How to develop an app like Life360?

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

How to develop an app like Life360?

Desire to stay updated on your loved ones’ whereabouts without interrupting their personal space is need of the hour. And investing on an application like this, is definitely something, not to be missed. Mostly, the investors have ideas but no blueprints and this holds in every facet of life. Same goes with app designing but stay easy, Matellio is here to sketch one for you. This is a brief guide covering all the nooks and corners for developing a software tracking your dear ones location. But before proceeding, we wish to shed light on a similar kind of design available in the market named, Life360.

What is Life360?

Life360 App

Life360 is a real-time, location-sharing application, designed to harmonize with friends and family. Get automated notifications when your dear ones enter and exist some place or they are in a driving mode. For a stress life, these notifications can prove to be quite handy as being able to see on a private map can help in avoiding extreme situations. The app comes with a group chat feature which allows one to communicate within their circle. 

Who All Have Played Big In Location Tracking App?

1. GpWox Family Locator

gpswox                                                                                                Image Source

GpWox will send you an alert when a family member’s battery is low. It notifies you their current location and hence your frequent panics can be reduced. One can also set alerts when your dear ones check-in or check-out a  certain place and even track their driving speeds. This is a very beneficial trait when you wish to keep an eye on your younger ones’ driving. 

2. Verizon Family

verizon-family-app               Image Source

In this, A handy top-down map with a guide of turn-by-turn directions help one in accurately figuring out the current location of their family members, and the best manner to reach them in the case of any eventuality. It’s an expensive app at $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial but covers up to 10 phones in that plan. Verizon Family Locator is only available on Verizon’s website, which makes it a little inconvenient.

3. Sygic Family Locator


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Sygic’s family locator is designed for keeping the kids safe and help families stay in touch with one another. It has also been awarded by Parent Tested Parent Approved.This software’s cross-platform compatibility allows one to communicate with the family even if they’re using different operating systems or different phone types. One can mark the zones they find unsafe and get notified in case their kid steps in it . The family locator will send/receive SOS messages if your dear ones  or you land up in some sort of trouble. It also operates as an offline GPS for driver navigation. 

4. Foursquare Swarm

foursquare Image Source

If you want an application that your kids will like instead of despising it, this could be it. Swarm allows you to compete for bonus points by checking into places.You could turn these piled up points into a family game by letting your kids to participate. One can earn incentives in-exchange. Kids can also message their buddies that check in at a location, provided that they have this software.However, Foursquare City Swarm provides no live tracking, and that it emphasis more to your kids and their friends goals, rather than your own.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An App Like Life360?

A few months ago, Jane set out on a solo bike trip from East Coast to San Diego after a major heartbreak. As per an old saying, most of the achievements have an emotional reason backing them up. This was no-exception. Jane was still peddling away in the distant land all alone but her family in a literal sense was always there. But how? There was a GPS locator attached to her lavender bike and an app called Life360 installed on her phone. With this, her family could track her all the time. Two weeks before, her mother was willing to see her daughter’s location so she logged into the app. The result was Connecticut. Giving Jane  the freedom of movement but paired with safety channels, this app proved to be a boon for people all over the world.

What Are The Must-have Features In An App Like Life360?




Sign up

Push Notifications

Create a Circle

Ads and Promotions

Invite Friends
Payment Gateway Integration

Share Location

Manage Features

Smart Notifications

Subscription Packages


Additional Functionalities Of An App Like Life360

1. Driver Protect

A resident of U.S. accessing Life360 can leverage crash detection and emergency response as part of a premium plan called “Driver Protect.”  With this plan, the Life360 app can detect if you’ve been in a major collision — either as a passenger or as a driver – and someone from Life360 will contact you. They’ll also notify your Circle, as well as your designated emergency contacts, and dispatch 911 emergency services if needed. 

2. 24/7 Road Assistance

For less severe situations on the road, everyone in your Driver Protect Circle has access to 24/7 roadside assistance through Life360.Tap the ‘Call Roadside Assistance’ button in the ‘Safety’ tab for connecting to a live representative over the phone. Without any doubts, Life360’s live representative will know who you are and your whereabouts, for assisting you in roadside situations such as flat tires, towing, engine jump-starts,low gas, weather issues, minor accidents or being locked out of your vehicle.

3. Real-Time Directions

An unpopular but my personal favourite from Life 360 pack is tapping a family member’s avatar to get directions straight to that person. Sometimes your kids don’t know or can’t give you an exact address; so this comes in handy if you’re on pick up duty – especially if your kids are at a new friend’s house, new practice field or leaving a crowded concert. 

4. Weekly Reports

Life360 isn’t just a tool to locate your family members or for roadside assistance and crash detection; the app can also detect potentially unsafe driving behaviours, such as phone usage while driving, high speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration and much more. The best defence is a potent offence, and these reports can prove to be a good discussion about driver safety within the groups.This information is shared with the Circle as a weekly report, and the info can be used for conversations tied to responsible driving. 

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