How to Develop IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution?

Updated on Feb 22nd, 2024


Regular maintenance is part and parcel of many industries. However, missing out on even one planned maintenance schedule can cause business downtime and cost you a lot of revenue.  

This is where IoT predictive maintenance solution comes in. Tailored to help enterprises proactively predict and plan maintenance, it helps them ensure optimum productivity levels. Knowing well ahead of time about asset failure helps avoid broken equipment and unplanned downtimes. Statistics show that predictive maintenance helps increase productivity by 25%, reduce maintenance costs by 25% and decrease breakdowns by 70%.  

This is exactly why businesses invest in developing IoT to implement predictive maintenance. Let’s uncover more details about this technology. Scroll down.


  • Maintenance is vital for many industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, railways, real estate, etc. 
  • Maintenance can be of two types: Reactive and Preventive 
  • Reactive maintenance occurs when the machinery or equipment has gone out of order. 
  • Preventive maintenance helps avoid business downtime by predicting the faults and scheduling maintenance before it has gone out of order. 
  • Predictive maintenance helps businesses reduce downtime, lower maintenance, and boost productivity.  
  • Enterprises can hire IoT developers or development companies to implement custom IoT predictive maintenance solutions. 

What is Predictive Maintenance? 

Predictive maintenance is an AI and IoT-based technique. It used data analytics to detect system anomalies and potential areas of defect that may lead to equipment failure. The idea is to avoid unplanned expected maintenance schedules that result in business downtime and loss.  

Which Industries and Businesses can Benefit from IoT Predictive Maintenance? 


1. Discrete Manufacturing

Equipment failure is a common platform in a discrete manufacturing house. IoT predictive maintenance solution allows remote managers to get a clear view of the equipment operations and current events. Small IoT systems analyze the machinery constantly to analyze its state and alert them in case of an issue. They can eliminate the risks associated with mechanical failure.  

2. Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry needs regular inspection to ensure distribution systems are working as expected. Any leakage may lead to a big disaster. IoT devices are installed within the pipelines to provide any point of leak is detected on time. This ensures that the system is working efficiently, and relevant teams are warned in case of any red flags.  

3. Electric Power Industry

Electricity is important and distributed across geographies for efficient working on the appliances. It is more efficient if the problems are detected on time and at the root to avoid dire consequences later. IoT devices ensure that the machinery is defect-free and that there is no damage to the electric gauges.  

4. Railways

Railways also use predictive maintenance to ensure safe transportation. Predictive maintenance helps authorities ensure proper train functioning and avoid uninterrupted repairs. Sensors constantly monitor the equipment and alert technicians in case of any issues. Incident reporting systems notify the authorities about potential causes of concern and help reduce maintenance efforts.  

5. Construction

The construction industry requires constant monitoring. Even the smallest problem with the equipment can be life-threatening to the workforce and even cost a lot of money. Real-time IoT applications allow project managers to view the equipment status and identify faults on time remotely. They can receive alerts about the potential dangers and ensure timely maintenance.  


What are the Benefits of IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution? 

Predictive maintenance aims at proactive maintenance planning to avoid unplanned visits and limited machine downtime. IoT sensors are installed at the sites to analyze conditions at every time. This data is stored in a secure database for the AI and ML algorithms to take over. Anytime the IoT predictive maintenance solution identifies the potential performance gaps, it sends an alert to the managers.  

This data is also used to generate reports at regular intervals and help managers plan the work schedule accordingly. Here is how IoT predictive maintenance solution delivers long-term value.  

Reduced maintenance costs

Machines depend on regular maintenance. However, untimely maintenance can hamper the budget. Predictive maintenance allows for scheduling preemptive maintenance routines to reduce downtime. 

Better Asset Reliability

Unplanned maintenance and equipment failure causes production efficiency to decrease significantly. This also impacts the company’s bottom line. Having forecasts in advance allows for efficient machine usage and avoids unexpected failures. 

Better Machine Life

IoT-based predictive maintenance allows you to identify faulty parts on time and schedule machine maintenance in advance. This extends machine life. 

Improve Worker Safety and Compliance

Having real-time data about machine conditions like temperature, RPM, voltage, etc., allows you to flag potentially hazardous situations. Once you know, you can avoid the situation and take precautions measures. 

How to Implement Predictive Maintenance Solution? 

Before we get into the details of IoT development to build a predictive maintenance solution, let’s see how it works.  

Working on an IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution 

Sensors installed on the equipment send information to the IoT gateway, which records the data. The data analytics tools work and prepare insights based on past trends and data. This data is reflected on the web and mobile platforms for the managers. They can even send alerts in case red flags are observed. 

You need to hire an IoT development company to develop and implement an IoT-based predictive maintenance solution. They help you gain deeper insights into the technology and deploy a solution that aligns with your requirements. Having the right team for every aspect of the IoT-based predictive maintenance solution development, they can create the right success roadmap for you and help you achieve it. You need business technology consultants, IoT developers, and QA and testing experts.  

Once you finalize the team, the process would look like this: 

  • Technology Consulting: In this step, we help you pinpoint your targets, map your KPIs, and create the success roadmap.  
  • Product Designing: This stage comprises creating working prototypes of the products. Clients can verify the product at their end and share feedback with the IoT development team. 
  • Product development: This stage combines hardware and software development for the home automation system.  
  • QA and Testing: From here, the testing team takes over and validates the deliverables against your scope. The development team takes care of the bugs and glitches they pointed out. Once QA and testing teams approve, the product is ready to launch. 

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Are You Ready to Implement IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution? 

IoT Predictive maintenance solutions help businesses cut down the cost of maintenance and make the processes more streamlined and efficient. These solutions are designed for the company to achieve the optimum level of productivity. Some of these systems can also help plan resources in case of downtime on one, helping ensure the production cycle is not hampered. Benefits like these are encouraging companies to implement IoT predictive maintenance solutions.  

At Matellio, we offer these organizations to put the best foot forward in their way of digitalization. Global brands hire our IoT developers for their excellent understanding of mobile, web, and custom ERP development that helps them fill organizational gaps with the right IoT development services. Our state-of-the-art product design and development lab is well equipped to create experiences that enable you to optimize the processes and harness long-term value from your investment in IoT development services.  

We pride ourselves on our IoT development capabilities, which include: 

  • Infrastructural competence to create cutting-edge IoT hardware and software products 
  • Experience in building IoT products for diverse industry verticals 
  • Certification in the futuristic technology stack 
  • Secure data management policies 
  • Support for management of legacy and advanced devices 
  • High-performing analytics and data collection 

Let us know your goals with IoT implementation, and we’ll build the right IoT team for you to achieve them. Share your requirements right away. 

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