users can enter as many matches or tournaments as they want by paying match’s entry fees.
  • Choose your player – Select the player of the highest-ranking in past performance and rankings.
  • Check live scores – Pay attention to the player’s performance and track their LIVE updates.
  • If the user’s fantasy table tennis team performed better and scored more points than the opponent teams within the same match, then you’ll be the winner.

As of now, we’ve discussed what the fantasy sport is, its market is and how to play fantasy table tennis. Now let’s move forward and discuss the features an ideal fantasy table tennis app must-have.

Must-Have Features

As we all know, features play an essential role in the application’s success. Features can take your fantasy application far ahead of other applications. Apart from primary user and admin panel features like the dashboard, profile, join/create a contest, and many more, below are some features that you need to consider in your Fantasy Table Tennis App.

  • Live Scores – Users can view Matches of their favorite player with the help of this feature. The match between the teams and all the season stats, the score, and the player’s performance with the expert review could be watched live directly on the app.
  • Advanced Payment Mode – The app must provide different payment modes to users such as cash transfers, debit/credit cards, net banking, and e-wallet integration. The reward sums are transferred directly to bank accounts via e-wallets or are quickly reversed if necessary.
  • Live Chat – Another significant factor that is taken into account is user support service. Therefore, the app must consist of a live chat framework in which the user can also have 24/7/365 communication for just about any list queries with the customer service team. You can also add an option in which a user can chat in private or in a group with other users to discuss stats or strategies.
  • Push Notification – Push notification serves as a reminder for users about any change in the application, score change, contest or leagues hosted live, or tournaments conducted nearby. The Administrator keeps track of all changes and periodically sends them to the users or participants.
  • Configuration – The configuration function is necessary as the user requires it to handle the app’s different facets, like updating and controlling their profile, managing payments and rewards they create and receive, along with several other features. This feature will offer full command over the app to the user and handle it as they would like to.
  • Multi-language Support – To run the application geographically, users must use the application in their preferred language. To reassure users, a fantasy application must be optimized with a multilingual feature.
  • Match Management – Through this feature, the Administrator can easily handle and organize the sequence of application matches and perform various actions like the update, remove, attach, unable, or disable match if required.


  • CRM integration – Stands for Customer Relationship Management. The CRM integration helps to control tokens, user location, send an email to users, and push updates via its back-end network carrier.
  • Achievement Badges – When the user performs well, achievement badges will be given to users as a reward. This feature helps to increase user engagement on app and visibility. You can also integrate a social sharing feature, which enables the user to share their badges with their loved ones on social media.
  • Playing History – Through this feature, users can review the number of matches that participated, won, or lost and the total number of reward points received so far.
  • Winning History – This section provided the stats of the number of matches played and won by the user in their entire career or history.
  • League management – This feature allows admin to coordinate and handle continuous, forthcoming, and record of leagues and various matches conveniently and comfortably.
  • Loyalty programs – Under this feature, high scoring users, best players, users with max winnings, and other users are offered loyalty programs to remain glued to the app.

To integrate the features as mentioned above and functionality, your Fantasy App requires a robust technology stack. Below we have mentioned the technology stack we work on to build a fantasy app.


  • Mobile Technologies – Xcode, Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, Java, Flutter, Ionic, React, Kotlin.
  • Web Technologies – Cake PHP, CodeIgnitor, Laravel, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCat, Drupal.
  • JavaScript Frameworks – AngularJS, Node JS, React, CoffeeScript, Jasmine, Mocha.
  • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, MongoDB.
  • UX/UI – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP.
  • Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.

Not just tech stack, you’ll also need a group of professionals who helps you to make your dream Fantasy Table Tennis App. Below we’ve mentioned individuals involved to build the app:


  • Business Analyst.
  • Front/back-end developer.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • QA testers.
  • Project manager.
  • Android/IOS developer.

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Table Tennis App?

The cost of developing the Fantasy Table Tennis Application depends on various factors. Like on which platform you want to deploy your app, how many features you want in your app, front/back-end design of the application geo-area of the development firm, and many more. But on a rough basis, an application with the essential feature will cost you around 15K to 30K dollars. The application with advanced features like mentioned above will cost you around 35k to 45K.

It would be essential to be distinctive and amusing among the challenging demand of the vast amount of fantasy app developments in the market. To narrow the gap between users and suppliers and have an appropriate figure for your funds, you can consider hiring a skilled fantasy mobile app development company.

Being a famed fantasy app development firm, we render it more economical and advisable for both people and organizations. We even pursue rapid deployment because we are prepared to use fantasy table tennis tools that can be used with a little moderation.


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  • Advanced analytics – With our advanced fantasy analytic solutions, users can get benefits like real-time stats, historical data, player tracking, and many more.
  • Fantasy web apps – We create fantasy web apps that produce revenue, guarantee returns, more interactions, greater engagement, global exposure, and services like online/offline screening, position-based bidding, live reviews, and many more.

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