How Will 5G Networks Impact Mobile Apps in 2022?

Updated on Mar 1st, 2024

How Will 5G Networks Impact Mobile Apps in 2020-2021

Have you ever imagined a technology with an entirely new architecture in the field of wireless networks? Well, it’s 5G. Fortunately, with the advent of this wireless network, it is possible to transfer a large amount of data at lightning speed from the system to the multitude of globally connected devices in just a blink of an eye.  

As the 5G rollout is already gaining attention, it is predicted that around 1.4 billion devices worldwide will be running on the 5G network by the year 2025, and this accounts for 15% of the global total.  

Additionally, IHS Economics states that 5G would be contributing over $12 trillion of the global economic output by the year 2035. All this data and facts give the developers a clear insight into the bright future of the 5G wireless network, encouraging them to be prepared for the next big thing happening in the market and making them prepare their existing apps to win the 5G race.  

But many of you must be wondering that 5G is the replacement of 4G or a modified 4G or something like that, but let us tell you the 5G wireless network is an entirely new network, with a new architecture that is going to completely transform the way the network ecosystem actually works. the 5G wireless network would impact wireless communication in a great way, change the world of mobile apps, and open the doors of innovation to a great extent.   

However, it still has a long way to go before its introduction to the world commercially. We are now going to look at how it has started impacting the mobile application world. But before moving on to the impact of 5G on mobile applications today, let’s first know what makes 5G different or better than 4G.

  • 5G would be contributing over $12 trillion of the global economic output by the year 2035. 
  • 5G networks can deliver a browsing speed of up to 100 gigabytes per second. 
  • The tourism industry, location-based services providers, and navigational apps are going to gain a lot with the advent of 5G technology. 
  • Chatbots coupled with 5G can provide opportunities for instant feedback and decision-making and reduce the wait time. 
  • 5G would enable us to control more devices remotely in applications wherever real-time network performance is critical. 

How is 5G technology better than 4G?

4G 5G

The 5G is widely believed to be smarter, reliable, and much more efficient than 4G. It promises the mobile data speed that far outstrips the fastest home broadband network available to consumers at present. By providing a speed of up to 100 gigabytes per second, the 5G wireless network is set to be the fastest network or, to be precise, 100 times faster than 4G.  

However, low latency is the major differentiator between 5G and 4G networks. Latency is basically the time that passes the moment the message is sent from a device until it is read by the receiver. The 5G would reduce this latency, which implies that we would be in a position to use the mobile network connection as a replacement for our modem or WIFI. It would ease the download and upload process that too without having to worry about the connection or phone crashing problems. Additionally, we would be able to watch a 4K video without experiencing any buffering. Along with this, 5G would provide improved precision and enhanced battery life.    

The 5G is here to fix the bandwidth issues. At present, there are many devices connected to the 3G or 4G network, but they do not have any infrastructure to cope with the failures effectively. The 5G would be able to handle all the devices connected to it, from self-driven cars to home products.  

What Does 5G Networks Means for Mobile Apps?

file transfer 
Faster File Transfer

Many apps are used for transferring files, money or data, or anything transferable from one device to another. By leveraging the electromagnetic spectrum bits, the 5G will prove to be a blessing for such apps, like providing the speediest file transfers.

User Experience
Next-level Media-rich User Experience

The clarity in the user interface is a major benefit that a 5G technology would bring along. For instance, if you stream a video on a 2G, 3G, or 4G network and would run the same video on the LTE network, you will surely understand the difference. And there is no doubt that this boon in the 5G network is going to encourage the developers to elevate the app’s UI to a great extent.

Greater Capacities and Features

The rocket-like speed and low latency would encourage the developers to integrate more features and capacities in IoT, AR, or VR. And this will automatically lead to greater consumer retention rates and would increase the overall revenues. 

Booking Engine

Rise of Navigational Mobile Apps

The tourism industry, location-based services providers, and navigational apps are going to gain a lot with the advent of 5G technology. High-quality and uninterrupted communications would be a welcome gate for a great number of possibilities for these businesses.

3D Model Utilization

The 5G technology would greatly advance mobile app development, 3D gaming, and AR. The 5G enabled mobile applications with 3D printers to give the users an opportunity to create top-notch 3D object models. Such apps can be used in the construction or education sectors.

Chatbots Integration
Personalized Chatbots

The chatbots are not replacing humans completely but would create better possibilities to get instant feedback; hence, this would improve the quality of services and enhance the end-user experience. Chatbots coupled with 5G can provide opportunities for instant feedback and decision-making and reduce the wait time.

Less Hardware Dependency

The 5G means glaring real-time communication within the devices. 5G technology has the ability to transfer a huge amount of data too without any delay. The mobile app technology performance would be less dependent upon the hardware processing power of the mobile devices as the data center is responsible for doing all the processing.


Challenges Associated with the Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

Every coin has two sides; the 5G technology also brings several challenges in front of mobile app developers during its implementation. Some of them are: 

Security issues  Higher network speed leads to an increase in the number of connected networks and devices. And this is something that would build fissures in the Security of Wire and Wireless Networks.  
The 5G-based Business Model Establishment  The 5G network speed would demand the business models that could make the most of its capacity. This is something that the mobile app strategist will have to give a lot of thought and effort into.  
Multiple App Versions  As the 5G dominates the market, the mobile app developers have to face the challenge of building multiple app versions as the mobile application audience will get separated. Like first, there would be those who would have devices perfect for 5G, and then there would be those who will still be running the 4G or other LTE networks.  

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Effects of 5G on Industries

Not only the mobile apps development companies would leverage the benefits of the 5G networks, but there would be the following industries as well that would gain profit with the 5G network emergence:  


The 5G technology will be especially beneficial to the people residing in rural areas. Patients who face challenges like remote monitoring or doctors not being available to attend to them on time will be lessened with the emergence of the 5G technology.  

MRI images are large files and must be reviewed by the specialist during urgency. And in case the network is slow or facing other interruptions, it could take a longer time to reach the doctors. All these obstacles could be crossed with the high-speed 5G network, which can quickly deliver huge files to the medical staff, ensuring qualitative care of the patient.  

There are wearable devices connected to the medical apps that would help healthcare providers keep track of the patient’s records and health conditions and provide them real-time reports. Additionally, the advent of 5G technology will help accelerate and handle telemedicine appointments.  


The high-speed 5G network with ultra-low latency would enable the vehicles to interact in real-time, and there would be proper communication establishment. The technology lets vehicles respond to the changing environment.  

At the time of transportation, the loading trucks, trailers, and other carrier services with their speed, the number of stoppages and directions can be seamlessly tracked and can provide real-time information.  

Transportation data collection is the first step towards improving the logistics business. The business owners can look for the best routes to transport the inventory through this data. This also helps the drivers identify the damages in the inventory; hence, all this helps minimize the chances of accidents, which would ultimately improve the logistics business.

Smart Cities

A dream of having smart homes and smart cities can now be a reality. Thanks to the 5G network. This is the reality furnished with many sensors operating in real-time, providing an appealing end-user experience. The smart cities will have an upgraded version of environmental and social aspects; hence we would witness an improved standard of living. 5G has helped cities to upgrade their version of Environmental and social factors. Imagine having a city using the fastest network to improve the lifestyle of its residents and establish communication between the citizens and the officials.  

It establishes real-time communication between the residents and city officials. Smart cities would connect the businesses to multiple devices with a single mobile app.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is evident that 5G will spur across all the industries and provide a platform enabling emergent technologies like the IoT to become an integral part of our economy and lifestyle.. 5G is basically the foundation for realizing the full potential of IoT. While 5G is all set for commercial availability sometime around the year 2022, the industry has already started working to develop new global standards and pre 5G products to benefit all other industries worldwide. 5G would definitely enable us to control more devices remotely in applications wherever real-time network performance is critical. For instance, the remote control of heavy machinery in hazardous conditions improves worker safety and remote surgery.  

The 5G approach combined with IoT has promised a smart world. It will lead to the intelligent and autonomous control of the devices. It will interlink the vehicles and increase home automation. This will result in more intensive care with less human exertion.


With the 5G network, the users will witness the arrival of AR and VR typically in almost all phases and surroundings of life. The emergence of 5G with AR and VR will hit the mainstream connecting the world globally. It will also offer unprecedented experiences and possibilities such as immersive movies and shows, live concerts, sports, and other events, immersive education, training, demos, 3D design arts, social interactions, Shared personal moments, Empathetic storytelling.

Hence, they will serve a broad spectrum of roles in daily life.

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The 5G will thus enhance the landscape of application development. It will reduce the time lag by increasing the speed and improving the battery life of the device by no less than ten times. The 5G technology is here to rule the globe by eliminating all the drawbacks of real-time technology. The full-fledged technology is here to benefit almost every field, including Government, education, Armed forces, etc.  

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