How To Develop an App Like Adobe Connect New?

Updated on Dec 2nd, 2021

How To Develop an App Like Adobe Connect New

Web conferencing apps have simplified business meetings and virtual learning since the pandemic. When the world was confined in their homes, switching to online communication tools such as apps like Adobe Connect helped pave the way to solidifying the workflow of numerous businesses. 

Studies suggest that communicating with your co-worker without actually seeing them might decrease productivity; that’s where these web conferencing apps come into play. In the education sector, these apps have shown significant improvement by introducing several new features which eased the process. If you think your idea of a new web conferencing app can transform the way people connect around the world, you should surely think about an app like Adobe Connect New. 

The global app development market suggests the demand for web conferencing apps is increasing at a rapid rate. Considering a growth rate of 10.19 percent between the forecasted period between the years 2021 and 2028, the market revenue of web conferencing apps is expected to cross 12.99 billion USD by the year 2028. 

Introduction to Adobe Connect New 

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Adobe connect new app has simplified attending meetings, virtual classrooms, webinars, and more with its efficient features. The app allows users to connect to meetings through phone or tablets with ease. 

The current reviews of the app state, it delivers a great level of performance and quality. It offers a unique UI and supports high-resolution camera broadcasts for better interaction. Switching from landscape to portrait mode has never been easier. During meetings, users can enhance the audio for smooth communication. 

Adobe Connect New is better than the original Adobe Connect app, as the company says it has been completely rewritten. It has an efficient architecture that allows the advanced features to work smoothly. Users across the world are finding this app extremely useful for attending meetings or virtual classrooms; it delivers a flawless performance that makes virtual feel real. 

Steps to Develop an App Like Adobe Connect New 

Web conferencing apps like Adobe Connect have simplified the meetings and webinars for the majority of the world population. This gene of app development targets a wider percentage of users which ultimately widens the opportunities for businesses. Given the global market trends, there could not be a better time to develop a similar app with an extended list of features. Let’s start the development process that consists of a few simple steps. 

Step 1: An Effective Plan 

A result-oriented development process starts with an effective plan that marks all your milestones and guides the process ahead. A plan cannot be made without proper facts and data, conducting market research, and accumulating the key data sets such as the number of competitors, users’ opinions for a new app like Adobe Connect New, market trends, and more. Plan your budget precisely, along with the list of features and the technologies to be integrated into your app. 

List of Features 

Layouts Users can create storyboards to guide the attention of the attendees of an event to a specific section or point. Images, multi-media, quizzes can also be added to the layout.
Templates A number of similar rooms can be created by an identical template; it would work perfectly when other participants also have access to the template. 
Drawing & Annotations A presenter at a meeting can demonstrate his/her idea by drawing on a complete whiteboard with text, color, shapes, and annotations. 
Actions & Requests Participants of a meeting can make requests during the meeting to seek permission to speak, express anything, ask questions, and more. 
Polls A decision taken by the majority becomes a plan; participants of a meeting can take polls created by the host to confirm their choice on a topic.
Moderated Chat A moderated chat helps the host understand his/her audience better and make the meeting interactive. The host can assign a chat moderator for a particular meeting. 
Webcam Controls Participants can control the permissions of the camera during the meeting and can also freeze the frame during a group interaction. 
Prepare Mode Hosts can prepare for an upcoming meeting during a live meeting without affecting the current meeting by any means. 
Engagement Dashboard Hosts can read the attendance of the participants and review the room environment to adjust the pace of presentation delivery and more. 
Interactive Chat Participants of a meeting can communicate in the chat with emoticons without disturbing the ongoing presentation. 
Content Library A cloud storage to store all the data related to a meeting that can be accessed by the participants. It can also be used to upload the data before presentation for a quality experience. 
Meeting Recording Hosts and the participants can record the meeting for future reference or other purposes and save the recording or upload it to the cloud.
Event Analytics Hosts can retrieve event reports in the form of detailed analytics to improve the quality of the presentation or the meetings. 

Step 2: Development Process 

Step 2 requires some brainstorming about the parameters involved in the process. It is mandatory to decide the number of features, technology, type of app, platform, etc., before digging into the process. A little planning can do wonders in developing an app like Adobe Content New. Here are the important things that you must consider for your web conferencing app. 

The Platform to Market Your App  

With an effective plan, you can easily choose the number of platforms you want your app to be available for users. The number of platforms plays an important role in the development process as it can hike up the price and the time of app development. Choose a mobile app development company that has the expertise to make an app that works on either type of platform. Here are your options when it comes to the platform for building web conferencing apps.

Native Applications

A native mobile application is only capable of working on a single platform. However, you can choose from various available platforms to target your app, such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc. If you want your app to reach a wider audience, you have to build a separate mobile application for each platform which indeed will cost you a ton of capital and time. Although, you can simply overcome this platform barrier by just building a cross-platform app. 

Cross-Platform Application

Mobile applications which fall under the cross-platform category works on every platform. Most of the code is reused in the process, and just by a little adjustment, your app is ready to work on other platforms. However, these apps take less time to develop; they can’t be used to integrate a lot of heavy features. An app like Adobe Connect New demands a list of advanced features. Ask your mobile app development company for a bit of better advice. 

Technology Stack 

The quality of features integrated into the app will entirely depend on the technology stack embedded in the project. Tread lightly when dealing with technology; it can affect or enhance the performance of your app at the same time. The technology you choose to be a part of your app can also affect the budget decided for the project. It can elongate the development time of the project; it all depends on the tech stack you choose. 

Ask your mobile app development company for advice on a feasible technology stack that aligns with your expectations and doesn’t cross the line of the budget. However, if you choose to go solo, here is a common technology stack that most web conferencing apps use. 

Technology Stack

Choice of Mobile Development Partner

The process of mobile app development can be quite complex sometimes, which presents the requirements of experts. It totally depends on you whom to choose as the development partner to assist in the process. However, your involvement in the process will also be needed at every stage. But it is recommended to find a team you want to work with for expected outcomes. 

When it comes to choosing a mobile app development partner, you have three options that present different sets of outcomes.  

Team setup

Setup Your Team

Hire full-time resources to set up your own team to develop an app like Adobe Connect New. But this choice will cost you a lot of money and time; it is not feasible for a company to set up an infrastructure and pay all the employee benefits to the full-time hired developers and experts for single project development. 

freelance team

Hire a Freelance Team

Freelance developers are widely available in the global market and will charge you less amount of money to develop a project. But any freelancer never focuses on a single project at a time, which kind of puts the quality of your app development in jeopardy.

Hire a Mobile App Development Company

A reliable mobile app development company like Matellio has a large pool of experts with a wide array of skills in developing mobile apps on different platforms. You are involved in every stage and updated regularly about the progress and updates. Any changes during the process are entertained, and above all, you get the quality of the app that resembles your expectations. 

The development team of any mobile app development company ideally consists of: 

Project Manager
A Project Manager
Native or Cross-Platform App Developers
ui/ux experts
UI/ UX Experts
QA and Testers
Digital Marketers
Digital Marketers

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