How to Develop an App Like Google Duo?

Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

how to develop an app like google duo

The tendency of human to interact and communicate with peers has turned all the efforts of technological innovation toward finding the powerful way of communication. The interactive video chatting app Skype and Google Duo intervened the popularity of other messenger apps and prompt the competitors to develop a similar video chatting app. The utility of Google Duo does not show any chance to stop for social interaction, but it has become a powerful tool for communicating, conducting interviews, maintaining the business processes, motivating teams and fixing the deals with clients. Developing an app like Google’s duo is not a herculean task, but what matters the most is scalability and being contemporary with the demands of the businesses and users. This demands a deep analysis and research of the market and competitive analysis of the market influencers. Also, it needs the understanding of the features provided by competitors and a meticulous approach to give a cutting edge technical advantage for traditional users.

Few modern apps like Google’s duo are flooded with a cluster of features which make them overstuffed with the features. The giant Google goes either way and offers a more conducive way to use the features. Here in this article, we will be understanding the feature essential for developing an app like Google’s duo.

About Google Duo

Keeping aside all the complaints of users with Google hangouts, the king of the current technological era Google put the work of curing Hangout on hold and started with everything from scratch. The company launched two new video chat apps Google allo and Duo. Google Duo offers video calls and messaging function parallelly. This functionality can also be found in the Messenger app, so what is there special in Google Duo. It offers you the ease of calling directly from the contact list and just like Facetime of apple it needs you to have the phone number of the receiver in place of email id. Borrowing the feature from Hangout, the app has also its iOS version available for iPhone users. Alongside, the app Google Duo also supports the secure chat with end to end encryption. Here are a few important tips for developing an app like Google’s duo.

Select the audience first

Choosing the target audience is the first step of video calling app development. Targeting a specific segment of the market demands different strategies. According to data, more than fifty percent of millennials use their smartphones for video calling, whereas around 3 billion minutes are spent by users over skype in a day. There is a general misconception about the video chatting app is that it does not require to be targeted for a specific audience because it is used by everyone irrespective of the age, purpose, and business. In fact,  the component of an app strongly determines the users and their purpose. The video chatting app targeted for professionals require to be secure and need to have a simplistically tech related stuff, such as video conferencing, HD quality and data encryption, etc. Whereas an app targeted for the students, and informal users need to have some cool features. The type of audience determines the project requirement and including such features appeals to the target users.

Therefore, it is imperative for development companies to understand the target audience first and then it becomes easy to create prototype fill it with recommended features.

Make a wishlist

For making an impressive and cutting edge gap requires a set of unique features and an extra touch over the existing features of competitors. For empowering the application against popular video chat apps like Google Duo and skype, require a set of some cool features. Here are some video calling app development features.

Desktop sharing

 The desktop sharing features are useful for professionals and team executives, who need to host online meeting and conferences regularly.

Group calling

It is widely known features usually, come with video chat apps. Many powerful video chat apps allow grouping chat with peoples at a time. However,  50 persons at a video chat is a way too many and therefore, you can always trim the number of persons between 15-20.

Text message

 Every video chat app is now offering the messaging and chats features along with the features to send text message.

Encrypted chats

 The secure app is the preferable one by users. The user understands the importance of its security and end to end encryption secure their right to privacy.

File sharing system

File sharing system is the handy feature for the video chat targeted for professionals.

Video call preview

Duo started this inspiring feature, where the user can preview the incoming videos of the caller.

Emojis and animation

Cool emojis and animation features can be appealing for the users in a better way.

Video story status

This exciting feature is borrowed from snapchat, Instagram, that allows users to create the curated videos.

Few things for the interface:

Most of the video calling apps look alike, and there is not much scope of adding something creative. However, to make your app different and better than the other competitive apps require a proper calculative strategy at every step. User interface matters a lot when you wish to compete with the existing app in the market. Here are a few general tips and rest is the work of your creativity.

  • Keep the interface cleans and clutter-free
  • The list of most frequent callers on the screen and quick access to the contact section helps the user in reaching out to the most recent communication easily.
  • Show all the call controller stuff over the screen and rest can be given inside the menu.
  • Pairing option is a must for the call. Either you can have calls paired like Skype or divide the screen into two parts to let the users see each other.

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How Matellio can help?

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