How to Develop a Personal Styling App Like Wishi?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023


It’s undeniable that 2020 will be remembered as the year the world went virtual. Fashion, like nearly everything else in our lives, has gone online. A lot has changed in the fashion sector. Innovation has reversed the entire fashion industry, making a wider variety of choices increasingly accessible to a larger number of customers.

Users may now use their phones to browse their favorite fashion designer, brand, or online retailer and order anything they want in a minute or two.

With the help of personal style app development, access to your favorite design or brand has broadened like never before.  

The fashion industry appears to have skyrocketed in the last two years; according to Marketsandmarkets, the global fashion app market size is predicted to rise from 228 million dollars in 2019 to 1,260 million dollars by 2024, at a CAGR of 40.8 % over the forecast timeframe.

This blog provides information on personal styling app development, must-have features, and other topics related to personal styling app development.

  • According to Marketsandmarkets, the global fashion app market size is predicted to rise from 228 million dollars in 2019 to 1,260 million dollars by 2024, at a CAGR of 40.8 percent over the forecast timeframe.
  • The user is asked to answer a series questions regarding their shopping tastes and preferences. Wishi uses the replies to such
    questions to make personal stylist recommendations based on the user’s style and interests.

So, let’s start with,

What is a Personal Styling App?

The personal stylist app makes it simple to put together a stylish wardrobe. They assist you in making thoughtful wardrobe choices and putting together elegant everyday ensembles so you may feel and look your best.

Users who want to rigorously manage their clothes, plan outfits, and shop directly from the app are flocking to personal styling apps. Users can discover tailored outfit inspiration, organization tools, and exclusive pricing on style services on personal styling apps, which have evolved into a style management solution.

Nowadays, there are many personal styling apps available in the market; among them, Wishi is the most popular one.

How Does Personal Styling App Like Wishi Work?

Wishi is a personal styling app that provides a tailored shopping experience to help you save time and put together your dream outfit. Hundreds of stylists are available to assist you in creating distinctive styles.

The process starts with an onboarding process that walks you through the stages of how to use the service. After completing the registration process, the user is asked to answer a series of questions regarding their shopping tastes and preferences. Wishi uses the replies to such questions to make personal stylist recommendations based on the user’s style and interests. Each stylist has a bio with photographs that users can look over to get a sense of their style. After choosing a stylist, the user must fill out information regarding their appearance and preferences so that their stylist may begin working with them. Users can communicate with their stylists and obtain look recommendations on the Wishi app until they discover one, they like.

Today, a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are interested in developing an app like wishi. If you are interested in personal styling app development like Wishi, read the sections below carefully.

As you’ve seen in the overview of a personal styling app Wishi, now, let’s talk about,


What are the Features that Make an App Like Wishi so Prominent?

There are some features that must be included in personal styling app development in order to provide consumers with a seamless and simplified experience. The top must-have features that you can consider in your custom personal styling app like Wishi are: – 


Users can chat with stylists and review various attire styles using this functionality. They may even have the option to consult the stylists directly about the clothes they should wear. They will be able to determine which color will best suit them.


Your customers should be able to add an item to their favorite ones or cart. Cart turnover is a typical concern for businesses, as it is one of the final steps of the purchasing process. Offer discounts and use appealing call-to-action buttons to reduce cart abandonment.

360 Degree View
360-Degree View

A 360-degree product image is an essential aspect of any personal style app like wishi. This feature, like Augmented Reality, offers users the impression of a high-end, premium buying experience that caters to their every demand.


Users don't have to browse through all categories; instead, they can use the app's filters to jump right to the category they want to see. This allows individuals to save a significant amount of time when shopping.


Users will be able to organize their clothing all day, based on occasions, for evenings, vacations, and work using this functionality. Catalog elements that allow users to go back to outfits by keeping them in a collection are a popular personalization option.


At a relatively minimal additional expense, an AI Chatbot can assist a personal style app like wishi, saving a lot of time while increasing income. An AI-enabled Chatbot can assist a consumer in finding a product on the personal style app based on the responses to a few questions. Customers can also receive personalized offers from the Chatbot, which helps to increase conversion rates.

Push notification
Push Notifications

Push notification is among the most important aspects of mobile app development since it allows users to receive notifications for upcoming or current offers and discounts. It will enable brands to communicate with their users while keeping them informed about discounts and special deals.

payment options
Payment Options

Payments have gotten simpler and more efficient. Payments can be made in a variety of ways over the internet. Debit and credit cards, online banking, and any of the e-Wallets available online are all examples of these payment options.

Multilingual support
Multilingual Support

Customers may come from all over the world, but the things you sell on your personal styling app may also appeal to foreigners. It is important for them to grasp the content on your app, which should be available in multiple languages and accept currencies from numerous nations.

User Reviews

When it comes to clothes sales, nothing beats the influence of other people's thoughts. Customer reviews are a terrific method to not only improve your brand's reputation and demonstrate that you're providing great products, but they can also help you gather and respond to any bad comments. Reviews are beneficial to SEO since they provide material that convinces search engines that you are a trustworthy company. Customers frequently look for product reviews directly, and ranking high for this is a terrific method to bring sales to your door.

Social Integration

In the world of technology, social media is the most powerful and largest instrument. Having a social integration feature in your app will make it easier for users to login, register, and share product information. Another excellent mobile e-commerce tool. However, the advantages of social media integration are not confined to this. On social media, users can post numerous discount codes and promotional activities. They can also share any unlocked achievements via the app. This will raise brand recognition and aid in the generation of more sales.

Easy Checkout

One of the must-have features of personal style applications is easy checkout. It's a huge comfort for users when they can check out quickly without having to provide too much information. Single-click payments have become a prominent feature of personal styling apps, reducing the payment procedure to only one click.


The personal styling app's dashboard must be developed in such a way that it is quite appealing to the users. All of the themes are appealing to the eye, encouraging users to spend time on the app and continue their shopping in a productive manner.

Search History

Through this feature, users' past searches are saved and displayed at the bottom of the search bar. This is in order to provide an unrivaled search experience. It also prevents consumers from conducting numerous searches for the same product.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are many other features that you can include! But remember, including features can increase the app development cost. So, it’s better to consider hiring a top eCommerce app development company; they will guide you to the best-suited features for your app and within budget.

Moving on, let’s talk about,

How to Develop a Personal Styling App Like Wishi?

Consider the points below in order to develop a personal styling app like Wishi:-


1. Do Some Research

Don’t just make an app because everyone else is doing it. Determine the additional value that the new personal styling app will provide your customers. Make a list of the app’s distinct selling qualities. Also, consider whether any other platforms may be better suited to your needs. The point is that you must determine what distinguishes and distinguishes your app from others, making it helpful and worthwhile for consumers to download and use. Studying the competitor allows you to find the USPs of the competition’s best performers. This study can provide you with a general picture of where your mobile app is right now. Aside from that, you’ll be able to identify the elements of your mobile application that aren’t needed and save time on experimentation or A/B testing.

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2. Build MVP to Avoid Confusion

If you’re outsourcing your mobile app development and you’re concerned that they won’t understand your vision or requirements, you may always start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It will be used as a reference point while creating the personal styling app. Building an MVP and sharing it with the firm’s experts guarantees that each developer understands the concept and is aware of the project’s major features and goals.

3. Create Beautiful Designs

For your app to properly engage with the audience, it needs to have a clean and dynamic UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience). The design should be clear, allowing people to finish their tasks quickly as by making the procedure simple as it is feasible to understand. The minimalist design can also be supplemented with vibrant lettering and harmonious contrast.

4. Select the Right App Name

Select a suitable name.

When your application eventually makes it to the big markets, one of the few ways to get downloads will be through its name.

Choosing the best one will increase your app’s chances of success. Make sure it isn’t too identical to another app’s name. Choose one that provides some sense of how the application works. Lastly, choose a name that is simple to say and spell. The finest apps are easy and appealing so that your users can quickly recommend them to their friends.

5. Consider Topmost Security

The security of your personal styling app is one of the cornerstones of a successful application. Remember to keep crucial data on the mobile app, such as payment and banking operations, access credentials, and personal information. As a result, take the essential security precautions for your custom personal styling app like wishi. Many security methods, such as local data encryption, cache and API communications, encryption keys management, and user session authorization, are solutions that you can consider.

6. Select the Right Platform

Among the most crucial questions to consider is the platform you want to put your business app on. It’s best to start with just one platform. Once you’ve mastered one platform, you can go on to another. The most prevalent mobile app platforms are iOS and Android. In order to choose the right platform for your personal styling app, you must consider factors like the app’s branding, intended audience, features, and, most crucially, pricing strategy. After that, you must decide whether your business app should be developed using a native, mobile web, or hybrid approach.

7. Do Intensive Testing

It’s critical to test your personal styling app like wishi before releasing it. You should ensure that an experience can meet the needs of users before giving it to them. While testing, keep in mind the following points: smooth, efficient, and high performance. Testing will enable you to clean out all of the nooks and crannies and turn your app into a powerful business tool that connects your application with its users.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Personal Styling App Like Wishi?

There are various aspects that go into developing an app like wishi. When most organizations and startups seek to build an app like wishi, the key factors that influence personal styling app development costs are: – 

  • Features and functionalities 
  • Application’s platform 
  • Application’s complexity 
  • Number of designers and developers in the team 
  • Region of hired eCommerce app development company 

So, these are the factors that affect the mobile app development cost. If you want an in-depth quote on personal styling app development costs, then contact us; we would love to quote your project. Fashion apps covering everything from shopping to personal styling will improve the fashion industry. The need for on-demand personal styling applications is high. Entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to grab the market share by investing in personal styling app development.

We hope you liked the blog and got all the information related to developing an app like wishi.

If you are looking forward to personal styling app development, you can share your ideas with us. 

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