How to Generate More Leads From Social Media

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Generate Leads From Social Media

Social media marketing has become a common aspect for nearly every sector of the global market be it education, ecommerce, transportation, or even retail and manufacturing. Generating leads from social media has gained enough momentum for the past few years now, and the trend is expected to survive and grow more in the coming years. Marketers have shifted to a more digital approach and instead of focusing more on engagement, and brand awareness, they have started to leverage the social media platform to generate more and more leads.Lead-generation-from-social-media

If we look at some data, we can easily identify that the most popular platforms for marketing the brand and its products has been social media for the past few years. To be precise, almost 59% of the marketers confirmed that the most useful tactic for improving lead generation quality has been social media.

Generate-leadsHowever, there are instances where even many well-to-do companies and enterprises strive to generate quality leads on social media. And by quality lead we mean a lead with all the information and a strong sign of engagement with your brand. There may be many sources of leads, but generating leads is crucial especially when you have all your competitors doing that. Now that makes sense! So, whatever the reason may be, social media is intended to generate leads and if you are not perfect at it, then we will make you one!

In today’s article, we will be covering all the vital points that will help you generate leads from social media platforms. Let’s get started! So firstly, let’s look at some popular social media channels that help marketers to generate more leads.

Social Media Channel that Generates Quality Leads

Lead-generation-for-b2bAs per Digital Marketing Community, Facebook is the most popular social media platform that helps the marketers to generate quality online leads. Next comes LinkedIn, followed by Youtube and Twitter. And the reason behind that is pretty simple – Facebook has over 2.45 million people which is way more than any other social media channel.  Furthermore, Facebook also offers some amazing tools to hello the marketers collect online leads.

Hence, it is certain that generating leads from Facebook is the most seamless task and the most productive one too! But, that does not relate that we don’t have to try the other social media channels. However, one should pay great heed to marketing on Facebook as compared to other social media platforms. So, for that reason, we will be discussing some common tips and tricks that you could leverage to generate leads from every social media channel. Here it goes!

How to Get More Leads From Social Media?

Social-media-marketingHere are a few ways of how to get more online leads from social media, and how to see results quickly.

1. Optimize Your Profile

The first and the foremost aspect of getting more leads from social media is to optimize your profile. Meaning, before you plan your next step for generating more leads through social media, you need to check that everything is at its place. For instance, having proper contact details, call-to-actions, and links that could help people where to go next could greatly enhance the effectiveness of your profile.

Here are a few tips that you can leverage to optimize your profile and make it relevant for your future leads.

  • Provide Proper Contact Details

As discussed above, providing the accurate contact details like your mobile number, site address, email, and fax number could help people in a great way. They can seamlessly contact you anytime they want during the time of need and can even post their queries on your dedicated customer portal.however, remember to add only those details that are active and are related to solving the customer queries. Meaning, don’t give your personal number to the social media visitors.

  • Add Website Link to Your Bio

Wherever possible, try to add the relevant link of your site or any landing page to your bio. Although that feature is currently trending on Instagram, adding bio could also be done on other channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on. Moreover, try to add CTA or call-to-action links wherever possible and try to be relevant about it as people should know what they will get after clicking a particular link.

  • Create Call-to Action Buttons

According to different social media platforms, you have to design your profile and should include different call-to-action links in that. For instance, if your aim is to have more subscribers for your newsletters, then adding a sign-up link on your Facebook page can help you to achieve that. Similarly, plan for other platforms, and be clear on your goal.

2. Promote Content According to Social Media Platform

If you are a constant user of social media, you might have an idea that each platform is different in its way. For instance, Instagram is all about sharing high-quality videos and pictures, whereas LinkedIn is a professional platform that can be helpful for connecting with business people. So, what it means is that you should plan your social media strategy for each of the platforms separately. You should understand that what goes on Instagram is not necessary to go on your LinedIn profile and vice versa.

So, the main thing is to firstly understand what kind of users are you planning to target, where can you find all those users, and lastly to post content and images perfect for those target users. Now, things also depend on what type of business you do. For instance, if you are an SaaS provider company, then you will not have real-time images of your products. In such a case, you can leverage some amazing image creation tools and can then post those high-quality images with good content on your social media platform.

3. Avoid Posting Only Clickable Links

Sometimes, posting the same thing again and again on social media could seem a dull option. Today’s modern users appreciate something new in all aspects, whether it is on social media, or even in real-life instances. For instance, what was a sci-fi topic some years back has now become a common trend to please customers. Yes, we are talking about chatbots.

Similarly, you also need to pay attention to what your target users like and should post content accordingly. Posting blogs or links to your landing pages is a good option but only when done in a limited amount. Instead of posting blogs, you can plan for a meme, or an inspiration post with a vibrant background that can go well with your company’s goals.

For Twitter, you can go for sharing good content that might be written by any influencer or a known personality. All in all, try and experiment with different options and do not stick to one pattern. That way, you will be generating more leads from social media.

4. Use Social Lead Ads

There are times when you feel completely exhausted from leveraging organic lead collection measures, and may want to boost your post to lure more users. In such a time, social lead ads can be a handy tool for you. Let’s take a closer look at what social lead ads are and how they can help in generating quality leads.

  • Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook, the social media giant, offers a lead ad format specifically for the marketers. Facebook lead ads are nothing but lead forms that once filled by the interested user can be tracked either by your customer management system or by your sales team for further follow ups. Additionally, Facebook’s re-targeting tools are also of great use when it comes to lead nurturing.

  • Instagram Lead Ads

Like Facebook, another popular social media channel, Instagram, also enables the marketers to generate online leads from ads and promotions. Much like Facebook, Instagram also offers lead ad forms that can capture all the details like name, email, contact number, gender, and location from the user.

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn also offers lead generation capabilities for the marketers. Like the other two social media platforms discussed above, LinkedIn offers forms known as lead generation forms that capture all the basic information from the user’s profile. And you will be surprised to know that the conversion rate from LinkedIn ads is almost 13% that’s huge as compared to a traditional site conversion which is less than 2.5% approx.

Some other sites like Twitter and Pinterest do not offer dedicated lead generation forms. However, you can seamlessly find the ads option on both of them that can help you boost your social media post. That eventually results in more leads generation from social media.

5. Offer Discounts and Incentives

Social media for lead generationTo attract more followers and future leads, you need to reach more and more people on social media, and for that you need your posts to get shared. However, nobody would share your posts without any reason unless they are your friends and family. What we mean to say is that you need to give reasons to the people to share your content and that could be done in a few ways that we have listed here.

  • Run Contests on Social Media

Running a contest over social media is a great way to connect to your existing followers and to increase your followers. Besides knowing what your users are like, you can also get access to their basic and useful information like contact number, email, study information, job title, etc.  Furthermore, you can also partner with influencers or a third-person to attract more users and to increase the chances of your lead generation.

  • Give Discounts and Incentives

It is often seen that many of the brands, in order to lure more customers, give certain discounts and incentives to their users. It may be over a newsletter subscription, or for pre-registration over one of your sites. Discounts are a great way of luring users to visit your profile and click on the relevant link.  Also, remember that if you have such a thing of offering discounts to your users, then do have a proper strategy in place and try to nurture and convert those leads after generating them.

  • Offer Gated Content 

Offering gated content for incentives is also one of the methods for generating leads through social media. It is of course, one of the popular ways that is leveraged by many brands, especially those who are engaged in research and development.

Under this approach, you can offer access to whitepapers, webinars, and even to your personal facebook page to all the interested users. In return, you can get their vital information like job-related info, email address, and contact number, that can enhance your marketing efforts.  According to a trusted report, webinars and newsletters subscriptions work wonders in generating online leads over social media.

While offering newsletters and incentives is a good option to collect useful customer information, you should also ensure that customers should get what they want. Meaning, you should offer all the high-quality content to your audience and should ensure that customers get all the quality content in the future also.

6. Use Geo-targeted Search

Using geo-targeted search is also one of the compelling ways of generating more leads from social media. Geo-targeted search refers to searching for potential users in the location that you are aiming to target. For that, you can take the help of the internet and could offer solutions dedicated to their problems. Also, while targeting a specific location, be sure that all your posts are designed according to them. For instance, if you are targeting people from the USA, then it should include posts related to their problems and their interests. All in all, try to make your post dedicated to them so that they can relate  to those posts.

7. Keep it Light and Easy

Last but not least we have the final advice for generating leads from social media and it is to keep your posts and marketing strategy light and easy. While marketing over social media has become one of the crucial aspects, try not to overwhelm yourself while posting over social media. Posting too much or posting long content, or even constantly posting about your products and services are some of the methods that are considered a bad habit.

Additionally, don’t force your visitor to enter information even if they don’t want to. That can create a wrong impression of your brand and certainly can impact your future prospects. So, try to create a softer tone and an interactive appearance of your social media profile. Also, add call-to-actions in your posts wherever needed to make it easy for your visitors to find where to go next. Those little things will eventually add to your customer experience, and can prove beneficial for you to generate leads from social media.

Social Media Lead Generation


To conclude, we can say that social media has travelled a long way to become a vital tool for the enterprises. Today, almost all the big and medium enterprises leverage social media to lure more customers and to make their brand popular amongst global audiences. All that results in more followers and eventually increases the chances of generating more quality leads.

So, if you also want to become a part of the same community and want to enhance your lead generation process then social media is a great tool. Follow these tips and tricks and see the wonderful results in a few weeks.

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