How to Develop On-demand eBooks App Like Kindle?

Updated on May 29th, 2021

How to Develop On-demand eBooks App Like Kindle?

The education industry is the most growing sector in the world and it is the only sector which decides the trends of other industry in the coming decade. What students learn today, will show the growth of the economy after a decade. Kindle is a powerful app which provides ease of access to the students for reading the novels and study materials, and the level of easiness Not only students, the apps like Kindle has made everyone an e-reader. The availability of the book anywhere, everywhere over your smartphone and mobile phone or iPad and exciting offers for the voracious readers, but has its own competition against the Kindle device, which excels in terms of battery life, storage and eye relaxation. Discussion about the pros of spending the bucks on Kindle devices and cons of continuous reading over a smartphone is far-talk for now and here in this article, we will focus on the development of an e-reading app.

What is E-reader?

An e-reader is an electronic device which enables reading habits with portable devices. Here the user can read the digital content through an electronic device such as a smartphone and a dedicated device such as Pandigital, Sony Reader, Barnes & Nobles’ and Amazon Kindle. The growing popularity of ebooks and the trends of the market pushed the importance of reading a book with wireless connectivity more. Another reason for the popularity is better readability optimization, low cost, and the large battery life which facilitates the reading for the whole night without paying attention to the blinking battery.

Stats and growth of the on-demand e-reading app

Mobile apps have become now the part of daily life and every second minute our thumb taps over some kind of app. The app usage has become the part of great revenue for businesses and therefore every day, thousands app are being launched and distributed over the platforms. According to the forecasts, By 2020 the app revenue will reach around $189 billion and e-reading apps are an important part of this.

Few statistics shows the importance and usage of the e-reader app and its success over time while there are some stats which shows the influencing factors behind the use of a particular app or device. In 2017, the survey shows that battery life is the most important factor for 80 percent of the respondent to purchase the e-reading device. Whereas 45 percent focused over the price below a hundred for an e-reader device. By 2018, there were approximately 90.5 million e-reader owners in the US which are expected to increase up to 93 million by 2020. Creating an on-demand ebook app is an amazing idea and if you are the bookseller it can greatly grow the revenue and boost sales. The advantage is not just limited to the number of books sold but also to the added value for customers with the option to purchase from the app instead of surfing around the google. Once the app like Kindle is liked and the book is enjoyed you create a strong customer base and that customer keeps coming back to your app which in turn increases your revenue source. There are many pioneers of this business such as Barnes & Noble who took over around 27 percent of the e-book market and successfully reached $277 million added revenue. The convenience of mobile has dramatically decreased the number of sales for the dedicated e-reader devices.

Components of on-demand e-book app


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Every user-friendly product is always welcomed by the users, no matters what the market trends are. If the app has engaging UI and UX, it is favored by the users and there are some important components, that are must for the e-reading app:

  • Easy registration
  • A large store with the user libraries with the collection of diverse book choose.
  • E-book format support.
  • Text formatting features for making the reading convenient for users and the availability of customization.
  • Search features to find the book using text, categories, name, etc.
  • Bookmarking and highlight feature for making notes and social media sharing for sharing the content.

Above are the basic features or may be called as a component of an app whereas some catchy and unique content are the factors which make the application successful over the market.

Personalization: Any service which is personalized is highly favored by the users and the same applies to the reading apps. Adding a few questions help you in understanding the area of interest and let you show the books and digital stuff as per the genres preferred by the readers.

Night mode reading: Most of the voracious readers spend their time reading at night. The nighttime reading affects the eyes of the reader in an adverse manner. Therefore, to reduce the negative effect over eyes, the night mode changes the UI of an app in the darker mode which makes it easy for the client to read.

The web version of education app developmentHow long can you read the digital book over mobile? After a certain time, it becomes problematic for eyes and therefore the larger screen option is the best option to go for. Offering the web version of app results in the scalability of the app, driving more customers.

Translation: Books are knowledge and knowledge is not limited to a certain area of location. It must be available globally. Your app can be used in the country of different dialect or a person who does not know your language to speak and read. The translation features help the user in reading the book by translating and understand a few tough words.

Push notification: Keeping the user engaged is must and the revenue of an app does not rely on the downloads, instead of over the regular log in usage. To keep the user engaged in your push notification is the best idea to go for. With push notification, you can keep reminding users about the new updates, discounts, and recommendations.

Integrate social media reviews and sharing: If your book is good and users are liking that, then he tends to give the review and share your book with friends. A network where users can interact with each other helps them learn more about books and share the one they truly enjoy.

Audiobooks: In a busy life, it is sometimes problematic for drawing time for reading. Offering the audio version of the book helps users in listening to books and enjoy when they walk or run.

Advantage of hiring developers from Matellio for education app development:

Above components are the essential one and they can make your app easy to use for users. Whereas putting some unique features as per the recommendation of the clients is the most recommended way to flourish in the market. The constant changes are the key to success and the updates make the app grow with the time and stay relevant.

This scalability is issued with the help of an experienced developer or a team of developers. Matellio can develop apps like Kindle which are flourishing with the time and have become the preference of the readers. Initiate business traction with us for developing an amazing app.

Hows to develop an On-demand reading app like Kindle

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