In Conversation with Puneet Rao, COO – Matellio

Updated on Aug 7th, 2021

In today’s world, where things are changing fluidly, and people are experiencing innovations every minute, successfully running the IT companies while keeping pace with the new changes is one of the biggest challenges. However, specific market leaders have conveniently embraced this new dynamic environment.   

Puneet Rao, COO at Matellio Inc., is amongst those solid and determined personas of the digital era that accepted the challenge and smartly elevated his business growth.  

A social welfare worker, a next-gen technology enthusiast, and 22 years of experience, Puneet believe in constant learning. He has been scaling company operations and building engineering teams to execute the company’s strategy and vision of creating world-class digital products. Born and raised in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Puneet did his graduation in the science field. But, his love for programming thrived when he interacted with network solutions after graduation. Soon, his intense passion took a steep turn, and Puneet, under the mentorship of Dr. Deepak Singh Gehlot, started his very own dream company we all know by the name of Matellio.   

In Conversation with Mr. Puneet Rao, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Matellio   

1. You are leading one of the top global software engineering services companies. How did it all start?

 I am glad and find myself lucky to be a part of such an amazing company. But the starting of my IT journey was never a piece of cake. Initially, I did not have much exposure to computers or programming languages during my college days. However, things took a steep turn when I first interacted with railway ticketing systems and other large network solutions. From that point, my interest in computers elevated, which resulted in me learning my first programming language, Visual Basic 6. It has been 22 years, and I have never looked back again.   

After a few years, I met my mentor, Dr Deepak Singh Gehlot, who taught me the most critical business principles like his favourite protégé. It was his belief and confidence that helped me to shape my personal and business life successfully.  

2. Which achievement fascinates you the most so far?  

One should not stick to a particular achievement for a long time as these are just tangible parameters. We get new awards, and we fail every moment, but that is just a part of the game. However, if I want to choose the best achievement of my life, then I would say it would be my core team. My team not only believed in my ideas but even helped me to transform those ideas into a reality, and that’s what became our core ideology behind Matellio – “Transforming Ideas.” Matellio today is not just a place that delivers cutting-edge software solutions. It is a place where 200+ people grow and evolve. That would not have been possible without his core team, who made Matellio a place for innovators to thrive.

3. You might have faced many challenges and had to make many hard choices while starting your dream company. Any specific challenges to mention?

Running a business requires you to be like a bowling pin – you have to go up and down to find the place that needs optimization exactly, and so happens with me. But, yes, starting a new software engineering company, that too, when internet connections were a part of the luxury, and the computer engineers’ availability was negligible, was indeed a tough job. Besides, people around me were getting their dream jobs, and that further added to the confusion. However, all thanks to the high team spirit and availability of the right people, my idea became a big hit.    

But, as said, with success comes other new challenges, and so does what happen with us! Whether we talk about introducing app development in our services or working on next-gen technologies like AI, IoT, or managing international clientele, everything was a new experience that taught us many great things. Eventually, my innovative team handled all those tasks with a strong passion, and everything later became a part of the game.       

4. Any advice for emerging tech enthusiasts? 

Constant learning and staying loyal to your Work and workplace make someone a true tech enthusiast and the best professional. If you are on the right side of ethics and morals, nothing can stop you from becoming a pioneer in your field. Remain focused, and never lose faith in yourselves. Remember, success only comes to those who believe in them. 

5. What, according to you, makes someone a trustworthy and successful entrepreneur?   

Living and following high ethical standards always remains the first key to be successful in any field. 

Also, aiming for higher targets is one thing, but knowing what to optimize makes an entrepreneur successful. 

6. What are your views on the current scenario of COVID-19 and its unprecedented effect on the IT industry?  

In my view, COVID-19 positively affected the IT industry. Now, people and businesses would be able to realize the importance of technologies in shaping their future. The pandemic situation facilitated the advancements of many next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Internet of Things. Most IT companies may also have realized the importance of hybrid culture, i.e., Working from Home and from Office, which was already a common thing here at Matellio. However, I also believe that WFH may become dull for the employees in the long run due to the urge to meet other teammates and the fantastic activities at Matellio. The high attrition rate in Eastern Europe and South America will also pose some more significant challenges to the Indian IT sector. 

7. How do you make sure that next-gen technologies are introduced in every corner of your organization?

 At Matellio, we make sure that next-gen technologies are introduced and made practical for our engineers. One of the excellent ways to keep our mind challenged is to do something new, and this became our vision for our annual tech event – Hackathon. We organize Hackathon every year to not only help our engineers learn the new technology but at the same time to keep them challenged. Right from internal applications and chat applications to Blockchain, AI, and IoT, our engineers work with the latest emerging technology that further fuels their growth every year. Our vision remains clear, offering a smooth interaction to next-gen technologies, and making them apt for future challenges.

8. Besides work, what other things fascinates you?

Besides learning and adoring new technologies, I like to exercise, read, and travel. Weight lifting or discovering some picturesque locations during my travel helps me make a perfect work-life balance. I also like reading new articles on the emerging technology landscape and the world’s future in the coming years. Besides that, some tips on business management at a glance fascinates me. But, yes, nothing can beat the passion I have for operations and sales! 


  • Thoughts on WFH culture – Emphasizing hybrid meetings and keeping them creative.  
  • Your life mantra – Keep dreaming, keep believing, because miracles come to those lives who believe in them.  
  • Your idea of rejuvenation – Exercising and running  
  • Describe yourself in one word – learner, dreamer, believer 

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