How to make a Calorie Tracking App?

Updated on Feb 29th, 2024

Even a high-intensity workout from this day until summer won’t give you the body of Nathalie Emmanuel. What will help you shed those extra pounds is a healthy diet. Maintaining a balanced diet is not everyone’s cup of tea; one has to track every single calorie consumed. So do you wish to develop an application that measures your food portions and pave the road for a healthier lifestyle? 

What is a calorie counter?


A calorie tracking application takes some pressure off your mind and tracks your calorie intake. In result, it comes up with the total no. of calories devoured. The app presents various charts and reports, giving users a better outlook on their food lifestyle.

Here are some of the calorie tracking applications already running in the market!

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a popular calorie tracking application on both iOS and Android. Consequently, it gets updated regularly with fresh features and new additions to its already 6+ million food library. MyFitnessPal tracks your weight and gives an estimated amount for a day’s calorie intake. It also comes up with an exercise log and a well-crafted food diary.

2. Lose It!


Lose It app consists of several ways to track and log food. The latter is manual input, similar to most calorie-counters. Through barcode scanning, the tracking feature can help you conquer the battle with chocolates. It also shows the changes in your weight on a graph. Also, it has a tab called “challenges,” which permits you to participate in dietary challenges or make some of your own.

3. Fooducate


This application is one step further. While Fooducate performs the primary functions like weight loss tracking, count calories, and track exercises, it also does something unique from other tracking applications. It helps you in examining the qualitative value of all your calorie intake. One maintains an average grade that uses standard grading style (A-F), and for each food, you log in, a grade is given. On clicking upon Why? A list of pros and cons for the particular item is presented.

4. FatSecret


FatSecret is a free calorie tracking application that includes a nutrition database, a food diary exercise log, a journal, and weight charts. This application has a monthly summary view, which gives total calories consumed per day and monthly averages. This feature may prove useful in tracking the overall progress. FatSecret has a chat community where users can swap success stories and get diet tips. This site is full of articles on a variety of topics offering the needed information.

5. Lifesum

This app has won many awards and is a kind of personal coach—it teaches on the eating schedule in addition to what to eat. It has an attractive interface that monitors your exercise schedule plus daily consumption. An added functionality in this application is that it lets you create a profile that consists of your personal and diet information. After you input the diet information, Lifesum recommends the meals for the day.

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Features that must be included in the application:

Barcode scanner

Integrating a Barcode Scanner would be great as it would provide relevant data such as ingredients & calories with nothing but your phone.

Diet plan or user’s goals

The primary function of this application is to guide the users towards a healthy lifestyle & meet fitness goals. Hence, once the user has specified their targets like desired weight, body type, and choice of food, your solution must come up with suggestions accordingly. The diet must possess all the components to match the user’s preferences. 

Integration with fitness trackers

Wearables or Fitness Trackers are in trend for all the fitness enthusiasts as per Statistica.

Wearables are important since they automatically record information like heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse. Without these, the user has to manually fill this information which is quite tiring & inaccurate.


The feedback section is a must for any application, and a calorie counter is no exception. Receiving feedback from users is the ultimate way to improvise and make your app smoother.

Now the question arises of monetizing the application

Once you have built the application, by default, you would contemplate ways to make money out of it. To make your journey simpler, we have jotted down some ideas for monetizing your app. Have a look:

  • Build an application which is free for the public and possess some additional features for the paid users.
  •  Another way is to incorporate advertisements with your application. Although it has its pros and cons. For instance, sometimes, users get so annoyed by the Ads that they uninstall the app.

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