Magento eCommerce Development: Why to Opt for it?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

What is Magento?


Magento, an open-source eCommerce platform is built in PHP for providing online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. The technology was released on March 31, 2018 by Varien and developed on a Zend Framework. Currently, the platform owns around 773,070 customers round the world. The platform offers powerful search engine optimization, marketing, and catalog management tools. Equipped by a variety of themes and plug-ins, the platform can easily enhance customer experience. An extremely large and supportive community helps the small stores to expand their abilities.

Why opt for Magento eCommerce Development Services?

From business to individuals, all who want to develop a long-lasting professional eCommerce website must take Magento into account. The Magneto eCommerce website development is considered as one of the most advanced digital technologies for building an online store. The open-source professional platform carries too many perks under a single roof. 

A fine blend of simple English and a bit of technology will fetch you a monumental site for no charges. 

Magento Features- Not easily Avoidable!

1. Site Management


The powerful platform allows the users to monitor the complete website and store through a single installation:

  • Control the complete site from Admin Panel
  • Multi-Linguistic Facility 
  • Share only required information
  • Third-party Integration
  • Customizable Templates designs
  • Different types of Tax types
  • Enables Captcha on site

2. Catalog Management

Catalog is the critical element of online shopping, and Magento offers following features for the management of same-

Allows the downloading of videos, music, and other digital products.

  • Easily edit and delete product reviews through this panel
  • Manage Inventory and support virtual products.
  • Offers customizable options- watermarking, resizing, etc
  • Feature kit for easy product create
  • on of varied types
  • RSS Feeds and much more.

3. Product Browsing

The robust Magento eCommerce website development has much more to offer-

  • Multiple Images available per product
  • Zoom-in abilities for Product image
  • Grouped product view
  • Add to wishlist
  • Multi-tier pricing upsell
  • Share on social media
  • Send to a friend via mailing

4. Customer Service


Equipped with powerful back-end tools and fantastic community support, Magneto is the finest choice for eCommerce website development.

  • Support international and local currencies & tax rates
  • Offers International site registration, payment and shipping destination option
  • Customers can track orders, their history and send updates via mails
  • Integrated with Contact us form facilitating easy customer queries
  • EU cookie notifications, and much more.

5. Client’s Account

Allows the easy management of user or client’s account with the following options:

  • Easy to understand Account Dashboard
  • Saves Unlimited Addresses
  • Tracks recent orders, and their status
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Saves wish list with the comments

6. Order Management

Magneto offers powerful options for eCommerce website development-

  • View, create, edit, and fulfill orders right from the admin panel.
  • Creates multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos for every order
  • Aid in printing invoices, shipping labels, and packing slips
  • RSS feed for fresh orders, Email notifications, and more
  • Provide support like a call center 

7. Shipping & Payment 

Payment and Shipping are one of the major concerns for a shopping site, the same is very beautifully addressed by Magneto platform-

  • Integration with and Paypal Payment options
  • Provides SSL security support for the orders
  • Single page checkout; shipping cost estimation
  • Multiple order shipping through one order
  • Order tracking, Free shipping, and Flat rate shipping

8. Marketing Toolkit

Handle marketing and promotional activities with the powerful toolkit Magento offers-

  • Facilitate Price variation based on groups and products
  • Promotional pricing strategy restricted to selected categories or products.
  • Option to distribute coupon codes across newsletter, and emails.
  • Manage newsletter, coupon usages and polls
  • Cross-sell products management
  • Promote new product list and facilitate Free Shipping
  • Landing page tools for PPC, URL tools, and others.

9. Reports & Analytics

Matellio offers tracking, reporting, and analyzing features for an eCommerce website development-

  • Google Analytics
  • Total sales & refunded invoice
  • Reports for low stock
  • Sales and tax reports
  • Product review reports

However, Magento is not just limited to the above-mentioned feature kit but even possess fantastic capabilities which makes it one of the top most eCommerce development platform-

1. Open Source –Customization

Magento not only offers scalable, and flexible eCommerce solutions but also allows you the flexibility to customize and extend the platform for creating unique brand experiences. This platform has the potential to change and modify for meeting the requirements of shop owners.

2. Freely select the Hosting Platform

Using Magento, online retailers have the freedom to select the hosted platform of their choice. There is no compulsion of sticking with one hosting anymore which allows the eCommerce companies to have their own files and act choosy for different hosting sites.

3. Responsive Mobile

Magento is very popular for abiding by the standards of mobile app design. Both the enterprise version and the free community edition of Magento embrace the HTML5 platform for enhancing the mobile shopping experience. Resultantly, the eCommerce stores are alway optimized. Magento Mobile provides a fulfilling brand experience to consumers via smartphones.

4. Secure and Reliable

Since Magento has become a popular open-source eCommerce platform for everyone, a large community of shopkeepers, product providers, developers, designers, Brokers, eCommerce consultants, technology solution providers, and above all, worldwide users are formed in response to the exchange of information about Magento. The community is an affirmation that the Magento platform is always up-to-date, fast, reliable, secure and without any errors.

5. Third-party Integration

Third-party modules can be easily integrated to your Magento eCommerce website platform. The provider can easily allow the improvisations without any restrictions. It even allows the retailers to add Google Analytics and other third-parties like Paypal, eBay, Mail Chimp, and others for easy data analysis. As an eCommerce site owner, your job is to find the finest gadget and plug into the store.

6. High Speed

Page loading time- a very significant attribute in determining the site’s relevancy.  Magneto was developed with the target of designing the fastest eCommerce sites in the world and is very well known for the same because of fast loading web pages. 

A slow loading web page is capable of sinking very fast in the ocean of eCommerce sites available on popular browsers. The loss from slow loading sites is not unseen and at times the consequences are not at all welcoming. 

Coming to Magneto, the site can do wonders by offering amazing options for your eCommerce website development.

7. SEO Friendly

Magneto offers an SEO friendly CMS named Magento SEO. The content management system is empowered with powerful SEO features-

  • Sitemaps
  • Search Friendly URLs
  • Product Title
  • Keyword
  • Layered Navigation
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Descriptions

Magneto is quite up-to-date when SEO is concerned. It possesses the latest SEO ranking factors and has great URL structure and meta-implementations features relevant to SEO. One of the most prominent features of this platform is integrated analytics that is utilized for tracking web visitors.

8. Fantastic User Interface

A fine looking site makes a great first impression on the visitors. Well managed content, qualitative graphics, attractive fonts- and all other elements improvise the appeal of an eCommerce website. 

Simplicity, relevancy, and interactivity are three major components of an attractive UI. Let’s segregate them further with the following options-

  • Input Controls – Checkboxes, list boxes, radio buttons, toggles, dropdown list, text field, etc.  
  • Navigational ElementsPagination, Search field, Breadcrumb, Icons, Tags, Sliders, and much more.
  • Informational Elements – Notification, progress bars, message box, and much more.
  • Accordion – Vertically slacked list of items

9. Customized Themes

Magento offers several customizable templates and themes for eCommerce website development. This is one of the most amazing features of Magento platform. Magento ecommerce developers and business owners can have a customized website with a wide range of themes available. These templates and themes are developed for suiting various kinds of e-commerce stores. With numerous kinds of themes which can easily cover different types of web design needs.

Users can easily download these customized templates and themes from the official site. Technical support and paid third party integrations makes this platform very unique in the market.

Magento Development

Ready to Hire a Magento eCommerce Website Development Company?

The above-mentioned list has made it very clear why so many companies round the globe choose  Magento when it comes to developing an online store. The platform may require a while for you to get adjusted and it also possesses a steep learning curve.  But once you have learnt it all; there isn’t any obstacle in the way of your own imagination and creativity. The PHP codebase of Magento makes it a bit tough even for experienced coders to use it efficiently.

Undoubtedly, this element may be called the only substantial weakness this platform possesses, but the same can be easily overcome with the help of community support. Whenever you experience some trouble when using the software, professionals are always ready for optimizing your eCommerce store’s functionality.

Magento can make your eCommerce website look and feel very professional.

Finally, if all this hasn’t persuaded you, then take this into account- Magento has made the website of Samsung,  Nike, many other classiest brands successful in the online world. 

Would you not want the same for your eCommerce business? Magento can make it happen!

Contact Matellio and we shall paint the curve of your imagination by availing the Magneto paintbrush. 

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