How to Make Apps Like TaskRabbit?

Updated on Jun 9th, 2022

How to Make Apps Like TaskRabbit

On-Demand applications like TaskRabbit is a blessing for people, and these have grown to become one of the most profitable sectors of the On-demand domain. The end-users have been showing interest in the segment because of the ease that it offers them and also the entrepreneurs who are looking for the high revenue centric business model. The gigs-driven sector which connects the people who provide those services in manifesting a new direction for the on-demand economy to move into. The on-demand home service market has been impacting the people’s every day and the on-demand economy’s future as well by popularized brands TaskRabbit, Handy, Streem, etc. 

What is TaskRabbit? 

Taskrabbit app

The TaskRabbit acts as an online marketplace, through which the people can look for help in their nearby area, for completing their daily tasks like, cleaning, handyman, plumbing, gardening, animal care, carpet cleaning, etc. This helps in providing a mediatory stage between a labourer and the customers. It has been beneficial to people in monetary terms. And not only this, but people can outsource the jobs to other people as well in their community. In general, the purpose is to help the people, so that they can manage their own life, help other people and make money. 

How On-Demand Apps Like TaskRabbit Functions? 

An on-demand mobile application like task rabbit helps the customers to do all the activities with a single tap functionality, on their mobile devices. All you are required to do is: 

1. Describe The Task Users can describe the task, just by entering the service keywords. 

2. Get Matched Users requirements and Preferences can be matched according to the availability and suitable service provider. 

3. Get It Done Users need to select one, out of a number of options available to avail the services and do the payment through the app. 

That’s the pretty and the fastest way to get your tasks done. Moreover, the users need not worry about the work, as their services would be done by the experts. The TaskRabbit provides integrity and security and its offers are highly dependable. Additionally, it also provides users with an option to restrict security policies, as the app is highly reliable to share all the information and details, this is the reason why these on-demand apps are in trend and more people want to connect with these apps. 

The Benefits Of Apps Like TaskRabbit

  • The on-demand apps like TaskRabbit will save users a lot of time.
  • The users can easily get help.
  • The service provider would have a good background.
  • Users have a cash-free payment option within the app .
  • The app also provides an advanced search option.
  • It includes a social sharing option.
  • People will be able to find the jobs nearby as well.
  • It has multi-currency as well as a multi-language platform.
  • The app has an in-built private messaging system .

Must-Have Features of TaskRabbit like Apps

1. Marketplace

The first and foremost concrete feature that should be present in the on-demand service apps like TaskRabbit is a marketplace. You should give the users a list of services to choose from in the opening screen itself. This feature should be a platform that showcases what all services you have on offer. By clicking on the individual categories, users will be directed to the detailed category detailing the number of service options users would get.

2. View, Make Reviews and Ratings

The service providers get the ratings and reviews that play a very crucial role in the whole booking process and we all know that more positive the ratings and the reviews, the greater would be the bookings that a service provider bags. In order to make it possible, the users should have an option to leave the ratings and the reviews on the experience they received from the service provider. 

3. Booking

The end-users and the service providers both can use this feature. 

Booking feature for end-user The users will use this functionality to instantly book a service or schedule it for later. Additionally, they would also be to reschedule the service if they are not available in the time frame. 

Booking feature for the service provider Under this feature, the service providers can view the bookings that they have received and they will also have an option to either accept or cancel the booking. 

4. In-app Chat

The prominence of messages over calls is uncontested and is intact in the On-demand home services as well. Moreover, in your app too, users and service providers should have the feasibility to get in touch with each other, in real-time through the in-app chat facility. Also, you should give them a safe, encrypted platform to interact with each other in real-time. 

5. Tracking Service Providers

 Your end-users should be given the feasibility to track the service providers. Where they have reached till now and how far they are from the destination. This is going to give a clear vision of the time you have to prepare for the visit. 

6. Booking History

Through this functionality, users can easily access the bookings that they have made and the amount they have paid for the same, it also displays the details of the service providers. Additionally, the feature also provides benefits like the users would be able to see the history of their services and they can also identify the service provider to ask for the services again, in case the users are satisfied with the services. 

7. Help Section

There should be transparency in the communication process between the users and the stakeholders. The help section should be presented clearly in the menu list, in order to save the time of the stakeholders when they are searching for it. There should be a FAQ section present in the app where the stakeholders can find the answers of their own queries, with minimal help from users end. 

8. Push Notification

Any mention of marketing and app engagement is incomplete without the push notification feature. Helps in notifying the stakeholders of the status of their bookings and also helps in winning back the customers who are no more interested in interacting with the application. 

How Much Does TaskRabbit Like App Development Costs?

The estimated development cost of the app like TaskRabbit is dependent on the number of factors, like the platform of choice and the mobile app designing cost. However, the cost of app development like TaskRabbit when developed on native platforms like Android or iOS will cost a bit higher as compared to the one developed on cross-platform frameworks. The other factors that decide the TaskRabbit app development cost also depend upon the team who is involved in the creation process.



Right now is the moment where you can get started, with the on-demand home-service application, with the clear idea of On-Demand app like TaskRabbit development cost. Get in touch with an On-demand app development company, and start your business right away!! 

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