How to Develop an App Like Plexamp?

Updated on Dec 20th, 2023

How to develop an app Like Plexamp

How about some pleasant music after a long day at work? Sounds like a plan? We know your live your music, the world of technology is trying out a number of things to enhance the feasibility of music streaming apps. One such app is Plexamp, it has changed the way people listen to music, and with more than 100,000 downloads, it has attracted a large pool of customers. 

The music app development market has immense opportunities in the current times as the genre of music is expanding exponentially with so many upcoming artists. An app like Plexamp lets the users search and listen to music in a unique way.  

Developing an app like Plexamp can be fruitful in numerous terms, given the current market scenario. Entrepreneurs have realized the capabilities of music app development, which have increased investments in the said field. If you are planning to build an app like Plexamp, there could not be a good time. In this blog, you will learn about the market stats, development process, and more. 

What is Plexamp? 

Plexamp can be described as a dedicated music player for the music that users have stored on their Plex media server. It is an ideal app for music curators and music fans. Plexamp has been developed by the Plex labs for delivering a true sense of music. Plexamp delivers a unique experience of music; it kinds of lets you feel the rhythm with UltraBlur backgrounds, a number of hypnotic visualizers, and a list of visual themes to level up the experience. 

Users can pick the tracks from their profile or their friend’s profile to create a playlist or simply tune into the radio option to relive the old tracks. Plexamp also offers an offline mode where users can download the tracks and save them in the form of a playlist. Such apps deliver a next-level approach towards streaming music. Since the app is now available for android, the market stats of the app have crossed several milestones.

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Why Invest in a Music Streaming App Development? 

At present, the global music streaming application market is grabbing the highest scores in terms of revenue generation. The valuation of the music player app development is projected to cross the mark of 60 billion USD by the year 2026. 

The market growth has been propelled by the pandemic, the whole world was confined in their homes, and the building work pressure had created a monotonous environment. People needed an option to find something entertaining that could be enjoyed while working. Here are some market stats that will make you think about developing music streaming app like Plexamp.

  • Online music playing users have significantly increased to 42.7 million. 
  • The number of users is increasing by a rate of 50% every year. 
  • A single customer spends 25 USD on music streaming app subscriptions. 
  • The leading app in the genre, Spotify, has only 36 percent customer acquisition. It simply means that your new music streaming app can make it to the top by winning a majority of customers.

Development Process of an App like Plexamp  

Plexamp has been developed by Plex labs with a ton of features that hits you differently when streaming music. Developing a music streaming app can be tricky sometimes when you want to add a lot of features and functionality to enhance the user experience. The process involves a lot of research along with a number of steps. Find a mobile app development company that works on an agile development methodology like Matellio for optimum quality. Let’s start the development process with simple steps.

1. Market Analysis

The global market of app development is an everchanging place, the trends change every day, and to cope up with these changes, it is recommended to carry out detailed market research. Finding out relevant points about the process can keep you ahead of the competition. Start with the list of the competitors and their business strategies along with the market share they acquire. Compare every music streaming app in the market for features and functionality, accumulate every single point to create a ready-to-work plan.

Market research can be carried out by three major options that consume capital and time differently. The first option is to hire a marketing company to do the research on your behalf and bill you for the content. The second approach is to assign this task to your in-house marketing team (if you have one) and dictate the parameters on which the research should be carried out. However, the most feasible option is to get a detailed market research report from an online marketing website like Statista that covers all the necessary points.

2. Prepare a Perfect Roadmap

Now that you have gathered all the required data proceed to curate a result-oriented plan or roadmap. Use these data sets to create a step-by-step plan that covers the whole process. Decide the budget of the process that you want to invest in, compare the budget with all your competitors to get a better idea. Finalize the number of features that you want to include in your app along with the tech stack. Remember, all these parameters will contribute to the fluctuation of the price.

The number of platforms that you want to launch the app on can create a significant difference in the success of the app post-development. Remember, the majority of the population uses android but developing a native app will cost you more yet deliver excellent results. On the other hand, choosing, cross-platform development can be cheaper, but it does not deliver the required quality.

Let’s start with the features.

Features to be Considered 

Any app is known by the quality of the features that it offers its userbase. Choose the features wisely after analyzing the data sets that you have accumulated through market research. Here are some of the features that you could consider adding to your music player app development process.

Creative Backgrounds Allow users to choose the type of backgrounds or themes they want to be displayed as per the song type. It creates a soothing listening experience.
Offline Access Allow users to download a number of songs online and save them for playing offline or when there is no internet connection.
Power Search Allow users to search for the perfect song with the help of a number of parameters such as artist name, song genre, year of release, etc.
Playback History Allow users to get a look at the songs they have already played and can play them again without searching.
Queue Checking Allow users to get an idea of which songs are in the queue when playing a pre-curated playlist of tracks based on the genre.
Radio Allow users to listen to a variety of songs based on the year and artist name. It allows users to get random songs.
Album Catalog Allow users to browse the songs based on category and artist and display them on the timeline of the user.
Recover Deleted Playlist Sometimes, a playlist gets deleted; this feature gets the playlist back.

Tech Stack  

Every feature that you will integrate into the app will require a modern tech stack that can fuel the performance of the same. The tech stack can be different as per the functionality of the app; you can ask your mobile app development company or your music app developers to integrate a tech stack that aligns with the project requirements. Here is a generic tech stack that most of the music streaming app uses.

3. Development & Testing 

Now that all the parameters of the music development have been finalized move to the coding part. Choose a reliable mobile app development company that has developers with valid experience in mobile app development. Ask your music app developers to create a graphic design that matches the functions of the app. The UI is the first thing your users will see when interacting for the first time with the app. A creative UI in a music player app will take your project to a whole new level. 

The development part should be executed with an agile development methodology to get the utmost quality. When the development part is completed, move towards the testing phase. Make sure the app does not have any error or bugs in the app that is affecting the performance of the app. Nobody likes an app with any error or glitch. It is recommended to develop a prototype first, test it out, and if everything goes as per the plan, then develop a full-fledged app.

How Can Matellio Help You with Music Streaming App Development?

Matellio has been in the mobile app development market for more than 15 years, and we have created a reputation for our quality solutions. Our high client retention rate says a lot about our project development. Our team of certified developers and engineers have wide expertise in next-gen technologies and have developed several efficient apps with great reviews and ratings from our clients. 

Our team of experts follows an agile development methodology to create meaningful digital solutions for your business. With our flexible, engaging model, you can manage your budget effectively. If you are thinking of developing a music streaming app like Plexamp, book a 30-min free consultation call to know more, and let’s get started on an exciting journey!!

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