How to develop apps like Bumble?

Updated on May 29th, 2021

How to develop apps like Bumble?

New to the city? Try casual hookups. Need a partner? Try online dating. Finding true love? Try Tinder or Bumble. All these take towards one place, the online dating apps, which has now become one of the most preferred ways of finding companions. The social stigmas have now become a blur and the “Yolo” religion has taken over the conventional theories. The online dating app is now witnessing million of matches daily and out of which a massive percentage of matches are securing their future relations. Tinder is one of the most appreciated dating app, where the matches happen, but sometimes it also leaves one frustrated. The amazing app like Bumble came with what Tinder lacked and became one of the most popular apps in the UK.

December 2014 witnessed the introduction of bumble when the most flourishing online dating app developed by the team under Whitney Wolfe, the former Tinder co-founder. The sensational Bumble started the revolution of feminism purportedly in the Revenge of harassment and discrimination by the co-founder. Bumble allows to swipe through the profiles in a similar fashion like tinder and Zoosk, but with a little preference to female. Here at Bumble, only female user can message first whereas, in case of same sex-interested users, anyone of both can message. The most eloquent use of #metoo for capitalizing, Bumble broke the dating market and dominated the cultural conversation.

What is Bumble?

What is Bumble?

Bumble is one of the most trending online dating apps which works over location-based dating and social matching with some unique features compared to another app. What is highlighted here, that in heterosexual matches, only female can start the message? Here the user can create the account using Facebook where the information is used to build a profile, making the verification easier. However, there are no options available here to identify the user as queer a transgender in comparison to the apps like Tinder.

Some facts for Bumble Dating app:

Bumble Bizz, The company’s exciting spin-off, offered 17 million matches each week, where 64,000 users were recorded to join daily. By 2018 Bumble was recorded to get 27 million downloads. The app also helps people to network and create a business relation, which made it a lot more than hookups. Stepping forward, the app Bumble opened the physical space for couples to meet and date. This is the first ever innovative attempt in the history of online dating app development business.

Below is the success chart of Bumble:

success chart of Bumble

Few sensational highlights for your dating app development like Bumble:

If you are hiring the dating app developers and want to build an amazing app like Bumble, you must ensure your prospective app to contain few most influential components of Bumble. Here are a few of them:

BackTrack: In 2015, Bumble launched the BackTrack feature which allows the user to undo the swipes which were accidentally done. This saves from the creepy guys chasing the girls.

Bumble bff and Bumble bizz: The introduction of this feature has made Bumble more than just dating app. It also became the preferred place to find friend and network.

The BFF mode which has the swipe option for dating mode needs the conversation to start within 24 hours of finding the potential friend or matching. The conversation for dates are colored yellow and chat with your friends are color-coded as green.

Photo verification: On September 2016, Bumble launched photo verification tool to ensure the users are uploading their real profile photo. For this user is asked to upload the selfie, which is then matched with other photos

How does Bumble work?

For dating app developers, it is must understand the working pattern behind the app. Here is some insight into the working of the app.

Swiping: The profile you see falls within the home page as per the preference of distance and age. Once you are happy with settings, You can go ahead with swiping the profiles you like, and if you are not interested you can swipe left to discard.

Bumble matching: If two persons like each other, they are matched. This happens when you are swiping through the profiles and someone you have swap through come across your profile and swipe right. This creates mutual attraction like real-world matchings. The next depends on your sexual orientation.

Bumble messaging: If two persons with the same gender matches, either person can send a message and start conversations. Here, things change quite a bit when the heterosexual match is there. The only female can start the conversation by sending the message and then only he can send his own message. She has to send the message within 24 hours, otherwise, the match deletes automatically. The same goes for if female send the first message and guy does not reply within 24 hours.

The female-dominated feature made Bumble so popular because it stopped ghosting, unlike the actual conversation. For the paid premium version you can extend the 24 hours of the waiting period. Once you both have started chatting now you can really message each other without the fear of expiring the chat.

Bumble match queue: This is the list at the top of the conversation page. The match queue shows anyone who has swiped through your profile with a yellow circle around it. The yellow circle starts to fade with countdown for 24 hours. The green circle shows the number of people who have swiped right over your profile. However, this option is only available for if you have upgraded to Bumble boost.

How to create verification like bumble?336x280

This is one of the greatest features, which made it preferably favorite for women. The verification feature needs the user to verify his profile. This eliminates the risk of catfishing as the potential matches see a little blue tick over the profile, which means you are verified.

The bumble team demands the user to upload a selfie and then matches it with the user profile photos. If it is found fake, the profile is deleted. This is the most essential features which we personally recommend to the stakeholders if they are looking to create a similar dating app.

Let’s know the algorithm behind Bumble:

The algorithm behind Bumble is quite simple so you can easily know how things work and integrate into your prospective app.

People you have swiped right appears first on the screen. Bumble does not make any effort to understand your swiping pattern and just randomly shows the profiles for a wide variety of people. One thing Bumble notices is the number of swipes. The user who keeps swiping over every profile is marked as a bot considering that he must be invisible to other users. Moreover, you need not be consistently active over your profile, and you can take a break by passing your profile.

What paid version offers?

Dating app development is always fruitful if the paid premium version is offered along with standard profiles for revealing the opportunities for users. Bumble boost offers 3 extra features:

  1. BeeLine: This feature allow you to see, who has liked your profile.
  2. Rematch: The standard feature of bumble allows the message to stay for 24 hours, whereas as a paid version powers to rematching with your match beyond the limit of 24 hours.
  3. BusyBee: it allows to extend the waiting time for a response for more than 24 hours.

What’s next?

Being a startup or stakeholder, you must be thinking of developing the dating apps like Bumble, but my recommendation is to think of something new which no one has offered. Easiness and fearlessness are the things which bumble has offered to customers. Time is needing the dating app which is more than just hookups and breaks the fear to meet new people. To solve this problem the profile of the user must be well verified providing a safe and Secure dating platform. This far bumble has stayed truthful on its values and conscious for women empowerment. The app like Bumble can really get success if created with some new idea as add on.


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