How to Monetize a Live Sports Streaming Website and App?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Live streaming? Indeed.

Add monetization is a sort of content gating.

Fans are eagerly turning to live streaming sports events to watch their teams play. According to a study, 65% of fans don’t live near their favorite team, and 73% don’t live near their favorite player. This trend, combined with the ever-more-popular practice of cutting the cord, spells ontogeny opportunities in live streaming sports.

With the copiousness of live streaming websites, fans make sure that they can all support their plausive teams despite location roadblock.

As we are aware that the sports fandom has become increasingly long-distance pursuit, the over-the-top platforms need to ascertain that they’re up to the task.

They’ve got the challenge not only to stream live sports to millions of viewers with the high-end quality their fans await but also to monetize the content actively which would only be going to get more fashionable over time.

In today’s era, there is a bundle of opportunities that could be employed by the broadcasters to monetize their live sports streams. Peculiarly, one of the prominent opportunities is to stream them all live on the latest OTT platforms.

Ad requests and live programs are in real-time and freakish and therefore need a muscly amount of prepping, unlike VOD programs.



 1- Dates Beforehand and Prepare Trailer Accordingly

It is assertive to prepare every aspect in advance and determine date and time. Including venue booking, team booking, etc. Also to acquire the attention you need to promote the event. Create promos that captivate people who are curious about sports. Fans by all odds would join you but this should also carry a torch for new audiences.

2- Promote Offline and Online Media

Advertisements and sponsorships are yet another way to monetize live streaming. Live stream doesn’t only require advertisement on social, press releases and blogs. Print advertising is yet alive and since ain’t a lot of people are applying, it has a lot of untapped potencies. Also, too many ads can irritate your customers, so you should have the ability to control your adds as well. You can also add a QR code or an interesting incentive on your print ad to pull in the audience onto your platform. Print ads are costly. Ensure that your approach is highly targeted and effective, else you’d just be draining cash.

3- Could we Provide a TV-like Experience?

Though streaming all live TV programming is a bit trickier — and costlier but people are nowadays streaming live sports on television, and are accustomed to tv channel practices. As we all know Tv has scheduled ads and thus, it could be a finer reference for monetizing any sport upshot live stream with ads.

4- Gamification

We are aware that gaming has an effectual and stirring impression on customers and this concept is trending that allows users to play fantasy games based on real ones, maybe you could convey the aspect of gaming in the application, which allows users to switch to the app since you are already streaming live data, it would be pleasant to make customers to use that feed to play fantasy games.

5- Subscription

While streaming a sports charity tournament or championship or a league session, you need to plan the process with kid gloves to make sure you get a solid ROI. Pricing plays an intrinsic role here. It should be defined keeping in mind the target base. Subscription-based live streaming is fashionable. You could provide your users a subscription model i.e they can pay for the subscription for the entire year or half-yearly in advance, or by rendering them passes for the same, so that subscription could be renewed timely.

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