How to Develop a Shopping App like Ralph Lauren?

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

How to Develop a Shopping App like Ralph Lauren

The global app market is brimming with shopping and eCommerce apps integrated with great features and functionalities. The trend of new shopping apps has experienced a huge change when the majority of the clothing brand has launched their individual apps for delivering a better experience to their user base.  

The golden rule to succeed in the global app market is to follow the trend, so why not make your own clothing app for your brand or deliver a marketplace for other brands to sell their products. The global market studies suggest that with online shopping apps like Ralph Lauren, there has been an increase of almost 280 percent in the users that selects their product online. With the help of these ads and funnels, these shopping apps have been able to convert a majority of the visitors on the platform. 

If you are thinking about developing an online shopping app like Ralph Lauren, we will guide you at every step along with the features, tech stack, and process. Let’s dig in. 

  • Studies suggest, with an online shopping app, customers spend 11 percent more on every purchase. 
  • The global shopping app market is projected to cross the mark of 111 billion US dollars by the year 2024. 
  • Integrating a loyalty program feature in your shopping app can enhance the user retention rate, ultimately increasing revenue generation. 
  • A shopping app like Ralph Lauren is based on technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, React, and more. 

What is Ralph Lauren? 

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Ralph Lauren app is an online shopping app dedicated to its own products. It bridges the gap between the physical stores and shopping the brand’s products from any other websites. Ralph Lauren delivers rich content and feasibility for the users to get the original products with good prices and authentic prices.  

The online shopping app offers every brand under Ralph Lauren corporation, such as Purple Label Collection, Ralph Lauren Collection, Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Ralph Lauren Home. 

Users can try their clothes online with the help of Snap AR technology and can order their products to be picked up from their stores. It also offers a personalized service based on a fashion quiz and recommends what suits the best to any user. 

Development Process of an Online Shopping App

Online shopping or the e-commerce sector is considered to be complex, but creating a shopping application is not as difficult as one might think. You don’t have to deal with setting up the assembly process; all you have to do is focus on getting the idea right. Because these applications offer a variety of services that benefit the users on a personal level, you may need to improvise accordingly. However, each mobile application development process follows a similar process, consisting of stages such as market analysis, planning, and more. Let’s start with the first stage. 

Know the Market 

Detailed market research can give you a great overview to create the perfect action plan for the overall development process. Gathering market reviews is important to find out the current trends, status, and survival of your project. There are more than three ways by which market research can be done; you can assign this task to your own marketing team, or you can hire a full-fledged marketing company to do the work for you. The third option is extremely simple; you can easily purchase a detailed market research report from online marketing websites. 

Whatever option is chosen, there are some points that must be present in this report. These items include the list of competitors, market trends, and more. The key part of this report should be the user’s expectations. Your app can only be the next popular app if it meets user expectations.

Marking Milestones

The next step should be to create the perfect plan based on the insights from the market research report. Competitors’ strategies can be used to create a marketing plan after the development process. Analyze users’ expectations and find solutions that should solve their problems. Keep in mind that an application enriched with technology and features designed to provide the best user experience has a better chance of success. Therefore, everything should be carefully planned, such as features, technical stack, and more.

Features to Consider 

The online store applications on the market have many exciting features that attract customers. Your application should also have features that add value to the user experience. Do not overload the application with unwanted features that may cause the application to run slowly. Here are the features that you can consider in the process of developing an online shopping application.


Allow users to get registered on the app by providing their basic information and setting up their accounts. Make sure they can sign in with all their social media accounts. 

Personal Profiles

Allow users to create their profiles and add/delete profiles as per their needs; each account will have different wishlists and carts. 

Product Catalogue

Allow users to browse every category of clothing or accessories available on the app. You can sort them in any order you want as long as they provide an easy searching option. 

Product Pages

Allow users to get the information of the category of products and their specifications to deliver a better experience to the users. 

search filters
Advanced Search & Filters

Allow users to search for a specific product when searched by a specific keyword and parameters like size, color, and more. 

Favorites & Cart

Allow users to save their favorite products in a section and in the cart section for faster checkouts. 

Push notification
Push Notifications

It can bring back some of the dormant users and current users by reminding them about any offers or new product arrival.

Loyalty Programs

Allow users to shop more on your app as they can get reward points in exchange for shopping. It can enhance the loyalty of customers towards your business. 

Product Ratings and Reviews

Allow other users to select a product by filtering them on the basis of others’ opinions. 


Allow users to pay for the items they have selected on the app very easily. It is recommended to allow users to pay through various modes. 

Order and Delivery Status

Allow users to get the exact status of their order and get an estimated date of delivery. 

Order Confirmation

Allow users to get a confirmation about an item that is purchased if the payment is successful. 


Allow admins to get the reports of all sales and other data management along with detailed reports. 

Augmented Reality

Allow users to try the products virtually with AR filters and deliver an enhanced experience. 


Allow users to get updates about the recent trends in the fashion industry and ultimately increase their on-screen time on your app. 

Voice Search

Allow users to search for the products on the app with the help of voice search. 

The Technical Stack to Consider 

The performance of the features and functionalities integrated into your shopping app depends directly on the choice of technology you choose. Contact your application development company for details on this topic. You can either get a custom set of techniques that meets the needs of your business or just follow the examples of your competitors. Here’s a technical stack used by most of the best online shopping apps.

Application and Data –  JavaScript, Node.js, React, Java, MySQL, Redis, ExpressJS, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Akamai, Less, Cloudinary 

UtilitiesGoogle Analytics 

DevOpsGit, Jenkins, Sublime Text, New Relic, Android Studio, Varnish, gulp, Grunt, HAProxy, StatsD 

Business ToolsSlack, Trello 

Design & Development 

Honestly, what is the first thing that you notice about each application or software? It must be UI / UX design. Always plan your application design in advance. Hire the best mobile application development company for online shopping app to ensure the utmost efficiency of the overall development process. A good company comes with great designers and developers to help you create a thoughtful design that grabs the user’s attention. Don’t overdo the design; choose a minimalist color palette. 

The last step in the development process is project testing. Examine your project thoroughly in every way possible. Removing errors and errors before launching the app will help you in the long run. For best results, ask your mobile app developers to test the app iteratively.

Develop an MVP 

An MVP is a product that has enough features to attract early adopters and validate a product idea at the beginning of the product development cycle. It can be very helpful for specific industries such as software or mobile app development; MVP can definitely help your product team get user feedback as quickly as possible to replicate and improve the product. The company that follows the agile methodology, which is built on product input-based product validation and iteration, can play a huge role in developing the online shopping app of your expectations; MVP plays a key role in agile development. Developing an MVP can also help minimize the time and resources you might otherwise have to build a product that fails. Here are the simple steps to develop an MVP: 

  • Identify the goal or the problem you are going to solve. 
  • Build the plan accordingly 
  • Decide the features and technology 
  • Start the development 
  • Test and launch

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