Legal AI Software Development – Key Features, Development Process, and Cost

Updated on Jan 11th, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal services, embracing technology is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Legal AI software development is one such robust trend that has today become a necessity for running successful law firms. This groundbreaking solution is designed to transform the way law firms operate.   

Whether automating the document review process, communicating with clients through chatbots, assisting in legal research, or even managing compliance, everything is streamlined and automated via legal AI software.   

But how can you develop one such custom solution based on your specific needs and ideas? Well, that’s what our blog today is all about! This article serves as your comprehensive guide, unraveling the nuances of Legal AI Software Development – from its key features to the intricate development process and, finally, the associated cost.

  • Legal AI software has become an essential component for running a successful law firm. As per a trusted source, the market for legal AI software will grow at 18.2% from 2023 to 2030. 
  • You can automate several business processes via legal AI software, such as document review, client conversations, legal document generation, compliance management, etc.  
  • Apart from the basic features, you should incorporate functionalities like predictive analytics, sentiment analytics, chatbot integration, and cloud document management in your custom legal AI solution.  
  • Always partner with a reliable AI development company to gain maximum RoI from your investment. You can leverage their expertise and talented resources to turn your idea into a reality.

What is Legal AI Software, and Why Invest in It?

In today’s competitive legal landscape, staying ahead often means embracing innovative solutions. Legal AI software can give your firm a significant edge, enabling you to deliver superior services to your clients and navigate legal challenges with confidence.  

Legal AI software isn’t just a normal custom enterprise solution. It is, in fact, a valuable tool that can handle legal tasks with precision and speed. It can process complex legal information swiftly and accurately, streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ultimately save valuable time and resources.  

Investing in Legal AI isn’t just a tech upgrade; it’s a strategic decision to empower your firm, enhance productivity, and provide exceptional legal services. Well, at least, that’s what companies all around the world think!

Market Scenario of Legal AI Software - Market Stats

Well, we can all agree on one thing for sure, that legal AI software development has not only remained a trend. In fact, it has become a necessity for running successful law firms in the coming time. So, when all your competitors are doing it, why not you? You can discuss the ideas and future possibilities of custom legal AI software with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation!   

Which Features Will Ensure Future-ready Legal AI Software?

So, now that you have explored the market scenario of investing in legal AI software development let us quickly discuss the development steps. Features are one of the most important aspects of any custom enterprise solution, and legal AI software is no exception.   

In today’s time, basic features are not sufficient. With the growth in next-gen technologies, especially AI, the need for advanced and smart functionalities has become essential to win the competition. Hence, as a leading custom enterprise software development company, we have simplified this task for you!  

Here is a list of the top features that you can consider for your custom AI legal software.    

Document Review and AnalysisDocument Review and Analysis

Your custom AI legal software should scan contracts, legal documents, and case files swiftly, extracting relevant information and highlighting critical points.  

Predictive AnalyticsPredictive Analytics

AI-based predictive analytics features can be useful for forecasting legal outcomes, empowering lawyers to make strategic decisions, minimize risks, and maximize success.   

Automation of Repetitive TasksAutomation of Repetitive Tasks

All the mundane and human-dependent tasks like drafting routine documents, sending reminders, and managing schedules can be easily automated via the use of AI development services in your custom legal AI software.  

Data SecurityData Security

Your custom AI solution should prioritize data security through robust encryption protocols and secure cloud storage, ensuring sensitive legal information remains confidential and protected against cyber threats.  

Legal Research AssistanceLegal Research Assistance

The legal management system should utilize AI algorithms to assist you in legal research, providing relevant case law, statutes, and precedents to support legal arguments and decisions.  

Contract Review and Due DiligenceContract Review and Due Diligence

Another area where AI/ML can be helpful is in the review process. An AI-based legal system can utilize machine learning algorithms to review contracts and conduct due diligence, identifying clauses, risks, and inconsistencies, streamlining the review process.  

Language Translation and LocalizationLanguage Translation

Your custom AI legal software should have language translation capabilities to facilitate communication and collaboration in multilingual legal environments, ensuring an accurate understanding of diverse legal documents.  

Sentiment AnalysisSentiment Analysis

You can leverage the sentiment analysis capability of the AI model to analyze the emotional tone of legal documents, emails, and communications, providing insights into stakeholders’ perspectives and sentiments.  

Chatbot IntegrationChatbot Integration

Chatbot integration facilitates automated client interactions, answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, and provide initial legal consultation, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.  

Legal Document GenerationLegal Document Generation

You should be able to generate legal documents automatically with your custom legal AI software based on templates and user input, ensuring consistency and accuracy in legal paperwork, such as contracts, agreements, and legal letters.  

Regulatory Compliance MonitoringRegulatory Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring regulatory changes and updates in real time is important in legal AI software development. Hence, your custom AI solution should ensure legal practices and documents remain compliant with evolving laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks for the firm and its clients.

Custom Legal AI Software Development

How to Proceed with Legal AI Software Development 

Developing Legal AI Software is a meticulous process that demands expertise, precision, and innovation. That’s why leading companies globally outsource their projects to a reliable software engineering company like Matellio. With our expertise and talented resources, you can streamline your AI legal software development project.   

Want to know how? Simply fill out our form to get started with your project discussion and strategy creation right away!   

That being told, let us explore a very easy step-by-step approach that we have curated to streamline your legal AI software project:  

Identify Your Business Requirements

The first step to developing business-focused legal AI software is identifying your business requirements. You should have complete knowledge of various aspects of your business, including:   

  • What processes do you follow in your organization?   
  • How will custom legal AI software help you streamline and automate your business processes?   
  • Do you need next-gen technology? If yes, then what technology or services will be beneficial for your business?   
  • How will you evaluate the ROI of legal AI software development?   
  • What resources will you need to begin developing your custom legal AI software?  

Answering such questions will help you identify the main business concerns and prepare an effective roadmap for legal AI software development. But wait, there’s more!   

You also need to invest in market research and competitor analysis. That’s where the concept of digital consulting comes into play. By partnering with a reliable consultancy like Matelli, you get not only developers but expert consultants who analyze your business issues and offer end-to-end consulting, from concept to the final product, based on your unique business needs.    

Hence, always opt for digital transformation consulting when choosing to build a custom enterprise solution for your company!   

Choose an Experienced AI Software Development Company

Not many of you know, but the majority of your project’s success depends on the expertise of your development partner. Hence, if you choose a reliable and experienced company that has expertise in next-gen technologies, your chances of getting a quality product increase significantly.   

An experienced company will have all the required resources 24/7. They will know the latest market trends and will also have an idea of the latest regulations to follow during legal AI software development.     

Hence, you must always choose a reputable software development company for your custom project. Normally, an experienced company offers many complimentary services like no-obligation quotes, free consulting, free competitor and market analysis, and more to their clients.   

Well, at least Matellio offers all such things and many other services to its clients. Hence, choose wisely!    

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Focus on Features and Tech Stack

The next step for legal AI software development is to focus on the key features and related tech stack. Now, we have already discussed the most promising features for your custom legal AI software. You can leverage those or connect with our experts to get more exclusive features for your AI solution.  

As for the tech stack, here’s a general idea of what technologies and frameworks you need to work with for developing legal AI software:

Front-endAngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3
BackendJava, Python, NodeJS, PHP
DatabaseMySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
AI/MLPyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn
NLPNLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), spaCy, Gensim
DevOpsJenkins, GitLab CI, Docker, Kubernetes
CloudAWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
SecuritySSL/TLS protocols (for data encryption in transit), OAuth 2.0 (for secure authorization), JWT (JSON Web Tokens for secure transmission of information)
Monitoring and LoggingELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for log analysis and visualization, Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring metrics and creating dashboards

Follow the Agile Methodology for AI Software Development

The Agile methodology has become an increasingly popular approach in software development over the years and for a good reason. It offers a flexible and iterative approach to delivering high-quality software products quickly and efficiently.     

The participatory approach offered by the Agile method can help you ensure that everyone is aligned on the project’s objectives, expectations, and requirements. It further reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors.      

You easily get real-time updates about your project after each development stage. Hence, you get a business-focused product with fewer chances of rework and reduced testing time.     

So, always partner with a company that follows the Agile methodology for your custom AI software development project.    

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Test and Deploy Your Custom Legal AI Software

Testing is the most critical and final step of custom enterprise software development, and legal AI software is no exception. By opting for testing services, you can detect and identify even the minutest of the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process.    

That eliminates the chances of glitches and performance issues after the product launch. Hence, you must always opt for testing services for your custom legal AI software.    

Remember, a reliable software development company always offers testing as an integrated service of their software development package. So, always choose the one that offers automated/manual testing for your software product. Well, Matellio does offer various sorts of testing services to help clients launch a bug-free digital product.

Legal AI Software Development

What is the Cost Involved with Legal AI Software Development?

So, we are at the final and most awaited section of our blog post – the cost of developing legal AI software. Well, like other custom enterprise solutions, the cost of legal AI software development depends on various factors. For instance, the complexity of your chosen features, the number of developers working on your project, your chosen engagement model, the type of services that you have opted for your project, etc.   

Hence, as a leading custom enterprise software development company, we understand that every project is unique and has different requirements. So, we provide individualized cost estimates that are tailored to your specific requirements. For that, we would need to have a detailed discussion with you to better understand your needs, budget, and timeline.   

So, if you are interested in discussing this project in more detail, please feel free to contact us to set up a consultation meeting. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a customized development plan and an accurate cost estimate.   

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