How to Develop an App like Access Dots?

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As emerging technologies are taking their place in the global market, people are getting new apps of different genres every now and then. These advanced apps not only deliver feasibility but also ease the daily lifestyle. Studies suggest that an average person has a minimum of twenty apps in their smartphone, and these apps require several hardware permissions for various functions such as camera, mic, etc. 

Numerous third-party apps use the phone’s hardware in the background secretly and can be disturbing to some users; hence, ensuring your phone’s security is a little tricky. Apps like Access Dots prohibit these third-party apps from accessing the camera and mic, and other folders by informing you instantly. In the current times, apps to protect your privacy have become a need, and users around the world are finding them extremely useful. 

If you are planning to build a security app like Access Dots, the conditions are in your favor right now; start with a strategic process and a reliable mobile app development company. In this blog, we will be discussing the development process of an app like Access Dots. 

What is Access Dots?

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Access Dots can be described as a mobile application that indicates you whenever an app on your phone is secretly using the camera, mic, or location. The feature that Access Dot delivers comes pre-installed in the iOS 14, and it uses the same color scheme for alerting users, such as green for the camera, blue for GPS, and orange for the microphone.

However, users are free to choose whatever color they like and assign them to different functions. It also delivers an option to change the position of the indicator icon; users can fix the indicator position as per their choice.

Access Dots have enhanced privacy and data protection in mobile applications significantly with its exciting features. Security applications are now setting the trend in the industry that was much needed. Access dots also allows users to check the access logs, which gives detail about apps that have access camera, location, and microphone.

Why Invest in a Security and Privacy App like Access Dots? 

The global security and privacy applications market is progressing at a CAGR of 41.58% and is projected to cross the valuation of 17.75 billion USD by the year 2028. The market is seeing significant growth in the development of security and privacy apps. Users are still searching for the perfect app that can fulfill their expectations, and it has immense possibilities.  

North America possesses the biggest share in the application security market. The increase in the applications for smartphones will touch new milestones in the upcoming years, and that will bring huge demand for privacy and data protection in mobile applications. 

Developing an app like Access Dots will bring you a large percentage of the population of potential prospects, as everyone needs to have an app that alerts them of suspicious activity on their device. These apps often follow a freemium monetization model that allows you to enhance your revenue figure along with a good user base.

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Development Process of Security and Privacy Apps 

Start the development process by brainstorming about key factors such as the number of features, tech stack, and budget. The launch and marketing strategies will play a significant role in the success of your security and privacy app. The market is saturated with apps that have similar features, try not to be one of them. Introduce new and advanced features that awe the users and attract them to try your app. Enhance the functionality of the app by integrating a modern tech stack based on emerging technologies. All of these processes will seem simpler when you follow a strategic process that progresses a step at a time.

Market Scenario

The global market can be described as the mine of relevant information; you can find any information related to your security and privacy app that will help with the process. Research the market with a proper plan, find out the list of competitors to know the level of competition you are dealing with, then move towards finding their business strategies. The next and most important thing to find out is the user’s opinion and what are the features that they want in a new security app. Remember, features are the first thing one checks first before installing any app.

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Features to be Considered

Display Access Dots: Allow users to be reminded of the non-authorized use of camera, microphone, and location by displaying a small dot on the upper screen. 

Change Colors: Allow users to change the colors of access dots as per their choice. It should offer a detailed color palette. 

Access Logs: Allow users to see a detailed view of the activities that happened on their phones. It tells all the details about which app accessed the camera, microphone, and location, along with the time duration. 

Energy Ring Compatibility: It allows users to wrap access dots around the camera if their phone supports the Energy ring app. 

Size Adjustments: Allow users to increase or decrease the size of the access dots in the phone for better accessibility. 

In-built Payments: Allow users to pay through a secure payment gateway via the application for in-app purchases. 

Sign-up Options: Allow users to register their identity on the phone and set up a backup email for a weekly report on the access dots used. 

Simple UI: Allow users to get an aesthetic feel and focus only on the functionalities of the app. 

Sharing Options: Allow users to share the app with their friends and family; it can enhance the promotions of your app. 

Enhanced Security: It delivers absolute security when it comes to data and privacy protection. The app takes control of the phone’s camera, microphone, and location with your permission to block all unauthorized uses.

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Tech Stack to be Considered

Features may be the USP of any app, but the tech stack is the one that supports the functioning. Make sure to use your market research findings to integrate a modern tech stack in your app. A robust tech stack will not only enhance the performance of your app but also gives you an edge over the competition. Ask your mobile app development company to integrate a tech stack that suits your requirements and business goals perfectly. Here is a tech stack that most of the security and privacy apps use. 

Application and Data

Design, Development & Testing

Security and privacy are only used as an integration to a smartphone. Make sure to keep the UI design as simple as possible. Ask your mobile app developers to create a simple but elegant design that delivers the feel of a security app. Studies suggest that apps with a simpler design are more popular than ones with a quirky design. A simple design creates a sense of focus on important things only, and that’s what one wants when dealing with privacy and data protection in mobile applications.

Now that we have finalized the design, move towards the main and most important part; the development. For optimum results, it is recommended to hire a reliable mobile app development company with a good reputation and reviews like Matellio. These organizations have the best resources that are highly trained and are capable of developing complex mobile applications. However, you can also follow the prototype method; it will cost you less and get you a better idea about the final product if your business requirements are met or not.

Testing can be said the key process of the overall development process. In case the app is lacking anything or has more numbers of errors, it can be detected in the testing phase. It is the reason that makes iterative testing the most efficient method. Ask your mobile app developers or the testing engineers to test your app from every possibility. Remember, eradicate every error or bug before launching the app as it can have a negative effect on the app’s performance and ultimately on the promotions.  

Finding the Perfect Development Partner 

Every single step in the development process cannot be completed without a capable development partner unless you have a perfect in-house development team. Finding a development partner is not hard these days; just look up on websites like Clutch, LinkedIn, etc., and you will find numerous options. But it is mandatory to find out about their reputation, past records, client reviews, projects developed, and more.  

A reliable mobile app development company like Matellio will not hide anything from you regarding your project and its downside. Further, they will suggest ways to improve the project’s quality. Here are some of the options to find a development partner. 

  • Assign the task to your in-house team, considering if you have one. If not, you can set up a whole new team for the development of your app, but it will cost you a lot since you have to set up the infrastructure and pay for the full-time hirings. It is not the most feasible option when it comes to developing a project. 
  • You always have the option to hire a freelance development team; however, freelancers are known to be overworked and overcharging. If you manage to gather a team of freelance developers, they will not be able to deliver you the quality that you are expecting. Now, we have another option. 
  • Hiring a mobile app development company seems to be the best option among the three. The reason is, it has all the resources that will be required in the development along with the expertise. An efficient development partner firm uses agile development methodology to create meaningful solutions that fetch good profit when launched. These companies offer a list of engaging models to choose from and keep your budget under control.

How can Matellio Help in the Development of Security and Privacy Apps? 

Ask yourself a question, how often do you read a privacy agreement of an app while installing it on your smartphone? The answer is never, and the majority of the population will agree to the same. This is the reason we often give permissions to third-party apps of our phone’s hardware usage that can use against us sometimes. It has led to a huge demand for mobile apps to protect your privacy. Matellio has significant expertise in developing security and mobile privacy applications.

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