How To Develop On-Demand Pest Control App?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

Modern life demands modern solutions for pestering problems (no pun intended!). Our lives are way too fast for us to spend time on trivial chores. We are, as a society, finding better and better ways to make our daily lives easier with the help of technology. From smart wearables to smart home devices, we are continually inventing things that will save us just a little bit of time or make our lives easier. And nothing has been a bigger time saver than smartphone apps. Thanks to the smartphone technology, we can now book flight tickets, stream our favourite shows, watch movies, pay our bills, do banking, and many more such chores, all of them on the go. Mobile apps work as a bridge between consumers and service/product providers. With the help of these apps, customers can order a service/product whenever and wherever they might be. There is no longer a need to visit a brick and tar shop any more. All you need is a mobile app and you’re good to go. Many businesses have been put on the map because of them. Industries are quickly realizing that there is a vast deposit of money to be made with the help of mobile apps, including the pest control industry.

Who amongst us can say that they have never faced a pest problem in their homes? At one point of time, we all have! And now there is a smarter way to deal with this issue- on demand pest control app. If you are a pest control expert and are looking to take your business to the next level, then a pest control mobile app is just the thing that you need.

But First, What Is An On-Demand Pest Control App?  

To put it plainly, an on-demand pest control app is an app much like any other on-demand app like Uber. Much like Uber, a user can book a pest control expert using these on-demand pest control apps. It works as a link between a consumer and a business, thus bringing them closer to each other.

Benefits Of On-Demand Pest Control App

Some of the greatest benefits of developing an on-demand pest control app are,

  1. It helps you in growing your business since you will be bringing expert pest control experts closer to users who are in dire need of one.
  2. A mobile app makes it easier for your customers to make a payment and gives them multiple choices to do so.
  3. It makes bookkeeping and invoice making very easy for you as a business owner.
  4. You can keep a track of your pest control experts with the help of GPS.
  5. It will allow your customers to make and cancel appointments.

Features You Need To Add In Your On-Demand Pest Control App

Now that you have realized that you need an app for your business, it is time to start putting it together. From the get-go, you need to clear about the object of your app. Traditionally, apps such as this have two different types of users- the customer and, in the case of these apps, pest control experts. So you need to add features that will satisfy both of their needs.

 Admin Panel Of On-Demand Pest Control App

admin-panel pest control

 1.Manage Schedule online

The admin can manage bookings and make sure that there is no time-clash between two bookings for one pest control expert.

2. Dashboard & Statistics

Admin dashboard must show the appointments’ timings, location and person name and other related information so that it becomes easy to manage other requests effortlessly. In a broader sense, once the information about all appointments of pest controllers are available, then it would be feasible to manage further requests of the users. It should also extend to data related to the user and pest controller like user and pest controller information, service timings and charge, etc.

3. Manage Services & Pricing

Here, the admin panel enables the administrator to manage pest control services and its pricing. The admin determines the selling price of their services to their users according to various factors they rack up for the conclusive price. The panel of pest control app development empowers them to classify their services based on the nature, price, and availability of services. 

4. Manage Service Providers

The admin must be able to edit and add the pest controller while experiencing requests from the users. In other words, admin should able to add or remove the pest controllers from their platform. Furthermore, you should also integrate tracking of the service providers that helps admin to track the pest controller at that specific area and timings, so that admin can easily monitor the deliverance of the pest control services to the exact location and specific users at the allotted time.

5.Track the Enrolled Customers

The admin panel of pest control app development should be featured with the accessibility to new customer signups and already enrolled customers. It lightens up the need to manage the user information to deliver efficient and services. On the contrary, If customers’ profile comprises doubtful information or misleads, the admin should have the power either to expel users from their platform or make them known about the problem.

6.Transaction Details

The imperative aspect of entire on-demand app model is a transaction detail, where the admin would view all exchanges in the entire process of pest control services. The admin is empowered to analysis an unfeigned statement of revenue and expenditure and would manage further decisions.

Pest Controller Panel On-Demand Pest Control App

1.Profile management

A pest controller is required to sign up and register using the app. Once signed up, he should be able to change some aspects of his profile, though not all of them, not without the consent or approval of the admin at least.

2. Customer Identification

Before accepting the request, it’s imperative that a pest controller has information about the customer’s location and name. So the app should comprise a feature where the pest controller would receive an alert about the relevant information of the user.

 3. In app-navigation

For a pest controller to reach his customers quickly, he needs to know exactly where he is going and how to get there.Obviously it is not possible for him to know every road and street in his operating area. So a map integration in your app itself can be of great help to him. On top of that, it offers users an estimated time of arrival of their pest controller and they can track his current location as well.

 4. Contact Customer

The on-demand pest control delivery app should have an option to establish contact with the customer who ordered the service. A pest controller should be able to call his client from inside the app itself in case he can’t find his correct or runs into some other trouble.

5. Job History Details

The information related to their last delivered services is quintessential for the pest controller for recording their weekly or monthly statement. They should have accessibility to the historical data through cloud-based storage. Furthermore, it racks up every bit of imperative data of their job comprising place, date, name, etc.

  Customer’s Panel On-Demand Pest Control App

customer-panel ondemand pest control

 1. Sign Up

Your customers need to sign up with your company using your app. Also, give them an option to sign up using their social media accounts. This will make their work easier since they won’t have to add all the information.

2. Tracking a Pest Controller

Just like any other on-demand app, your pest control app must allow its users to track their pest controller. A map integration that marks the pest controller’s real time location and tells them his estimated time of arrival can be of great benefit to your business.

3. Schedule Service

On top of booking an immediate appointment, a customer should be able to schedule it for future as well. So you need to allow your users to book a pest controller on the date and time of their choosing.

 4. Different Payment Alternatives

You will need to provide various ways to make payments to your users. You can add cash on delivery or card payment option in your app. On top of that, you can allow your users to pay using various eWallets and other payment gateways. Allowing them to pay via Paypal and other such online solutions gives them a fine array of options and they are not tied to one.

5. Rate and Review

Customers want to be heard. They want to be able to voice their concerns and their grievances. And you need to make that happen. Your user should be able to review a pest controller and give him ratings. This will help you in conducting your work assessment of your pest controllers as well. Apart from that, don’t shy away from asking for a quick review of the app as well.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to channel information to your users about any new offer, discounts, and scheme, etc. A user also needs to get notifications about the estimated time, name of the service person and other such details.

How To Develop An On-Demand Pest Control App?

Developing an app is not a trivial task. You will need to conduct a thorough market research about the needs of the customers and what exactly they look for in such apps. Furthermore, you will need to conduct a vigorous research on your competitors and see what they are doing with their apps. You need to pick out the things that they are doing right and try and adopt them in your app, too.

Once you’re done with your research, you should have a good idea of what your app needs to be. Now you need answers to three major questions before you can move on-

 What technology you require to develop your app?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. First is your need and your customer base. Broadly speaking, there are two types of mobile apps in the market, iOS and Android. iOS app as you can probably guess are for Apple devices and run on iOS platform while Android apps work on Android-powered smartphones. The question that you need to ask yourself is if your customers are more Apple users or Android users.It is a general thinking that Apple users are more likely to make in-app purchases and pay handsomely while Android users aren’t. While no conclusive study has ever been done, we can all agree that Apple is more of a brand for people with money to spend. So if you’re clients are rich people, then you are probably better off getting an iOS app developed. While if you are catering to the needs of more middle class people, then Android is the platform you should go for.Still, it hardly makes sense to get an app developed for just of these OSes in today’s era when the smartphone market is so unevenly split between these two heavy-weight champions with each faction having a lot to offer to businesses. An alternate can be that you go for a hybrid app which runs on both iOS and Android. While it will substantially reduce your cost, you need to keep in mind that these app are not as high quality as the Native apps.

The team required to build on-demand pest control app

If you are putting your own in-house development team together that will work on your project solely, then your team needs to contain,

  1. Mobile app developers- for whichever platform you choose to go for- Android, iOS, Hybrid.
  2. UX/UI designers- people who will design a seamless UX of your app.
  3. Designers- people who will design screens for your app.
  4. Tester- you will need people who can test your app once it is done. A QA team is essential for any app since it allows you to release a bug free app.

If you don’t want to hire people on your own and invest in acquiring infrastructure, then you can hire a mobile app development company who can do it all for you.

 How Much Does It Cost To Make An On-Demand Pest Control App?

It is not possible to give you an exact amount that you will be spending on your app since it will depend on the choices that you make while planning your app. Some of the key factors that will affect your cost are,

  1. Features you include
  2. Technology you go for
  3. What platforms you target
  4. The regions you want to cover
  5. Whether you make your own development team or hire a mobile app development company.


 Final Words

Above are some of the general features that you can add in your on-demand pest control app. Of course you can add and remove features from this list as per your needs. What you really need to keep in mind is that at the end of the day, your app needs to make the entire process of booking your services easier. There is no point in making a smartphone app if the process is just going to get too complicated. Simplicity is the key, keep that in mind and you’re good to go. Also, having a sound technical team is vital. You need to have mobile app developers backing you up who know how to drive your project from the planning phase to release and how to properly conduct post release steps. Matellio can help you with that. Our expert QA and development team has years of experience in developing on-demand apps and know how to employ the latest technologies in the market to design top notch apps for your customers.

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