How to Develop Fantasy Baseball App?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How to Develop Fantasy Baseball App

Seeking for the development of a fantasy baseball application? Phenomenal!. Why are we thinking so? Baseball’s dominance is predicted to increase over football soon. In any other fantasy sports, participants choose other player’s real-time numbers to gain points. The fantasy baseball app will enable you to build a successful team full of players of your very own choosing, which is quite impressive.

Fantasy baseball is pretty widespread in nations like the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, among other countries. You won’t believe, Business owners and entrepreneurs who traded in baseball fantasy mobile apps have made a fortune worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the figures continue to grow year on year.

With a feature-rich app, rejuvenate an exciting fantasy baseball app that allows users to enter a team, select and manage players, check their accessibility and performance, examine more notes, and so forth!.

Now you’ve sought to develop a baseball fantasy app; it’s imperative to consider more specifics and details. So let’s go. Before discussing the app’s features, revenue model, and many more, let’s first examine the basics.

What is a Fantasy Baseball App?

What is the Baseball Fantasy app?Baseball is a game being played and enjoyed by more than 500 Million adoring fans worldwide. This may be a leisure activity, pleasure, or curiosity for many, although it might be essential to so many others as their everyday living. Being interested in your favorite games seems to be at your convenience in this age of fantasy sports. Currently, The Fantasy Baseball league is becoming a common E-sports played and enjoys annually by hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. According to real-time metrics, users were given the task of building their teams of highest tier baseball athletes and winning points. And when the user’s team performs well in a real-time game, the user gets an opportunity to win real cash in the fantasy baseball app. Fans enjoy fantasy baseball as it strengthens their baseball experience and enhances their comprehension within each player and their performance in-game. Let’s get a few more significant insights into it.

Just like other fantasy sports, fantasy baseball is also played in some manner. In general, there are two formats in baseball fantasy: tournaments and contests. Let’s have a look at some ways.

  • Daily fantasy baseball – This is a simple version that can be played regularly by users. It gives a general overview of the gameplay to the participants. Throughout the daily baseball fantasy edition, the users will pick their squad of players and determine who wins by summarizing the points over the day.
  • Head-To-Head – In head-to-head edition, the participants will let their fantasy baseball team compete with other participants’ teams. User will count their score over the week, and the participant with more points becomes the winner of the game.
  • Round Robin – This model of the fantasy baseball app runs for the entire playoffs; here, the participant rate their wins and defeats during the whole season. And the participants with the highest number of wins will become the winner.
  • Single-Elimination – A single-elimination competition is held to decide who wins. In this, if a team has lost, then you forfeit a competition, then it’s gone. And just in case your team wins, you proceed to the following contests until the end of the season, and a champion is named.

In our Baseball Fantasy App, we Cover Popular Baseball Leagues and Tournaments like:

  1. MLB (Major League Baseball) league.
  2. LCBP (Colombian Professional Baseball League).
  3. KBO league.
  4. NPB (Nippon professional baseball) league.
  5. Premier12 World Championship.
  6. World baseball classic.
  7. And several other leagues like Minor League baseball, Mexican league, Australian Baseball League.

How to Play Fantasy Baseball?:

  • Two teams of 9 players each.
  • Team position is pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, catcher, shortstop, third baseman, and three outfielders for left right and center fields.
  • Both teams get to bat once, and if there’s a tie, then an extra inning will be added till the winner found.
  • Once the batting order is decided, it cannot be changed. The only substitute is permitted.
  • Batter gets only three strikes. If it misses, then the strike will be deemed.
  • The batter can run to the next coming base at any point of time, when on base.
  • Player will be dismissed either by strikeout (means baseman misses the ball three times), forced out (when the baseman fails to be on base before the defensive player), fly-out ( when the ball is caught without bouncing), or by tag out (when defensive player tags the baseman with ball).
  •  And if the baseman reaches first base with the bat, it will be considered an out.

Scenarios in a Fantasy Baseball Game:

  • Team captain will gain two times the points of his/her performance.
  • Team Vice-captain will gain 1.5 times the points of his/her performance.
  • Batter get points for 1b, 2b, 3b, or for a home run.

Now the incoming section, we will discuss the revenue model, features, and tech stack needed for a top-end fantasy baseball app.

How Baseball Fantasy App Makes Money?

There are so many opportunities to make money in a baseball fantasy app; that’s why more individuals are coming into this niche. Let’s move forward and have a look at the monetization models of baseball fantasy app.

  1. Tournament Entry Fees – This is the app’s big money-making machine. Plenty of earnings come from the fantasy baseball app’s entrance fees. Participants keep earning awards helps and encourage them to participate in pro-tournaments activities.
  2. Promotions – Fantasy sports applications are becoming increasingly prevalent and widespread. In terms of brand marketing, it could be a perfect medium to draw a massive audience. For their promotions, many companies and businesses are enthusiastically searching for such a large forum.
  3. In-app purchasing – The income of Fantasy apps has dramatically improved by adding the e-commerce segment into these applications. This integration will allow app users to purchase their favorite merch and all the other things they want.

We hope that as of now, you’ve had detailed knowledge of what is fantasy baseball and how to generate money out of it. Let’s move forward and discuss the must-have features and functionalities that take your baseball fantasy app far ahead from competitors.

Must-have Features of Fantasy Baseball App:

Must-have features of fantasy baseball appIt’s so true that features and functionalities play an essential role in the application’s success. Consider that. The application functionality must be different for the player and administrator. Thus the application requires distinct features. So let’s move forward and see what these features are:

Features for user panel:

  1. Login/ register – Perhaps the first and most important feature that seems to be included in the baseball fantasy app is signing into a specific account. The user would have to login or set up their new profile. That will engage in a fantasy sports app from that account. For the preliminary login or registration, information such as Name, Email, Phone number, unique User ID, etc. was required.
  1. Dashboard – Once the authentication is done, the home screen is the dashboard where the user should reside when entering an app. The user should come throughout many games of sports getting conducted. Often, the forthcoming events will appear on this landing page as well. On the dashboard, you have to allow the user to filter their search based on their preferences. The must’ve been able to filter outcomes by sports, match form, data, etc. After the filter is implemented, the participants will also get the outcome they want. Then the users are going to be redirected to the contest and join page.
  1. Contest – This page will describe full contest listings for the users. This includes options such as filters, tournament type, tournament name, entrance fee, overall tournament winning amount. Then the user can choose and start playing the tournament they would love to. These tournaments are a chance for users to win prize money by playing it. Here users can see all the tournaments available to compete in. Seeing all the tournament at one location is quite useful.
  1. Profile management – For a baseball fantasy app, my profile is essential. Under this section, users can collect their reward points and review account information such as available balance, cash bonus, winning numbers, etc. And also, they can view transactions, handle payments, add money, transfer funds. They can also search their list of mates and their rankings, through which they can invite their mates and receive a referral bonus.
  1. Create a custom contest – It would be lovely additions for them to build custom tournaments instead of only making the players compete in different competitions. Through this feature, users can quickly build a tournament by providing details such as tournament amount, winning amount, tournament size, multiple teams allowed or not, entrance fee, etc. They ought to be willing to invite their mates to join the race as well.
  1. Payment – This feature lets the user add money to their app wallets via online mode. The funds can be used to join various tournaments or to buy crates. Must provide all possible and secure payment gateways, debit, and credit cards. And make sure that the user’s credentials must be secured. The simpler and smoother it is for users using the payment mode, the higher the likelihood they will keep your app.

Features for admin panel:

  1. Using this feature, the admin user will log into their account by submitting the password and username. For the preliminary login or registration, information such as Name, Email, Phone number, unique User ID, etc. was required. The user would not be able to enter or participate without logging into their account.
  1. Request management – Via, this administrator will access and react to the participant’s request to withdraw their winnings. The administrator will accept and deny the details and decide whether to accept or decline the PAN details, display the accepted and rejected participant list and eventually submit payments to the participants who won their competitions.
  1. Dashboard – In a dashboard where users can get to know different statistical statistics about them. The administrator can check the stats such as total tournaments played, ongoing tournaments and upcoming tournaments so far, number of participants, and total earnings. Via, a centralized dashboard admin can control the entire application.
  1. Manage tournaments – This feature is essential for the various games’ ongoing management and coordination. The admin can handle all game categories, add, update, delete or perhaps disable a contest from this feature if necessary. With this feature, the admin has full control to manage and lookout each tournament genre. At the same, the feature also helps them to handle all quest-related items
  1. User & transaction management – The baseball fantasy app, like every app, has the feature that allows an admin to control users and carry out actions such as adding, removing, banning, or suspending users from the app. Besides that, this feature also helps to monitor all transactions done in the application. Not just this, the admin can schedule, approve, and deny the payment between application and bank.

Besides, the primary user and admin features mentioned above help make your baseball fantasy app ready to launch, but who needs basic features? Turn and integrate these advanced features that give your baseball fantasy app an exceptional feel.

  1. Live Score – It’s a smart idea to incorporate the live event scores in addition to the live commentary and expert judgment. With this, the participants can keep records of their fantasy team’s success, depending on the player’s real-life performances. This feature also shows the highlights of the match.
  2. Artificial Intelligence integration – For this form of an app, this can be seen to be an incredibly important trait. This can be of direct benefit to the admin to improve the game with various opportunities and probabilities. The implementation of the functionality would make the game feel more genuine. AI integration also helps the app to learn the user’s behavioral pattern.
  3. Challenge Mates – The enjoyment of fantasy sports is more when the user can compete with their friends and family. This feature will allow participants to invite their mates and family members to create an account and compete with him/her in Baseball ground. Besides that, these features also let the user customize the mode of challenges like scoring points, betting amount, modes like (Rookie, Amateur, Veteran), and many more for their friends.
  4. Baseball leagues updates – By providing real-time insights through an occurring match, the fantasy app’s analytical feature will allow users and admin to make faster, better, and quick decisions. In this, the data is stored and continuously updated in real-time.
  5. Geo-location – GPS position tracking and monitoring are vital since it enables the app to send substantial push alerts to users about current ongoing tournaments or competition around them.
  6. Dedicated talk channel – This feature will do wonders in your baseball fantasy app. In this, the user or admin can make a dedicated channel where friends can chat, play podcasts, experts can give their opinions on previous or upcoming tournaments. Integrating this advanced feature will create more fun and helps the audience.
  7. CRM integration – The application using the back-end service is incorporated and supports the management of seat tickets, participants position, sending messages, push alerts, and illustrate useful in many other ways.
  8. Push notifications and loyalty programs – Push notification function can keep users aware of important events. It will undoubtedly remind them of a game that is about to start or the game’s outcome. At the same time, the Loyalty program effectively keeps the user committed to the application in the form of reference and other programs.
  9. Multilingual & Chatbot assistance – Provide ease of interacting with the language often favored by the user and exploit the game’s global success. Besides that, the chatbot feature can be introduced in new apps that can be used. Users can experience difficulties or even have queries on the app. Chatbot helps to answer those queries and concerns. Besides that, chatbots could also be useful for collecting user’s knowledge. These are essential viewing have features in your baseball fantasy apps.

To integrate the features mentioned above and functionalities in your baseball fantasy app requires a robust tech stack. Let’s move forward and discuss the tech stack required to top-notch baseball fantasy app.

Tech Stack for Baseball Fantasy App:

There are so many technologies that you can use to build a high-end baseball fantasy app; however, below, we’ve listed some of the top technologies which help you to get started.

  1. For android – Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, React, Vue JS.
  2. For IOS – swift, objective C, Node JS, ROR, Codeigniter, Laravel, fabric IOS.
  3. Database – MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  4. Cloud – AWS, MS Azure.
  5. Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.
  6. Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP.
  7. Analytics – Gleam IO, Google Analytics, Spark.
  8. Other stacks – Sketch, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, Xcode, GeoFence, SASS, ZOHO, and stripe.

As we all know, developing an application takes a lot of effort, and it’s not easy for a single person to build the entire application and market it. For this, you have required a team which handles all the operations needed to deploy high-end baseball fantasy application in the market.

Team Required for the Development Phase of Baseball Fantasy App:

This team will convert your idea into reality via Top-notch fantasy application. To develop an app, the following individuals are required.

  1. Business Analyst.
  2. Front/back-end developer.
  3. UI/UX designer.
  4. QA testers.
  5. Project manager.
  6. Android/IOS developer.

As of now, we cleared all the points which help you to start with the baseball fantasy app, now let talk about the core part of this blog, THE COST. Yes, let’s move forward and discuss:

Cost to Develop a Baseball Fantasy App:

The cost to develop a fantasy sports app will depend on your application’s features, functionality, and platform. The price varies in countries to countries.

Since you’ve learned all the specifics of making a full-fledged baseball fantasy sports app, it’s time to understand the price engaged inside it. Thru it, let us give you a brief insight, Pair up with the best fantasy app development firm like us to become a great and successful entrepreneur.

The development cost depends on the features you choose, the deployment platform (android, IOS, Web), and the region of partnering development firm. Approximately the total development cost of a baseball fantasy app on a platform likes android & IOS with basic features will cost you around USD 12k to USD 25k. Whereas, an app with advanced features and extra add-ons will cost you nearly USD 30k to USD 45k.

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Wrap up:

Baseball fantasy is a successful business to lead. The process of getting started is not that difficult if you want to launch your company in the fantasy industry. All you have to do is, You need to partner with skilled professionals like us who are adequately knowledgeable to provide you with the app that will hold faithful to your requirements and be ready to Rejuvenate and jump-starts your entry into the world of fantasy apps.

At Matellio, we concentrate on creating a Fantasy Sports app for mobile and web that captivate the audience and scalable, secure, and integrated compliance with all rules and regulations. We build fantasy apps that are user-friendly, scalable, and feature-rich. Have an idea for a Fantasy Baseball App? Let the ideas Roll! Contact us today

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