How to Develop On Demand Cleaning Service App?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Incontestably, everyone has stumbled across housecleaning problem amid back to back activities or between exhausting work schedules. It might get irksome for an individual to clean up more than one room either after a late night party or with an ordinary schedule. Although it seems like an unsolved funny mystery, here mobile app development company comes with the solution, on-demand cleaning app. You can let specialized professionals to clean rooms or offices without wasting your time, which makes everything so simple and lightning fast by taking you domestic burden off from your shoulder. It is expected that the cleaning market size will be accentuated with a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% to reach $74299 million by 2022. It comprises window cleaning, maid services, carpet and upholstery cleaning floor clearing and other cleaning services used for domestic and commercial purpose. Evidently, the cleaning industry is highly fragmented, still, top 50 companies facilely extract 30 percent revenue for the whole industry.

TOP 5 on demand cleaning app

On-demand services have provided an upsurge to subsisting enterprises dominating the digital marketplace and popular “On-demand ” term is fundamentally a blend of variety, affordability, convenience and availability for. The paradigm shift from a traditional model of business to the precocious on-demand economy has unveiled customized whole house cleaning services through Maid On-Demand Mobile App Development. Here are the top 5 on demand cleaning app tackles from dusting the furniture to laundry:

OurHome: Sometimes cleaning up a home or office premises become a responsibility of more than one person, and it needs an on-demand cleaning app to keep track of cleaning chores and other tasks. Here, OurHome offers multiple options for family members and large households to divvies up multiple tasks and responsibilities among roommates, family members, and children. It checks off all completed cleaning tasks and put together so easily to analyze what still requires to be completed and when. It encourages completion of tasks by repayment to helpers with children friendly stickers and points.OurHome also allows comprehensive features like a reward system, organized household routine using the calendar and shared list of grocery. Users can immaculately add a cleaning task, assign it to tasker and choose a reward once it gets completed, right from the app. The user becomes able to view regular updates across the board, send messages about tasks, add various items to the shared grocery list, and set task reminders. The app allows support to both Android and iOS platform devices.

Do!: Usually, a to-do list of housekeeping should be easy for completion, simple and ready to be checked at a moments notice, Do! App offers the user a similar look and experience like a to-do list on paper with unique interesting proper paper and realistic pen sound effects, and also able to add new tasks. The user can use a color coding system to organize erratic to do list which is completely customizable for prioritizing their tasks alphabetically or according to recently added tasks.

TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is a task management network that makes life easier for people overwhelmed by their to-do lists. It a reliable one-stop solution for anything heavy duty cleaning tasks, planting a new garden, putting together furniture, etc. It has over 140000 vested taskers helps you out in making your living room spotless or managing groceries like stuff. Its beauty is the simplicity of the application, users accessibility to see available taskers for cleaning tasks or charges and feedbacks or reviews from last hirers. TaskRabbit handles every specific step of the cleaning process from booking to paying charges and setting up recurring visits. The beauty of the app is its simplicity, accessibility of user to see available qualifies taskers and their charges and feedbacks or reviews of provided taskers by last hirers.TaskRabbit connects people who usually post their job on its platform to outsource errands to the available qualified taskers to help. Furthermore, it also takes care of the people who are away from home and post the task through the app and complete the task once they return. TaskRabbit’s tasker helps consumers across a wide variety of categories  are fully talented and intensely verified

Tody: Tody is an in-depth practical way to complete frequent chores of designated areas like kitchen, living rooms, offices, etc. User can choose the stipulated time according to the current situation of an allotted task in following days, week or months, then it is displayed with colored bar and due date in the assigned area. Tody is concerned about getting your house clean by providing a simple way to allot, check off and rescheduling tasks in to do list organized by area, due date a, daily completed tasks and reminders about the frequency of new tasks.


HomeRoutines: Cleaning does not frustrate once it becomes an easy and regular routine. HomeRoutines creates regular routines for cleaning to keep each “zones” of your home in check with the icon-filled interface. User can view suggested tasks for weeks and even for day’s morning as well as for evening like washing dishes, brooming, etc and once it gets completed to mark the star next to the task.

With the growing market of apps, almost every renown android app development company come across the need of development for on-demand cleaning app. These apps are made strategically to benefit customers and users. Though there are multiple features of an app which are segmented as per the stages of development, still there are few essential features that make an app live up to the expectation of customers. Below are those features:

1. Offer Multiple Options: A On-demand cleaning app must include commercial and home cleaning options like electrical, plumbing, handyman services and cover most of the customer’s pain points. It should also provide a wide range of house cleaning customizable packages with different services.

2. Add Features that Offer Convenience: It is imperative to encapsulate additional features like in-app chat, cleaner job details,, and history, time and date, the option of easy cancellation, real-time tracking, ratings, and reviews, searching nearby services and added filter in on-demand enhances UX manifoldly and Maid on-demand app development makes app highly functional and efficient.

3. Easy Booking Option for Now or Later: The success of On-demand cleaning services app relies on a weighty feature of irreproachable booking option to book desired cleaning services. The users are also provided with an option of either booking for now or later without any hassle. Therefore Maid on-demand app development needs to encompass seamless user experience while booking on-demand cleaning services.

4. Ensure Easy Navigation: Easy navigation is taken as a  prime feature of getting into customers good books so elimination of complexity and agglomeration ensures easy, intuitive UI  displaying all congruous features consistently. User should experience seamless accessibility to booking, customization of booking and anytime cancellation.

5. Offer a Seamless and Secure Payment Gateway: The seamless online payment has brought expeditious transformation and offers exponential customer experience of safe and secure payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe and saved credentials of their debit and cards for booking. So, the single-minded focus on solving payment gateway through the right payment gateway with the assurance that consumer data is encrypted and secure.

Choose Matellio for On demand cleaning app:

On demand cleaning app is in high demand today, and there are many agencies who are working over the platform but still lacking the push of an application. For the on demand cleaning app, you are recommended to find a good outsourcing partner or contact matellio. Matellio has the team of developers who are competent with the latest technology and tools and have worked over the app with a similar concept. Partnering with Matellio can create great potential in your business and unravel the huge opportunities.


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