How to Develop Purchase Order Management Software and App

Updated on Jan 24th, 2024

According to Statista, the automated industrial software market is expected to be worth $43 billion by the year 2021. With the changing business scenarios, things in the global market have transformed significantly. Whether we talk of technology or enterprise solutions, all things have evolved drastically to satisfy the changing needs of the worldwide market. The purchase management system is one such robust enterprise solution that has transformed itself with the time. Purchasing management is a tactical aspect within the enterprises, that provides the information over efficiency and productivity of the employees and the business. Managing substantial inventory, outsourcing high-quality products, and vendor management are some of the vital functions carried out by purchase management to build success for the company.

And if you think that’s the only functionalities that are carried out by the purchase management system, then wait, there’s more! Apart from ensuring a substantial level of inventory, a purchase management system also helps you in optimizing purchase costs, forecasting future demands, and even in controlling purchasing tasks. Now that’s amazing!

Let’s learn more about the purchase management software and how you can implement that in your organization to improve your purchasing decisions and other business operations.

How do Purchase Order Systems Work?

Purchase Order Management Software and App

If you are related to the manufacturing industry, then at some point in time, you will certainly need to place orders to purchase goods and services from third-party vendors. And with purchasing comes the order tracking and cost optimization techniques. Purchase management helps you in streamlining all the tasks from the order placing to vendor payment to make your work more efficient. An effective purchase management software effectively automates all the process of the purchase management, and allots specific tasks directly to the concerned department to complete the processes on time and efficiently.

To make things more clear, here is a summary of what all tasks are automated by effective purchase management software.

1. Purchase Request

The first and foremost aspect of the purchase order management is to make a purchase request. The purchase request outlines all the details related to the purchase like, what the company needs, who they need it from when they need it, and so on. A purchase management software automates all these processes by fetching all the relevant details from the company’s records and enables the managers to approve or deny the requests made, or change any information they find suspicious.

2. Order Management

After drafting of purchase order comes the order placing process. When the concerned person approves the purchase order, it is then sent to the vendor or the supplier. The supplier then confirms it and it becomes a binding agreement between both the parties. All this process is automated by the purchase management software. Furthermore, the purchase order management software also assigns a unique code to the purchase orders to track it efficiently during the complete order cycle.

3. Order Fulfillment

Once the orders are confirmed from the supplier’s end, the next step is the order fulfillment. The software tracks the complete information of all your orders and predicts its expected shipment and delivery date.

4. Goods Received

Once goods are shipped and delivered to the respective company, it is vital to check the codes and orders and confirm that you are paying for only what you have ordered. For that, you can scan the codes of the orders or can match the details of the orders with that provided by your purchase management to get an accurate idea.

5. Invoicing Management

The final phase is the invoice processing. You need to pay the vendor against the orders placed by your company. The purchase order management system matches everything from comparing goods received to the purchase order, to generating online invoices for the vendors. After everything is matched and checked, the bills are sent to your accounts department so that no invoices are misplaced, and your financial process remains error-free.

So, that’s how an effective purchase management software helps your company to automate all the vital processes of your order management. Let’s help you further in supporting your decision to invest in a custom purchase order system by listing some of its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Using a Purchase Order Management Software?

In an organization, where a person makes the purchase orders, another receives the orders, and a third person pays the bills, purchase management increases the visibility of the processes. It helps the employees to view all the processes that take place within the organization. Let’s look at some more benefits.

1. Enhanced Order Accuracy

The first and foremost benefit of leveraging a custom purchase order management software is improved order accuracy. An effective purchase order management software efficiently helps you to increase the chances of your order confirmation. It efficiently showcases every information of your order like quantity, delivery date, delivery place, and so on. Also, if every detail of your order is effectively mentioned, then it becomes easy to pay the vendor in an efficient manner.

2. Improved Purchase Management

As the purchase order management software efficiently lists out every detail of your orders, it becomes easy to track and monitor your budget. Meaning, you can check how a particular order will affect your company’s budget. Furthermore, the robust software also allows you to place multiple orders at the same time. Not only that, but you can even link the cost of your orders to your projects so that you can quote accurately.

3. Time and Cost Savings

Since the purchase order management software automates the order tracking process, your employees get enough time to focus on other vital tasks related to your business growth. That means, you can explore more opportunities and can probably save a lot of time and other valuable resources. The invoices are directly sent to the accounts department and the processes are automatically confirmed reducing the errors and time wastage.

4. Business Compliance

It is quite often seen that a majority of the vendors and agencies don’t pay invoices until they receive a valid purchase order. And valid purchase order clearly implies that every detail of your order should be clearly mentioned on that document. That’s where a purchase order management software comes into play! With a purchase order management software, you can gain more confidence over your cash-flow and business operations.

5. Supplier Management

Last but not least, a unique benefit of the purchase order management software is the ability to differentiate between an authentic and an unauthentic vendor. Meaning, you can discover the best suppliers available in the global market to make your orders. An effective purchase management software helps you to identify your trusted suppliers, meaning those who have been consistently serving all your needs. You can view which all suppliers promised on-time deliveries without any error., and who all offer the best prices. All that helps you select the best supplier to fulfill your order needs.

Things To Consider While Developing a Purchase Management Software

1. Custom Development

First and foremost, you need to pay heed to the type of development process. For an efficient software solution and mobile application, custom development is the perfect tool. With custom software development, you can include all the relevant features and customizations that fit best to your business needs. Also, custom development would mean that your software has all the needed security tools that would help you secure all your critical information. So, try to opt for a custom design and development process.

2. Relevant Features

Features and functionalities are the most crucial part of any custom software solution or a mobile app. So, to make your work more simplified, we have listed some crucial features that you can include in your software or purchase management mobile app.

  • Purchase Management

You can efficiently generate accurate purchase orders for different vendors with all the relevant details of the order like quantity, description, payment details, etc.

  • Material Inward

You can record the details of all the products received under a specific order and can efficiently manage order information like mode of shipment, docket number, and so on.

  • Order Invoice

The feature lets you generate various types of invoices like purchase invoice, commercial invoice, service in the mail, etc. with all the order details.

  • Product Tracking

You can seamlessly track all the upcoming orders from a specific vendor and can get alerts for late deliveries, total payment, etc.

  • Multi-Currency Support

Our software has added capabilities that helps you in analyzing invoices in various multiple currencies to help you expand your trade overseas.

  • Accounting Management

You can seamlessly export all your fulfilled orders to your online accounting system and can update your accounts accordingly.

  • Multiple Approvals

You can get the approvals over your purchase orders from different departments of your company by automating the complete approval process.

  • Warehouse Management

You can manage and select any warehouse to store all your valuable inventories safely.

  • Manage Supplier

The feature lets you manage the profile of various suppliers that contains all the related information like name, contact details, supplier code, etc.

  • Quotation Management

A robust feature that lets you send quotations to different vendors with just a simple click.

3. Access Levels and Roles

The next crucial thing that you should consider before developing a purchase order management software or mobile app is clear access roles. For instance, you may have several employees in your organization, but not all of them would be given access to operate the purchase order management software. Hence, you must decide the roles of each of your employees that would operate the purchase management software and should grant access accordingly.

4. UI/UX

Last but not least is the UI/UX functionality. User-friendly features and simple interface is the much-needed factor in surviving and building success in today’s competitive world. Even if you have all the necessary features in your software or mobile application and it is not according to the targeted users, you will fail dramatically in the global world. Hence, make sure that your app or software solution is built as per the customer’s needs and wants.

How to Develop a Purchase Order Management Software?

1. Analyze Your Business Goals

The first and foremost step to take care of during the development of your purchase management software and the app is to know and analyze your company goals. You need to have a clear idea regarding the needs and wants of your business and how that particular app or software can fulfill all those needs and wants. Once you get an idea of all those things, you will then have better planning and identification of all the relevant features of the app or software.

2. Pay Heed to Compliance and Regulations

After quickly analyzing your business goals and needs, you will have to ensure that your software or mobile app is designed as per all the regulatory compliances and state laws. Meaning, it should comply with all the rules and regulations and should involve all the necessary security features to secure your business information. So, it’s better that you should straight away mention everything in your software documentation to get all the things implemented efficiently.

3. Have a Development Team

To have a perfect development team before developing a feature-rich purchase management software is very crucial to help you simplify your development process. Meaning, you need to have all the essential members of the development team like a project manager, software developers, mobile app developers, testers, etc., in your team to develop a feature-rich purchase management software efficiently. For that, you have two options, either go for an in-house development team or outsource the developers from an experienced software engineering firm. Although both have their specific benefits, outsourcing the development team is always considered the best and wise decision. An experienced software engineering firm will have complete knowledge of the issues that may come during the development process. Not only would the programmers have solutions to those problems, but they could also provide you out-of-the-box ideas to help you stand out from the competitive world. You can refer to our article to know more about the benefits of outsourcing the software engineering firm.

4. Run Quality Tests

Lastly, you need to run various tests and quality analysis to ensure that your custom software solution runs efficiently across all your desired platforms. In this case, too, you can either run the quality tests by yourself or can know whether your strategic development partner provides the quality analysis facility or not. Running the quality test ensures that your product is ready for all the functions and fits perfectly in your organization.

5. Deployment

Lastly, you need to deploy the purchase order management software in your organization to reap the benefits of that robust software solution. But, before implementing, make sure that all your relevant employees should be well aware of the functionality and usage of that app or software solution. That’s because they are the ones who will be dealing with the software directly. So, make sure you do that before the implementation of the software.

What are the costs involved in purchase order management software and app?

1. Team Structure

The team that will be required to develop a smooth and feature-rich custom CRM software will mainly comprise of a Project Manager, mobile app developers, UI/UX Engineers, testers, and so on.

2. Technological Platform

Besides the development team, the choice of technology platform may also impact the cost of development. For instance, if you choose trending and disruptive technologies like AI and ML, then the cost of development will automatically increase.

3. Platform Selected

The cost of development also depends on the type of platform selected for your purchase management mobile application. Meaning if you select a cross-platform app, then it will automatically cost you more than an Android application.

4. Features Selected

Features also play a vital role in cost determination. Meaning, if you opt for all the basic and advanced features, then it will inevitably impact the cost of your development. Hence, it is advisable to opt for essential features in the initial phase and then add the functionalities gradually.

5. Customization

Lastly, if you have opted for any complex customizations, whether in your software solution or your mobile app, then it will increase your development cost.

Purchase Management Software

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To conclude, we can say that automation has become a vital tool in today’s digital world, and nearly all the businesses today are leveraging that tool to grow in the global market. Whether we talk about the financial industry, manufacturing or even the education sector, we can see that all the things have transformed effectively and evolved to a better version of themselves. Purchase order management software is one such automated tool that can help your company to process all the orders efficiently and to optimize your business’ profits.

Hence, if you are convinced enough and wanted to develop a purchase order management system or mobile app for your organization, then we are always here to help you. We, at Matellio, have certified developers and expert testers that ensure that nothing hinders your company’s growth by helping you develop a feature-rich purchase order management software. Got more questions? Reach us at to know more!

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