How To Develop A Reminder App Like Wunderlist?

Updated on May 24th, 2023

App Like Wunderlist

With all the technological advances being made every day, it is difficult to remember each day’s task. We try different things to remember each task on our to-do list, like pinning notes to the jacket, tying strings to the finger, and the most common method; sticking notes everywhere. But in our daily hustle, no matter how hard we try, there’s always a thing or two that we end up forgetting.

Thanks to technology, elegant ways to remember your daily things and prioritizing have never been easy. With these mobile apps like Wunderlist, you can set reminders of daily tasks and efficiently prioritize them. These reminder apps are not limited only to personal use. You can assign tasks to your family, friends, and employees through these apps.

Wunderlist is a reminder app that allows you to remember your task and assign various tasks to your colleagues and employees. These types of apps are considered in the intelligent category as they will automatically generate reminders. These projects leverage our world’s interconnectivity and are referred to as indispensable tools of daily life. Apps like Wunderlist makes the most money in today’s market.

What is a Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is a reminder app that is easy yet most effective task listing software created for businesses and individuals who want every task to get done in time. It allows the users to create lists of their tasks that they can manage from a smartphone, tablet, computer, and even a smartwatch. It is loaded with a straightforward interface. Users can assign deadlines, filter through various tasks, insert more items, and most importantly, displays their daily schedule. It’s a simple yet powerful to-do app.

Wunderlist has a simple yet effective UI. Every item has fields like assignee, due date, reminder, sub-tasks, assignee, attachments, and comments. You can also add a star to every task to determine its priority and later filter them as per need. It allows syncing of accounts of a group, and that can turn out helpful in numerous ways. A team of employees can coordinate over their designated tasks and can share.

Here are some of the benefits that Wunderlists delivers:

  • The free version of this to-do app includes many functionalities.
  • To make every other process easy, it has a drag and drop interface that many users find helpful at times.
  • In this app, members of a team can communicate and collaborate on various tasks.
  • Users can organize and share their to-do, work, grocery, movies, and even household lists.
  • You can set due dates and reminders for a task and Assign to-dos.
  • Wunderlist’s ergonomic design makes it flexible enough to sync with all your major devices.

Wunderlist consists of features like folders, share lists, Comments, compatible with all devices, mail to Wunderlist, due dates, notes, notifications, tags, reminders, and one-click print. These features are must to have in an intelligent reminder app.

As of May 6, 2020, this app has been discontinued and will not be available to new users. Although, existing users can still import their content into the Microsoft To-Do app.

How Can You Develop an App Like Wunderlist?

Now you have an idea that you want to work on, and you are having doubts about the difficulties you’ll face in developing an app like Wunderlist.
Let us assist you in the process. The critical thing to realize is that the idea should not have the same concepts as existing reminder apps. There should be a factor that will attract all the busy bees out there to use your to-do app. Take a look at these crucial steps to build your app.

1. Market Research  

Doing thorough market research is the key to any project development. You have to know what others are serving to the customers and how you can be different and appealing.

Diligent market research will unveil various answers like who your competitors are, what features that users want in their reminder app, and how these apps are making money. You can do the research yourself, or you can hire a market research team.

2. Choose The Platform

Apps like Wunderlist have paved the path for cross-platform operations like iOS, Android, or both. Today, these applications work on every device that is connected to the internet. These workaholics want their to-do app to accompany them everywhere.

After your market research, it should be clear which platform should be best for your app or which platform attracts more users.

Although, making a cross-platform app will cost you more than a single platform app. So, take this decision as per your budget.

3. Designate the Features of Your Reminder App

Now you have your market research and platform, and it should not be a difficult task to determine which features the users likes the most. Although, evaluating the features of an MVP is a good idea. To create a to-do app, you have to understand the functionalities of an MVP.

These are the most minimal features that any reminder app should possess. These features include managing various profiles, app settings, push notifications, auto suggestions, wearable integration, etc. These features are to be considered as default.

To make your to-do an app like Wunderlist, you should consider the features that Wunderlist has. Features like creating folders, share lists, comments, one-click print, due dates, notes, mail to Wunderlist, Add to Wunderlist, tags, and reminders should be compatible with all the devices (depends on your budget).

App Like Wunderlist

4. Get It Connected

In today’s world, everything is all about connection. Modern customers want their devices not only to identify one another but to exchange info. Technologies available today have made this much easier to create a valuable app that should communicate with all other relevant apps.

Whether it’s cross-platform, integration with other apps, or syncing to the mail, today’s user wants it all. It would help if you kept in mind that these features are meant to be for the end-users. Listen to your market research and avoid mistakes.

Making it automated will be the cherry on top. A reminder app connected to your note application, your calendar, and your travel apps will automatically set your reminders based on the data it has pulled from these apps. Wouldn’t it be something fascinating?

Intelligent and automated comprehensive features are the future of these apps like Wunderlist.

5. Profit Genertion

The next thing that will pop up in any entrepreneur’s mind will be to monetize your reminder app. There are various ways by which you can enjoy the fruit of great incentives or profit. Profit generation will majorly depend on the features that are available in your app.

You can implement various methods to monetize your app. Let’s take a look at some of them.

a) Advertisement

Advertisement is a conventional way of monetizing your app. With your reminder app, you can make a ton of money by advertising your app about relevant products. The Ads should be of minimalistic sizes, and they should not cover the content of your app.

b) Ibeacon Technology

This technology is still an underused strategy as compared to other money-making strategies. But it is growing in popularity rapidly. You can partner up with retailers and inform your users of various local stores they may find interesting.

c) Analytics Data

Everyone’s time is essential, and you should not waste your user’s time by pitching him an ad that is unrelated to his/her interests. That’s where data analytics comes into the picture; you can customize each ad for your users by understanding what they like.

d) In-app Purchase

You can lock in some top features in your app. To use these features, users have to pay. Make sure that these features should be optional.

6. Find a Trustworthy Development Partner

You have figured out your design, platform, revenue model, and features of your app. Now it’s time to search for an app development firm to help you build your dream project.

It may be possible that you are not familiar with all the technical details involved in the app development process like coding and UI, UX design. Even if you are aware of these things, you will eventually need support to develop an app like Wunderlist.

You should look for certain things in your app development company, such as their reputation in the market, the number of projects delivered, and their app development team’s skills.

develop app like wunderlist


An app like Wunderlist is the need of the hour. Everyone wants to be a multitasker and make their hustle worthwhile. A unique reminder app will be the perfect thing you can build in these times. Diligent market research always pays off. Who knows, your to-do app can be the next Wunderlist. Just find the right design, platform, and revenue model.

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