How to make an app like Instacart?

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

How to make an app like Instacart?

Modern technology has facilitated all your day-to-day activities from nothing but a comfort of your sofa. You can shop books or stationery items online, you can even buy food from retailers like UberEats and nowadays technology has even allowed your groceries delivered to your footsteps. So if you are a couch potato and don’t wish to change yourself then technology is in your favor. One of its well-known applications in this field is Instacart. How does this software work? Do you want to step into this industry? Do you want to explore the nooks and corners? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then keep reading..

What Is Instacart?

Instacart App

Instacart allows the delivery of grocery items on your doorstep. Select the list of items you wish to buy from your phone, make payments and see them getting supplied at whatever hour you desire. An on-demand grocery app saves you from the hassle of walking to the grocery store and doing the tiresome task.  According to Statista, the number of grocery app users is expected to reach 30.4 million in the U.S. This clearly indicates the huge market this tech-arena possess. 

What Benefits Does A Grocery Delivery App Provide To Business?

Inventory and Order Management

Admin panels are part of Grocery app that you can access through your smartphones. Using this, one can easily manage the whole inventory. Set alerts for stocks running low and manage all the past, present orders easily. The complete order management is very easy. 

Customer Relationship Management

The whole CRM(customer relationship management) is within your device. In a usual CRM, one needs to create a huge database and manatin it. But in grocery app, admin doesn’t need to employ dedicated staff for managing the database. It is created automatically.

Less Overhead

In running any business, you will need a huge workforce and even pay the salaries. These are nothing but overheads which can make or break your company. On implementing an online grocery system, overheads are massively reduced. An on-demand grocery app  is a one time investment. Once the funds are put, after that maintaining it will require very low costs.

What Benefits Does A Grocery App Provide To Users?


Convenience is the biggest advantage of an online grocery application. The customers need not to wait in line for buying the essentials. They can buy groceries right from their smartphone. 

Saves Time

If you are a working person or you are sick or simply you don’t feel like walking down the aisle, this software comes very handy. Buying groceries can be a very frustrating task, it takes time to travel, sort, search the requirements. An on-demand app saves you a lot.

Saves Money

Apart from being a time saver, online grocery app saves money too. It is mainly due to two reasons: it saves travel expenses plus the software offers various discounts and loyalty points.

No Impulsive Buying

It is a boon for anyone who loves to shop. A lot of times, we end up buying an extra packet of chocolates which wasn’t even present in our list. However, with an online app you can suppress the desire to buy anything unnecessary.  

Market Statistics Of Online Grocery Shopping Sales

This chart is taken from Statista. It shows the online grocery sales in the U.S from 2012 to 2021.


  1. As per the chart, the sale was only US$6 billion in the year 2012.
  2. It doubled in just four years. By the end of 2016, the sale crossed US$12 billion.
  3. By the end of 2018, it nearly tripled and went up to US$17.5 billion.
  4. By the end of 2021, the figure in 2012, i.e. US$6 billion, is expected to be multiplied by five as it will be reaching US$30 billion.

Who Are The Top Players In Grocery App Business?

1. Shipt

Came in market just five years back, Shipt has created a huge market with it’s finest services. A  monthly fee of 14 dollars or a yearly membership fee of 99 dollars will fetch all your grocery essentials delivered at your doorstep.

2. Farmigo

Farmigo is an online farmer’s app which delivers meat, snack foods and other such dairy products. The motive behind this software development is that the consumers get fresh produce and the farmers receive better rates than supermarkets. 

3. Peapod

This app comes with various filters to create a perfect list for your grocery shopping. It even has a feature called” Order Genius” which tracks all your past purchases and then suggest new items.

4. Google Express

From baking items to any other pantry products needed, Google Express can get them delivered in a short span of time. This software comes without any sort of membership and delivery cost. The products are obtained from popular vendors such as Costco, Walgreens, Target and Walmart.

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Must-have Features In A Grocery App

Admin Panel

Users Panel



Assign Orders

Browse Items

Assign Managers

Enter Delivery Address

Manage Customers

Place Order

Delivery Request Notifications

Order Status

Accept or Reject Requests

Make Payments

Track Customers Location


Additional Features of a Grocery Application

Popular Items

Add the suggestion section in app where you can showcase the popular items based on their past searches. Using this module, you can help the users to easily access the items.

Special Deals

An online app offering special discounts and offers is a go-go. Giving users special deals is a feature that will positively affect your software. 

Nutritional Value 

It is an additional feature that if added will give your application an edge over others. For health conscious this is a boon. One can check out the nutritional value of different items. And make your decisions accordingly.

Emergent Deliveries

What happens the moment when you are cooking a meal and forgot some ingredients. An on-demand grocery app is a blessing in such cases. You can get the desired item delivered quickly from the nearest store available.

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