Interior Design App Development – A Complete Guide

Updated on Jan 25th, 2024

Interior Design App Development - A Complete Guide

Do you want to be the next game-changer in the home design industry? Then this guide on interior design app development is for you! 

Thanks to the ever-growing app development market, interior design app development has recently gained momentum. People actively invest in interior design mobile apps, whether individual home designers or large interior and architectural companies. But why?

Well, we all know that people spend most of their time on smartphones today. Everything is done via a mobile app, from ordering their favorite food to making real estate investments. In fact, the mobile app development industry is growing at a CAGR of 7.89%. It will soon surpass the revenue of US$218.80bn by 2027. Hence, home design businesses are leveraging this ever-growing trend and making millions of revenues even sitting remotely!

We know you also want to be part of those successful businesses in your niche. Hence, we have provided a quick guide to help you develop a custom interior design mobile app for your business! Discover everything in this expert guide, from features and competitors to development steps.

  • The home design industry is digitizing at a fast rate. The interior design app development market is expected to surpass $218.80 bn by 2027.
  • You will need an experienced team of developers to create an engaging interior design app.
  • Features and UI/UX play an important role; hence, choose the most competitive ones for your app. Besides, always start your app with an MVP to ensure success.
  • Be sure to opt for an experienced app development company that offers free consultation and follows the agile development methodology for your app development. 

What is an Interior Design Mobile App?

An interior design mobile app is a robust application that enables designers to connect with the customers needing their service. With a dedicated interior design mobile app, you can generate hundreds of monthly leads while sitting in your office. Whether it be auditing your customer’s requirements or answering their queries, or even engaging them with mindful designing activities, a custom interior design app does it all.

That’s why leading brands invest in custom interior design app development today. Brands like Design This Home, Houzz, and Homify have already established great brands with dedicated mobile apps. You could be the next one!

Why Invest in Interior Design App Development?

Besides offering excellent benefits to the companies, an interior design mobile app also increases engagement with interested customers. Integrating virtual reality elements that allow the user to decorate their home their way and explore the meaningful options for their home has worked wonders for many home design brands.

With 24*7 availability and virtual assistance for your customers, the chances of getting a quality lead increase exponentially with an app. Besides, everyone likes to have services at their fingertips, and what better than an interior design app can do that work? 

That’s why most of their interior design companies are investing in mobile app development. In fact, the interior design app development market has already surpassed $3.33 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $6.87 billion by 2028

Interior Design Application Development

How to Get Started with Interior Design App Development?

Get Started with Interior Design App Development

Understand Your Business Requirements

Every business needs to have a clear understanding of its business goals. You should know what concerns your target audience has or what challenges does your business face? Besides that, having a complete idea of what’s trending in the market is also important.

You could run various surveys or can even choose an app development company that can help you with your market research and business audit. Apart from that, analyzing your competitors is also a crucial task for framing a successful business plan. You should know what your competitors are doing to improve their revenues. 

Hence, plan accordingly, and take the first step toward your app development.

Go for Expert Consultation

So, you have gathered your business requirements and planned to go ahead with your idea. But wait, there is something more you should know! In today’s digital world, innovations are made every day. Having talked about that, it is also true that not many innovations sustain this competitive world.

Hence, you need experts to help you identify the most promising technologies and app development trends that can benefit you in the long run. That’s where expert consultation comes into play! Expert consultation lets you know the best features, trends, and technologies to upscale your interior design app development.

The best experts can also help you identify the best solutions to your business problems. They can actually accelerate your digital transformation with the best tools and strategies. Hence, always choose an interior app development company that offers consultation services.

Choose Competitive Features

If there’s anything that can greatly impact your project, they are features and UI/UX. Thousands of apps are available for a single niche, but only those with useful and unique features survive in today’s competitive world. Hence, as a leading interior design app development company, we offer you the most useful features that can give you a competitive edge over others.

Find DesignerFind Designer

Enable your customers to find the best interior designers for their projects at home. Your customers can use a geolocation filter to find nearby designers or look for specific designers in certain locations. 

Share IdeasShare Ideas

Allow your customers to share their ideas with the designers. They can connect via in-app messaging or schedule a meeting using your interior design mobile app. 

In app PurchasingIn-app Purchasing

Allow third-party companies to list their products on your interior design app in exchange for a specific commission. Let users buy those products from the same app to elevate their home decor. 

Rewards and DiscountsRewards and Discounts

Increase your app’s trust and user experience by rewarding loyalty bonuses and discounts to your valuable customers. Offer them great deals, or run referral campaigns to increase your app’s traffic. 

View Design IdeasView Design Ideas

The customers can easily view pre-built design templates for their projects. The designers can showcase their previous work, and the customers can make certain design alterations. 

Virtual DecorVirtual Decor

Engage your customers with the most exciting VR feature of your app. Enable them to decorate their home their way by offering them virtual tools. Help them choose the best decor items, color themes, and designs for their homes/offices.

Social SharingSocial Sharing

Let your customers share their favorite or custom designs on social media apps. That way, you will gain more followers without much marketing effort. 

Tech Stack is Important

You will need to work on certain technologies and APIs to implement fantastic features in your interior design app. Hence we have listed below a few common technologies required to create a custom interior design mobile app. 

Programming Languages

  • Android: Java
  • iOS: Objective-C
  • Cross Platform: Xamarin, Flutter

Application and Data

  • Firebase
  • Swift
  • Cloudinary
  • Realm


  • Google Analytics
  • XCTest


  • Github
  • Xcode
  • Crashlytics
  • Fabric by Twitter

Business Tools

  • Gmail
  • Sketch
  • SwiftLint
  • Sumerian

Hire an Experienced Interior Design App Development Company

Your chosen development partner can greatly influence your app development project. For instance, selecting an experienced app development company can help uncover many exciting trends that build success for your interior design mobile app. 

You will be equipped with the most talented resources across your niche that will have adequate information on the next-gen technologies and development platforms. Moreover, you can easily scale your development team per your project needs. Not to mention, an experienced company also provides a comprehensive range of app development services under one roof.

Develop, Test, and Deploy Your App

The final step of interior design app development is to develop and test your app. Once the features and tech stack are selected, you can easily start your development process. After that, test your interior design mobile app on your platforms and devices.

Testing ensures that your interior design mobile app is free from bugs that were left unidentified during the development process. You can also know what features are working fine and what things are impacting your app’s UX (user experience). 

Hence, always test your app before launching it in the market. You can choose between manual and automated testing services according to your project needs. Explore our blog to know more about the robust automated testing service.  

Interior Design App Development

Other Factors to Keep in Mind for a Successful App

Factors to Keep in Mind for a Successful App

So, you have discovered the complete development process for creating a custom interior design app. But was that all? Certainly not! 

In today’s competitive market, when every other company is adopting digital transformation services for growth and expansion, you must also follow the best approaches and trends for a successful product development. Hence, here are a few other factors that you must consider to build a successful interior design mobile app.

Monetization Model

Nearly every app requires a monetization model to earn during the initial days. Your app will become a hit, but it will require some time; making revenues during those days is important.

Hence, you should choose an effective monetization model for your app that could yield you revenues during your initial days after launch. As a leading interior design app development company, we suggest the following monetization models for your custom app.

Paid AdvertisementsPaid Advertisements

Under this monetization model, you can charge other companies wishing to list their product or services on your interior design mobile app. The fees can be based on the type of advertisement. 

Freemium ModelFreemium Model

The Freemium model is the most popular monetization model implemented by most online businesses. Under this model, you can offer certain features for free but can charge for the rest of the features. Freemium denotes the free plus premium model. 

Membership ModelMembership Model

If you are someone who is creating an interior design app for various small design companies, then this monetization model is for you. You can charge a fee to all the businesses listed on your app. Besides that, if any company wants to list their products, they can also become a member of your app. 


MVP stands for a minimum viable product. In simplest terms, it is a functional prototype of your app that depicts your project’s actual working and UI. With an MVP, you can easily check your app’s appearance and how certain features will work in real-time without the actual development. 

With an MVP, you can easily alter the functioning and design of your app during the initial stage without spending many resources. Hence, we suggest you always begin your interior design app development with an MVP. You can connect with us to share your ideas and create an MVP for your project in no time!


UI/UX is another factor that decides the fate of your custom app. UI here refers to the user interface, and UX refers to the user experience. In short, these two parameters decide how easy it is for the users to access your app. 

Hence, you should always use your app’s simple yet engaging design. Even if you use all the advanced features and if they are not accessible to your end-users, then they are of no use to you. Hence, try to keep the functioning of your app as simple as possible. 

To maintain engagement, you can also use gaming components in your interior design mobile app. 

Agile Development Methodology

The agile development methodology is majorly used today due to its amazing benefits; if you use agile development methodology for your custom app, you will get constant updates of your app at every development stage. You can easily make changes without going to stage 1.

That eventually reduces the development and testing time and ensures that your digital product is built as per your expectations. Hence, always go for an interior design app development company that follows the agile methodology. 

Next-Gen Tech

Next-gen tech plays an important role in defining the success of your app. Besides specific features and technologies, things like AI, AR/VR, IoT, cloud integration services, and big data are becoming prominent in today’s market.

For instance, chatbots are commonly used by every online business to optimize its customer support operations. Likewise, AR/VR is also a popular next-gen tech for the home design, retail, and healthcare industry. Hence, include the most effective next-gen technologies to make your interior design mobile app engaging. You can even address some modern-day challenges with next-gen technologies. 

Hence, connect with a reliable app development company that has experience in implementing next-gen tech to custom apps.  

That’s Where Matellio Comes In!

With over a decade of experience and access to the best resources worldwide, we are the first choice for companies regarding interior design app development. You can leverage many professional services, including expert consultation, next-gen tech integration, UI/UX, prototype creation, testing, API development and integration, maintenance, and digital marketing. 

Plus, we also offer a free consultation and market analysis to all our clients to ensure success for their projects. You only need to share your ideas with our experts, who will take care of everything after that. Have questions or need more information? Connect with us today over a free consultation!

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