How to Develop an AI Avatar App like Lensa AI?

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

How to Develop an AI Avatar App like Lensa AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in recent years. Whether self-driving cars or automated inventory tools, every industry is utilizing AI development services. But the latest applications of AI are in creating avatars or digital representations of people. That’s where an AI avatar app like Lensa AI app comes into play!

Companies like Lensa AI have developed AI selfie generators that create realistic avatars. You can use those avatars in gaming, virtual meetings, or social media.   

With AI avatar apps like Lensa AI, people can click on their selfies and turn them into engaging piece of art. The craze for these AI digital art generator apps is so much that since its launch, there are already 10M+ downloads of the Lensa AI app on the Play Store.    

Are you also interested in developing your AI avatar app like Lensa AI but wondering where to start? Well, you are at the right place!    

This blog post will discuss the key steps in creating an AI avatar app like Lensa AI.    

We will also explore the challenges you may encounter along the way and offer some tips on overcoming them. By the end of this post, you will get an idea to develop an AI avatar app and how you can get started on your project.   

So, let’s start from the start!    

  • AI-based photo editing apps are becoming popular, and Lensa AI is one such unique AI digital art generator app prominent in the market. 
  • Since its launch, Lensa AI has gained immense popularity, with over 10 million downloads on the Play Store.
  • To create an AI avatar app like Lensa AI, you need to work with AI and AR/VR technologies, including neural networks, TensorFlow, Unity, ARKit, CNN models, etc. 
  • You must include features like social sharing, a background editor, an image enhancer, filters, and art templates to make your AI selfie generator app a big hit. 
  • Finally, do not forget to partner with a reputed AI app development company, as most of your app’s success will depend on it.

What Is Lensa AI, and How Does it Work?

Lensa AI is an AI-powered app allowing users to create digital avatars. With Lensa AI, users can take a selfie and then use the app’s machine learning algorithms to create a 3D avatar that looks just like them. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.   

The AI selfie generator app, Lensa AI, has been launched in more than ten countries across the globe, including USA, Canada, and Europe, as well as various cities such as Paris (France), London (UK), and New York City (USA), among others!   

But how does this AI art generator app work?   

The process of creating a Lensa AI avatar is straightforward. Users begin by taking a selfie using their smartphone’s camera. The app then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the photo and create a 3D model of the user’s face.   

The app’s algorithms consider many factors when creating the avatar, including facial features, skin tone, and hair color. The result is a highly realistic digital avatar that looks just like the user.   

Once the avatar has been created, users can customize it further by changing its hairstyle, eye color, and other features. They can also choose from various outfits and accessories to dress up their avatar.   

Lensa AI avatars can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, users can use them in gaming, virtual meetings, or social media. The app also allows users to create personalized emojis using their avatars. You can use that in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.   

Lensa AI is an innovative app demonstrating AI’s and machine learning’s power in creating realistic digital avatars. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful algorithms help users look for a fun and creative way to express themselves online.   

What Features Will Make Your AI Avatar App like Lensa AI Successful?

Lensa AI Avatar App Development

So, you have finally decided to proceed with AI avatar app development? Well, that’s a great idea. However, there are certain things that you must plan before creating an AI digital art generator app, and features are the most important aspect.   

With many AI selfie generator apps in the market, you must ensure that your enterprise mobility solution has all the best features. Hence, we are listing some most prominent features that your AI avatar app like Lensa AI must have!

Customization-OptionsCustomization Options 

One of the key features of any AI avatar app is the ability to customize your avatar to look like you. Users should be able to select their gender, skin tone, facial features, and other physical attributes to create a personalized avatar that reflects their unique identity.   

Emotion-RecognitionEmotion Recognition

Emotion recognition is an advanced feature that uses AI technology to detect and analyze the user’s facial expressions and body language to understand their emotions. Your AI avatar app should recognize emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise and respond accordingly.   

Voice-Recognition   Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is another advanced feature that allows users to interact with their avatars using natural language. Your AI avatar app, like Lensa AI, should be able to accurately recognize and respond to voice commands, making it easier for users to interact with their avatar.   

Augmented-Reality   Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital elements onto the real world. Your AI avatar app can use AR technology to create a more immersive experience for users, allowing them to see their avatar in real-world environments and interact with it in new and exciting ways.   

Social-Media-Sharing   Social Media Sharing

Integrating your AI avatar app with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can increase its popularity and reach. Users can share their avatars with their friends and followers on social media, making your app more visible and driving user engagement.   

Personalized-Recommendations   Personalized Recommendations

Your custom app can use machine learning algorithms to make personalized user recommendations based on their preferences and usage history. For example, if users frequently use their avatars to create video content, your app can suggest new editing tools or AR filters enhance their content.   

Multi-language-Support  Multi-language Support

In order to make your AI avatar app accessible to a wider audience, it’s important to offer multi-language support. Your app should be able to recognize and respond to commands in different languages, making it easier for users to interact with their avatars regardless of their language proficiency.   

Edit-Avatar   Edit Avatar

Your AI art generator app must allow users to edit their avatars how they want. So, you must provide options like an eye enhancer, red eye corrector, brightness and contrast settings, grayscale, highlights, shadows, etc.    

Skin-Refining-Effects   Skin Refining Effects

Apart from image editing, the concept of magic correction or skin refining effects is also in trend. Hence, you must also provide such features to your users in your AI avatar app like Lensa AI. The tools should allow users to hide blemishes, focus on specific body areas, make each portrait selfie clearer, and apply any other beauty filters for pictures of their choice.    

Art-Templates   Art Templates

Apps like Instagram or Snapchat are popular because of the engaging filters and templates they offer to users. Hence, you should also incorporate that in your AI art generator app. You can offer them various pre-built templates with backgrounds and other components or introduce new filters now and then to engage the users.      

Change-BackgroundChange Background

Like other popular photo editing apps, you must allow users to change the image background with a tap. The users must be able to select from various online backgrounds to enhance their digital art and selfies.

AI Avatar App like-Lensa AI

Tech Stack Required for AI Avatar App Development Like Lensa AI   

Creating an AI avatar app like Lensa AI requires a combination of programming languages and frameworks. Here are some of the key components of a tech stack that you would need to consider:  Front-end development: JavaScript Libraries, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter  

  • Back-end development: Python, Ruby, or Node.js  
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL   
  • Artificial Intelligence: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, OpenCV, and Caffe.   
  • Cloud Hosting: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform  
  • AR/VR Technology: Unity, ARKit, or ARCore  
  • AI Models: Stable Diffusion, GAN, Auto-Regressive Model, Variational Autoencoders  

How to Proceed with AI Avatar App Development? 

AI Avatar App Development

Creating an AI digital art generator app like Lensa AI can be exciting and challenging. It requires knowledge and expertise in several areas, including machine learning, computer vision, photo editing, and more. Not to mention, managing all the hurdles that might come during app development is also essential.    

That’s where the importance of having an elite app development team comes into play! A professional team of consultants, developers, testers, and designers can easily evaluate your ideas and requirements and frame a perfect AI avatar app development roadmap!   

Now, whether you go for freelancers or an experienced mobile app development company, here are the top steps you must follow to create an AI art generator app like Lensa AI.    

Project ScopeStep 1: Define Your Project’s Scope 

The first step in creating an AI digital art generator app is to define the problem you want to solve. In this case, the problem is creating an AI-based system to generate digital art. To define the problem, you need to consider the types of art you want to generate, the style, the colors, and the overall look and feel of the artwork.   

Moreover, you also need to focus on your short-term and long-term goals for this idea. For that, ask yourself questions like:   

  • Who should be my target audience?   
  • What features, technologies, and tools should I incorporate into my AI avatar app?   
  • How can I market my app?   
  • What resources will I need to create an AI art generator app?   
  • How can I monetize my app?   
  • How can I track the progress of my marketing campaigns?   

Answering questions like those help you frame a perfect roadmap. Not to mention, there are market trends and competitor analyses that you must do to ensure complete success for your application.   

Are you finding all those things difficult? Well, that’s what takes us to the next step! The next step is to collect data that will be used to train the AI model.    

AI-ConsultingStep 2: Opt for Expert AI Consulting   

Expert consultation services have always been at the top of the list for companies looking to expand globally. With expert AI consulting, you can evaluate your business plan, explore the top app development trends, and analyze your competitors.    

In short, everything mentioned above can be done effortlessly via expert AI consulting! Hence, always opt for consultation services when developing an AI avatar app like Lensa AI. You can find any company that has years-long experience in AI app development.    

Some companies, like ours, provide a free 30-minute expert consultation, competitor analysis, and market research. Not to mention, we also offer a no-obligation quote meeting your requirements and ideas.    

Hire App DevelopersStep 3: Hire Mobile App Developers   

Hiring an elite app development team is the third and most critical aspect of AI avatar app development. You have your ideas and know the trends, but what if you do not have a relevant team of experts to turn those ideas into a reality?   

That’s where professional app developers come into play! With an elite mobile app engineering team, you could easily streamline your app development chaos. For instance, you will no longer need to interview and find the most suitable engineer for development and then go for another freelancer for testing.   

Not to mention, the perks of having a dedicated project manager that constantly monitors and optimizes the app development process while involving you at every stage is also not possible with freelancers.    

Hence, always choose an experienced app development company that has the required talent you need to create an AI art generator app.   

MVPStep 4: Always Begin with an MVP   

MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It is, in simple words, a functional prototype that helps you explore the navigation and user-friendliness of your product that will be developed at a later stage.    

So, with an MVP, you can easily alter the functionalities, check for other features, and play with the designs until you get that perfect app meeting your expectations. All that without the actual app development!    

Hence, we strongly suggest you always begin your AI avatar app development with an MVP to eliminate surprises and rework situations. You can contact your app development partner to know whether they provide MVP development services.    

AI-ModelStep 5: Choose the AI Model

Once the MVP is finalized, you must start your work by creating an AI avatar app like Lensa AI. But before the development phase, you must choose an appropriate model that’ll be the base of your AI selfie generator.   

Many generative models based on unsupervised machine learning algorithms, statistics, and probability form the base of AI photo editing app development. But we will discuss the most prominent ones here:   

  • Variational Autoencoder (VAE): VAEs are generative models that learn a compressed representation of input images, which can be used to generate new images. They are often used for image generation and style transfer in photo editing apps.   
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): GANs generate realistic images by training two neural networks simultaneously, one to generate images and the other to evaluate the generated images. They are commonly used for image editing, style transfer, and image synthesis.   
  • Auto-Regressive Models: Auto-regressive models are trained to generate sequences of pixels based on a given input image. They are commonly used for image colorization and inpainting in photo editing apps.   
  • Style Transfer Models: Style transfer models transfer one image’s style to another. They are often used in photo editing apps to apply artistic styles to images.   
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs): CNNs are deep neural networks commonly used in photo editing apps for image classification, object detection, and image segmentation.   

These models are often used in combination with each other to create more complex and powerful AI photo editing apps like Lensa AI. Hence, you must select the most appropriate for your AI avatar app development.    

Data-CollectionStep 6: Data Collection, Preprocessing, and Model Training

Now comes the technical aspects related to AI avatar app development. Once the designs are finalized, the next big step is to play with the datasets, create AI models, train them, and test them under different conditions.    

To create an Ai avatar app like Lensa AI, you will need a large dataset of digital images representing the style and type of art you want to generate. You can either create your dataset or use existing datasets available online.    

Once you have collected the data, you need to preprocess it to make it suitable for training the AI model. Preprocessing involves cleaning the data, resizing the images, and normalizing the pixel values.   

You can train the AI model using convolutional neural networks (CNNs). The CNNs will learn to recognize image patterns and generate new artwork based on the input.   

Once you have trained the AI model, you need to test it to ensure it can generate high-quality digital art. You can test the model by inputting a sample image and evaluating the output. If the output is unsatisfactory, you may need to fine-tune the model or adjust the training parameters.   

Mobile App Development CompanyStep 7: Developing the AI Application

After completing all the technical configurations, the next big stage is to develop your AI art generator app. With everything in place, creating an astonishing AI application will be no bigger deal.    

However, suppose you do not have an expert team, a proven development method, the tools and technologies, and monitoring tools. In that case, the development process may become a daunting task for you. Hence, always choose an experienced and reliable app development company.   

Follow the Agile development methodology to create your app, as it allows you to get real-time updates about your project after each development stage. Moreover, try to find a development partner that offers a comprehensive range of services under one roof.    

That way, you will have everything under control, from consultation to development and maintenance.    

TestingStep 8: Testing and Deployment

The final step in creating an AI avatar app like Lensa AI is to test and deploy your application. Many organizations think testing is not essential if you have expert developers. But that’s not the case!   

There are instances where even a high-quality code can have errors and loops that may result in performance and security issues later. In fact, the brands that have skipped testing have often experienced glitches and a loss in reputation.     

We know you do not want that for your AI art generator app. So, always confirm whether your app development partner offers testing services as a part of the app development package.

AI Photo editing app development

How Can Matellio Help with Photo Editing App Development like Lensa AI?   

As an experienced mobile app development company having expertise in AI, IoT, and other next-gen technologies, we can help you walk toward success. By unifying our decade-long experience and access to the best technologies and tools, we create a perfect roadmap for your AI avatar app development.   

With us, you get to experience the power of extraordinary engineering in transforming your ideas into a successful reality. From expert consultation and prototyping to designing, development, testing, and even support and maintenance, we offer all the services required to create an AI avatar app like Lensa AI.   

We have delivered similar photo editing applications in the past and are sure we can deliver them for you too! We also provide a free expert consultation, market research, and competition analysis to help you benefit from your idea and generate new revenue models.    

So, fill out our form today to book a free 30-minute consultation for your project!    


Creating an AI digital art generator app requires several steps, including defining the problem, collecting and preprocessing data, training the AI model, testing the model, and building the app. By following these steps, you can create an app that generates high-quality digital art that is unique and aesthetically pleasing.    

However, remember that creating an AI digital art generator app is a complex process that requires expertise in several areas. So, be prepared to invest time and effort in the development process.   

Alternatively, you can connect with our experts with years-long experience creating similar AI applications for many leading companies worldwide. Just fill out our free 30-minute consultation form and turn your ideas into a profitable reality!

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