How to Develop Apps Like Spotify?

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Walking down the Bleeker street in manhattan, listening to Martin Garrix new cover cohesively shows a vivacious blend of aesthetic music and its seamless access. Today the usability and readiness of online music streaming applications in a person’s life can not be eschewed for any reason. The fact interprets itself that these apps are racking up huge popularity due to effectual and peculiar music experience at any place and time. The significance of ideation and its transfiguration into Spotify, an online streaming music app enables a smooth listening experience to the listener. Spotify offers their user to listen to music without downloading songs to your devices and it becomes more effective because at the same time you work as an essential linkage to global social music sharing network. It becomes promisingly profitable and unique at the same time for the app development company to develop apps similar to Spotify. Survey shows that 45 percent of all digital sales come from online streaming services. Further data also shows that 86 percent of the total consumers are using on-demand streaming services for listening to music. So, it would not be metamorphic to limn that the online streaming model of content distribution has proved itself the most prominent and convenient mean among users expecting a quick and easy solution for their instantaneous demand.

What is Spotify app?

Spotify is a unique music streaming app where users can access a huge bank of music tracks without any limitation. It provides an opportunity to listen to your favorite music comfortably and inexpensively because now you don’t need to download songs to your device for experiencing the collection of music tracks or your playlist.

How does Spotify work?

Usually, the Spotify app is compatible with almost all devices and supports various operating system comprising Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It proffers the users to search their favorite music cover, artist, album, and playlist through the use of search bar. The users do not possess any music track but play it through a Spotify server. In this process every music file is chopped into little pieces, these pieces are sent to the user in a continuous flow (stream) of data and played in the right order at the end-user. Additionally, the app ideally allows the user to create, edit and share their music playlist with other Spotify users.

How can one start using the Spotify app?

With more than ten million tracks, Spotify offers comprehensive online music streaming service on desktop, mobile, and the web. Spotify offers every app development company, a series of different methods to accumulate and uses metadata about the music tracks, albums, and artists in their music library. Let’s have a view of the entire process:

  • Web-version

    The users require to log in the Spotify website either through Facebook or email, before selecting the format of service to be used. The user has to choose between the paid or free version of the Spotify web version, where the free version comprises some limitations. Your internet connection and the bandwidth determine the quality of online music streaming.

  • Spotify app

    The users can easily download the Spotify app from either the Play Store or Apple Store by following the instructions. They don’t need to download the Spotify app on their mobile device if a Wi-Fi connection is available.

How to make a music streaming app like Spotify?

The extended readiness for the users while using apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc intensifies the similar need from the other available or upcoming apps. Here Let’s try  to comprehend the contemporary needs that have been integrated with Spotify:

  • Registration system

    The foremost thing to make sure that the users need not be encountered with the interruptions or problems while their profile registration. It must be quick and simple and should not need more than seconds to get signed up or registered. When the users have to rattle between unnecessary clicks and information, then the probability of their disinterest in using app increases.

  • Profile

    After getting registered what requires most is that the users should find their page comprising all the essential information like name, date of birth, gender, musical preferences, etc they share within the application. The information given by the user would be utilized in considering and gathering the relevant musical interests of the users so that they would find that rejuvenates them.

  • Social resources integration

    In the current market place between unprecedented changes in the consumers’ need and unbridled methods of marketing, the consumers choice plays an important role in the entire race. Spotify popularised and increased its user base by enabling the users’ easy login through social media accounts. Similarly, when you plan to offer them your services, get them empowered with all opportunities where they explore comfortable and easy access. So, don’t forget to integrate social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other resources with your app. It enables them not just to log in through their social media accounts but also they can share their playlists, events related to Spotify, and news with their FB friends.

  • Music content

    Today, while some of the other apps like Spotify certain restriction or limitation over your listening experience, Spotify write off certain restrictions. The users of  Spotify get access to different music tracks and also offered to create, edit and share their playlists. So its imperative that you should rack them up with millions of songs comprising their preferences so that they would certainly manage to get subscribed to the app and won’t ever find any passage to overpass your app’s experience.

  • Tracks Search

    You must be yielding results only if you proffer substantial and quality services to the users. Similarly, the inbuilt search bar in Spotify garners the need of the user, as they can easily search for the specific music track, album, artist, etc through it. There is no need to emphasis its significance due to the basic functionality of a search bar that executes the process required for the app to offer listening experience. So you have to inbuild a search bar to get listed in the ranks of market leaders.

  • Push Notifications

    The adaptability of every app spurts its popularity among its users due to some specific features that enrich their experience. So, one of the most important features among all sticks to provide updates or notifications to the users similarly like in case of apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Ideally, the timely alerts about the news, new music launches, discounts, tips influence the user experiences and they get informed about all relevant updates more promisingly.

  • Individual offers

    The wondrous aspect that comes with the shared information of the user is an opportunity to scan their demand through their interest and that eventually pays you off. In other words, the user’s personal information offers you an opportunity to offer them relevant offers on their possible interest. Spotify knits the loyalty of the users through its “Discovery” feature offering different and interesting playlist to the user that encapsulates organized music compositions matching the user’s preferences.

  • Messages

    Usually, the Spotify app extensively allows all features that target the users’ music listening experience aesthetic and peculiar. But apart from rich and comprehensive features, the Spotify app allows the users to have a conversation with other users through personal messages within the app. Undoubtedly being an auxiliary feature it won’t contribute much to the listening journey but it’s worth being considered.

  • Spotify Connect 

    Spotify connect to allow the user to transfer the same music they listen to another Spotify enabled device from their mobile device, tablet or laptop on the same Wi-Fi network. It helps them to pick up the song from the point where they leave it off. It ensures that the users can easily share or uses the same music track effortlessly from the point they stop. So It’s suggestive to follow apps like Spotify to provide the identical experience to the user so that they won’t be reluctant to use your app.

  • Daily Mixes

    Spotify meticulously creates a playlist for you if you don’t want to create or unable to create your playlist. It whips up playlist named as Daily Mixes based on your preferences, tastes, favorite tracks, and artists. In other words, the feature astonishingly patronizes the user’s actual interest through scanning through their last played song and other relevant information. Here, it’s also an important feature to be inbuilt in your app that bolsters up the ultimate user experience in a new shell.

How Matellio can help?

Unequivocally, the music streaming market morphed into a cut-throat competitive market that eradicates dearth of rich user experience. It shows the necessity of distinguishable features integrated into the app to develop apps like Spotify to stay competitive in the big league. Additionally, it implies that people let allow to be charged for music streaming services instead of separate music tracks. More importantly. The entire development expects a dedicated effort and dexterous process to uplift efficiency where Matelllio has proven excellence. The splendid projects in its portfolio ensure great project development and optimized performance, which is a crucial driving tool for an app like Spotify